January 5, 2018 9:55 am


Are you ready for an amazing year? Me too! 

Let me first share my big mistakes with you (so you can avoid them).

I have made so many errors in my online business! You have NO idea, I wrote them down for you, so can avoid them.



Maybe they were not mistakes, but me trying to reinvent the wheel, it has cost me 2,5 years of frustration, loneliness and energy!

Okay here we go!

* February 2014, I decide to break with my old business partners and lose all my money, clients and office space.

* March 2014. I spent my last money on an Online Business Program and realize working online is amazing.

* December 2014. I am very happy with my decision to change everything, but money is really tight, I completely lack support and have no strategy.

* January 2015. I feel lost, I have some awesome clients and work as brand consultant, but I don't know how to be an online entrepreneur!

* March - May 2015, I create The Creative Journey . It takes 3 Months, I spent $ 465 buying the wrong online programs. 1 amazing person buys the program for $440, I give it to 5 people - 4 never even thank me for it.

* September 2015, I create a free Creative Challenge, it takes me 5 weeks - I even make videos in Berlin for it - 78 women join. They love it. I get raving reviews. "You completely changed my creative possibilities" someone writes. After it's finished I invite them to work with me. Nobody reacts.

* January 2016, my email list doesn't grow! There are 311 people on my list , I write beautiful emails and create freebie after freebie, but I never get any reaction.

* May 2016, I work for 3 Months - day and night - to create The School of Art & Life for HSP Women- I get emails from known experts like Dr. Ted Zeff and Dr. Elaine N. Aron who say they adore my program and see the huge relevance.

2 wonderful women buy my program for 19 dollar. The result of 672 hours of love, creativity, hard work, 27 years of expertise is 38 dollar.


Why does nobody buy my programs? Why am I invisible to the people I KNOW I can help and support?

* August 2016, I start working with a coach and join her Mastermind and than this happens:

* September 2016, I start the Flow Mastermind and 9 women Sign up!

* November 2016, I decide to stop 'shooting from the hip' and really apply strategies, my list grows from 311 to 2.100 subscribers (and I get lovely responses)

* May 2017, I create Authentically You, 450 wonderfully weird women sign up

* June 2017, 42 amazing wonderfully weird entrepreneurs sign up for my personal branding program: The Real You

* July 2017, 16 wonderful brave entrepreneurs sign up for The Real You Mastermind including 4 women who have been working with me for a longer time! The best compliment I can get!

* August 2017, 900 (holy cow 900 !) wonderfully weird women sign up for Authentically You

* September 2017, 51 amazing wonderfully weird entrepreneurs sign up for The Real You!

* September 2017, I travel to Zurich to meet my Mastermind and the most amazing group of entrepreneurs. I return home feeling nourished, loved and energized! What a wonderful women!

* October 2017, there are 3.863 wonderfully weird entrepreneurs on my email list and I receive numerous wonderful emails from readers.

* November 2017, 1.698 (!) brave  entrepreneurs from 52 countries sign up for Authentically You

* January 2018, I run 2 Masterminds with my Soul Clients, my entire year is planned and I feel in control of my business (seriously, I get goosebumps writing this, I have never felt like a real CEO of my own business before, it's absolutely awesome)

Can you see what I did? I got support I worked with a coach, got the strategies and cutting-edge knowledge and e-ve-ry-thing changed for me.

With love,


About the Author

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Branding Queen, Marketing Strategy Miracle Extraordinair, Energy shifter, founder of the Wonderfully Weird World, bestselling author, and Whisperer of Souls also bestselling author, Abe's mother, Rik's wife, and the servant of Marie and Leeloo (yes, cats)

Oh, she can also channel information from Source, so that you can tap into the wisdom of spirit guides.

Esther is the founder of the Wonderfully Weird movement that transforms, inspires, and supports women entrepreneurs to build a business and brand based on self-love and self-acceptance and become their authentic selves.

You can work with Esther in the The Real You and if you want to honor you Wonderfully Weirdness and get 10 clients each month with emotional heart based marketing (that doesn't suck at all. Or work with her in person - limited availability - Take the Quiz for your best solution

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