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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

How to take a Great Selfie for your business
when you're over 40 and up

and can't be bothered to put on makeup, search for the perfect background or hide yourself behind tons of filters

I know! That's a big promise ;-) but seriously, to speak with the wonderful Catherine Tate: "Look at this face. I  can't be bothered."
So we're going for fast, fun and simple with a selfie that focuses on your unique features and that gives your soul audience an insight in who you really are.

1. Why do you need to take a great selfies?

Our society worships Perfect & Young. So it's up to us, women entrepreneurs of all ages to show our faces. Real faces of real women of all cultures who are unbothered by wrinkles, grey hair and refuse to hide. Or who choose botox and refuse to hide. Your body. Your choice.

But we need to see you!!  Your soul audience needs to see you!

One 2-minutes portrait can have more impact than a fancy logo. If you want  to attract your soul clients get your smart phone and follow the steps. 

We have great photo and selfie support in The Real You program.

2. What do you need to take a great selfie after 40 with your smartphone?

  • A. Your wonderful self and a smartphone. I'm using an Iphone 13, but just use whatever phone you've got.
    P.S. If you're an entrepreneur do yourself a great favor and invest in a phone with a good camera. Having lots of photos on your phone makes marketing so much more fun.
  • B. Light. Make sure there is (natural) light coming from the front and that it's bit darker behind you.
    (yes there are kinds of different ways, but we're doing it like this). I took these photos in my bathroom this morning. If it's very sunny take a couple of steps backward to create a softer light.
  • C. Your face and clothes (or no clothes: your choice), Wear whatever you're wearing (I'm wearing a very old wool t-shirt from Icebreaker that is at least 16 years old - yay for Icebreaker).

    You can use makeup, or not. The whole purpose is that you do this in 2 minutes.
    If you need a healthy glow, add some extra cream, or jump up and down - if you can -  for fresh energy and a smile. 
  • D. Stance.
    THIS is important. instead of using both your hands holding on to your phone as if your life depends on it, create distance between you and the phone. AND only use one hand. I'm having a super handy dancy "Popsocket holder" that allows me to have a much better grip.
  • Now, push one shoulder (the shoulder that is not attached to the hand holding the phone) a little bit backward. This creates a better posture. More about that later.

Chin up, Eyes ahead, Let the light come in

3. The Here-We-Go Selfie

The 'I don't even know where I am' selfie.
  • Look at my jaw, all 61 years of yelling and pulling: "You've got to be kidding me" faces, are hanging in the sagging jawline.  
  • My eyes are looking at myself instead of at you. This influences the entire face that is slightly pulled backward.

    Go on, give it a try and go to the 'Oh hi' sselfie.
The 'Oh hi! there you are' selfie
  • Look at my shoulder, it's pulled a bit more backwards. This immediately creates more space. Instead of imitating a 'Deer in Headlight' the curve 'invites the watcher in'.
  • I'm pushing my chin slightly forward, and lengthen my neck (without pushing the chin up). This tightens the skin at my jaw and creates space between my neck.
    It also causes my face to tilt a bit, creating a more interesting line.
  • My eyes are on the camera (top middle of your phone):  'Hi! we're having contact.'

4. The Way Too Low Phone Selfie 

I don't know about you, but every now and them I accidentally open my phone and am confronted with a huge under chin and a tiny head. But, you can still take a selfie when your phone 'too low'. 
Selfies like this can be really fun because it feels like you're in action. You give your soul audience the idea that you're creating art, writing a novel, are teaching etc. and just for a second look at them instead of at your work or clients.  

So how does this work?

