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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Do you find selling your services and products hard? Maybe your email list is still small. Or filled with the 'wrong' people *aka the people who will Never Buy from you!* 

It's time to kickstart your money flow!

It starts with Creating and Marketing the best Irresistible Freebie. Are you ready to create THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your Funnel?

Recently a client asked: "What are the Rules for Creating a Great Freebie?"  And I started typing - still in my bed -! until it became a mini-course! Yes, I've gone completely overboard on the answer and you can benefit from it.

Here's the Mini-Course

Create an Irresistible Freebie

How's your email list growing? Do you know that your email list is the most powerful asset of your business! Maybe you've got a list of 25 people (yaaaay) maybe 25.000 (yaaaaay) whatever the numbers: Growth is your Best Friend.

Your email list is that super important asset that is 100% yours. Unlike your social media following that is 100% owned by Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or whatever channel you're using. So list building is Super Important and it all starts with your Irresistible Freebie.



Your business grows by generating leads. 
So, here are tips to create a freebie or lead magnet that will fill your Lovely List with Lovely People. Are you Ready?

1. Why do you need an irresistible freebie or lead magnet?

Because it provides your ‘Soon to be Soul Client**’ with something that makes them go: ‘I adore this! I might love to work with her!’ Your lead Magnet is a beautiful way to get people inside your unique space. The more you infuse it with your unique energy, the clearer it becomes for people if they want to be with you (or not! this is a great way to stand out from the crowd!)  

** Your soul client is that amazing person who has a need, desire or craving for something that ONLY you can help her/him with

2. What is an irresistible freebie?

Your freebie is a simple, free online gift that people (your Soul Audience) want to download because it promises them to relief a need, craving or desire they have. 

It can be a video, a checklist, a small e-book, a recording, a series of emails .... something that you can create within a day *Yes, you can break that 'time rule'* and that people can download without any help.

They simply leave their email and name and BAM they own your beautiful freebie.

3. What are the elements of a successful freebie?

I had several very successful freebies and several very unsuccessful freebies (usually  the ones that took me many days to set up and that I created because I wanted it and not because my soul audience needed it!)

* Element 1
Find out what your soul client needs. 
For instance: you're a health coach and your soul audience feels tired and overworked. You happen to know Everything about Everything BUT you can't give people too much. Because our brains are wired for small bites and NOT for the entire Encyclopedia of Health.

Let's say you create a simple Natural Vitamin Guide. Because you know that there are certain vitamins that will help your audience to feel better. You go to Canva (or any other place that you love) and create:

The 10 Vitamins that take you from 'Yawn let me sleep' to 'Whooooopyyyy let this day begin'
5 Simple Actions that will Change your Skin and forever.
The Secret every Hardworking Female Entrepreneur Needs to Know

See? It already starts with the title!

[Full disclosure: Let me be follow honest here! I think that in the course of my 5 years of online entrepreneurship I created over 25 freebies! An email course for more "Happiness" a "Become a Leader", I created at least 3 different quizzes and it took me ages!
BUT the lead magnets that were the most successful were the ones that promised to transform ONE Real Need: Like 'Get Clients by Being More You']

 *Element 2
Make sure you infuse your freebie with your tone of voice, uniqueness and love and they will remember you. Tell a little bit about yourself, but mainly make sure that your audience sees you as the Expert.  Because you show that you understand their needs! We all have the need to feel seen and understood.

*Element 3
I happen to know that many people opt-in for your freebie and than com-ple-tely forget about it. Don't worry about that. The power is in the follow-up emails. That could look like this:

Email 1 - (send immediately)
"Here's is your guide! I'm so happy you decided to become healthy."
*Add link to the freebie.

Email 2 (after 1 day)
"Hey 'Harriet' did you read (watched/listened to) {tittle of your freebie} ?
Because I've got something extra yummy for you: (*you give some information that shows you're the real deal and that is adding value) "

You might weave in something about your clients, that gives your audience the opportunity to recognize her/himself and to feel part of your community. Don't forget to share the link to your website! But don't start selling yet! If they want to buy they got the link to your website.

