In the AskEsther show female entrepreneurs are being coached on topics like:  Where are my clients? /  How does my audience know that I'm there for them? /  I don't want to feel salesy. How can I sell and market from the heart? / How can I use my vulnerability as a power in my business?

Every Tuesday, at 10 AM/CET I coach members of the Wonderfully Weird Academy on my
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Episode 1 How to Find out what your Audience needs

Marjolein Doesburg - van Kleffen is building her business while having all the responsibilities of a job. In this episode I coach Marjolein on:

1. How to plan your business while having only 10 hours a week to make it happen?
2. How can you find out what your clients and customers really need?
3. How 'getting out of your head and into your heart' leads to the best insights.

Episode 2 How to craft one service or product when you got many passions?

Dana Gita Stratil is transformational voice coach, singer, sound healer, and spiritual journey tour guide.

In this episode, I coach Dana Gita on:
1.  "How to craft one service or product when you have got many beautiful passions".
2 "Why Somba (The MBA for Online Entrepreneurs) is the best place to go from 'I like to do this" to "I'm doing it"
3. Why you NEED to know exactly what your soul client needs that ONLY you can support them with.