The 'Not so jolly British gentleman in every Jane Austen serie' selfie 
  • Clearly, this is not really featuring the best of me.
  • I'm looking at the camera (progress!) but because I'm pulling my face back and that causes my eyebrows to go up. Creating more of a distance between my audience and I.
  • The camera is focussing on my under chin and jaws.  
The 'Oh dear, she's trying to call me again' selfie 
  • I'm keeping the distance between my body and the camera but lean my face in (a bit!)
  • If you do this make sure there is still space around your face where we can see the background.  
  • The camera is even more focussing on my under chin and jaws.  
The 'Oh, hi! I'm about to finish my next bestseller' selfie 
  • Like with the  'Oh hi! there you are' selfie stick your chin out and lengthen you neck a bit. And Boom! you have now more space between your chest and neck. And there's the jawline again.
  • Look at the camera. Smile or smile not ( non-smile photos can be incredibly powerful. Try it) 
  • The Next time you're in a call, are creating something you love,  take a quick 'Oh, hi! I'm about to finish my next bestseller' selfie 

5. The Going for Gold Great Selfie after 40 and up

Frame your face

  • Can you see the yellow brackets on my screen. This is a great frame. It only frames my face but not hair, scarf, hat or head. There is a little bit of space all around me
  • I used the portrait function that blurs out the background - you can thank me later, because my bathroom is a mess)

The Final Ones are always the best selfie

  • Please, please, please: don't make the mistake to take 1 selfie. 
  • Make 10, 20, 30 photos. You will notice that somewhere at the end of your click clack session there is one photo that is The One. 

6. The Filter me Extra Beautiful Selfie

The 'Accept me as I am' No Filter selfie
  • This is the original photo. It's very okay, you can definitely use it like this.
  • But shall we try a next step?
  • P.S if you have a taken a photo that makes you swoon don't forget to duplicate so that you one one 'untouched' photo.
The 'Blur Me a Bit' selfie
  • Okay, there are a couple of things you can do. You can use the filters (third from the left) or skip that and go straight for 'adjust' (second from the left)
  • Try out what you like the most.
  • Think about the following:
    1. Who are you trying to reach?
    2. What are you trying to show your soul audience? Your strength? Your sharp brain? 
    3. What filter makes you go woohoo: I'm so pretty the city should give me it's key"
The 'In your face' selfie 
  • So I went with the dramatic cool filter. Because it's a great fit for my skin tone, hair and eyes.
  • It makes everything I love pop. So find the filter that makes everything YOU love pop!
7. The Adjust Me More Selfie
Turn those buttons to get your oompf
  • If you're completely new to this, you just have to try it out. It all depends on what you want to achieve.
    I never want to hide my wrinkles. But I DO want to make my hair pop and my eyes shine. So the Black Point button is my best friend.  
  • It gives this photo oompf. Find your oompf
  • By the way, we're talking tiny adjustment, okay? 
A bit of skin color beautification
  • The other setting I often use is warmth. Depending on your skin undertone this can make or break your photo.
  • My skintone can look weirdly yellow in some photos. Adding a bit of warmth helps me to get my natural glow.
  • Try this for your own skin 

8. The Ultimate Holy Moly I'm Beautiful Selfie! 

The okay let's do this selfie
  • Remember? This was the first photo. Nothing wrong. I love her to bits.
  • But I also look a bit 'meh' in this .  
The Glow Like a Candle selfie 
  • This is less than 2 minutes later. Look at that the eyes (the eyes of the soul)
  • I don't like looking in peoples' eyes. But I'm okay with looking at the camera for a short time. Because of the adjustments you can see 'into my eyes'
  • Funny detail: This is the Madonna gaze that many Maria statutes have. No matter where you stand she sees you
  • Now, again, if you're not - yet - in the habit of taking a gazillion selfies, this is the day to start.
  • Practice your skills on the Best Possible person in your life: You!

9. Extra tip and next step.

The Look-Away- Selfie
  • Is looking into the eye of the camera challenging? I know what you mean. 
  • Take a Look away selfie (this also can create the illusion like someone else took the photo) and follow all the above mentioned steps
Multiply your Selfies. Create Endless amounts of self-portraits with just a couple of photos
  • Got a couple of great self-portraits and want more, but with an incredible Look and Feel? 
  • Make sure to save the Canva Tutorial 

Did you took the selfie? Can I see it? if you tag me on Instagram @estherdecharon I would love to see it!

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