Email 3 (after 2 days)
Share something about yourself, how you struggled with your health (only if that's is a true story, it needs to be fully authentic) or what you studied (don't go for a boring list) but mostly share how much you care. And add some value and tips.
* Share the link to your website and the freebie again.

Email 4 (after 2 days)
Only a small percentage will read all your emails. But those who do are interested in taking this free thing to the next level. Do you have something to sell? This is where you explain a little about your awesome goodies.

4. Are these the rules that always work?

No!! You need to play with it. And consistency is your friend. When you just start out, it's much easier to tell people: Hey, tell me what you think! and to engage in an email conversation with strangers. 

You might create multiple freebies. It might take a couple of tries before it runs like clockwork. Simply find the biggest need, lack desire of your soul audience and give them the first bite of your meal.

5. Is there a big NO?

YES!: Doing nothing and stay stuck in perfectionism! If you don't have a freebie and you ARE an entrepreneur who wants to make money, you loose money, opportunities and prospects on a daily base!

You are part of the Brave! Community. Taking action without knowing 100% sure if it's going to work is True Bravery. 

6. Will my freebie fly away all by itself?

Well, that used to work. But not so much anymore. There are exceptions, but Facebook ads is what will bring in the people for real. Make sure your freebie is visible on your website, on all your social media, in your blog post, and repeat, repeat, repeat!!

So, my short answer became a mini-course! How cool is that. I hope you love it. If you do and you want to talk about it, go to our Brave Branding Free community and share your insights!


*as in GIVE me the Thing that I NEED Right Now!

Have you ever created an amazing lead magnet but then ... silence, crickets! No downloads. Nothing! Ouch!

Quite possible it's all in the way you present it. It's NOT about you.

This is how you create an opt-in page that will people go YES!


It's all about the so-called perceived value. If your future audience doesn't feel it will IMMEDIATELY serve them. They will move on. We're living in a 'Give it to me now' age. Don't worry, once they know you that will all change. But it starts with a clear promise, a little bit of storytelling and and real result.

So, what do you tell people in need of a fast solution?

"Here's my news letter on Copy Writing" 

Reaction: meh, no thank you - You will probably send me junk mail!

* It's a NO

"Here's my 299 pages e-book. You can learn how to become a great writer."

Reaction: Oh my, 299 pages!!  There are so much things I have to do. Why don't you just do it for me
* It's a NO
"Here are the 10 email subjects that had a Crazy High Openings Rate. For you to Copy" 

Reaction: Give it to me NOW! 
* It's a YES!


Make it AS easy as possible for people to accept your offer because in return they trust you with their email address and email.  How cool is that?

A. Give away a Swipe file, a Check List a Cheat Sheet, your Proven List and make your free offer irresistible!

B. Add a little bit of storytelling to make it truly personal and that proves that YOU are the expert here.

C. The result should be immediately clear. Like:  Get more clients with more ease, Farewell to headaches in 5 days, From feeling sad to happy in 10 steps

D. Check! Before you send your lovely freebie into the world ask a couple of your trusted business to have a look. Remember it's all about clickability. More important than a perfect design is setting up everything so that people will click.

Do a couple of trial rounds to see if everything works and keep  your eye of your Lead Magnet Tiger all the time. Do all the links still work? Get rid of stupid, rude comments in your Facebook ads or answer questions.

Make sure you share it with all your Social Media, your blog posts and don't be afraid to share it in your personal posts as well!


Share who you are with the world bravely and consistenly. I believe in you!
Find your personal way to communicate with the people on your list and send your love, your knowledge, expertise and uniqueness into the world. 

Big hug,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Brave Branding Queen and your Business Soul Whisperer

P.S Extra tip: I infuse everything I do with LOVE. Every time I send an email, create a course or post, I touch my screen and say something like: "I love you, find your way to the hearts of the people who love to receive the love."

P.S. Ready to take this to the Next Level? The Miracle Year is just what you need  is what you need!

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