You can't do it all by yourself all the time. Procrastination and fear will always keep you small.

Connect your multi-passionate ideas, sensitive heart, fiercely bright mind and entrepreneurial goals with a group of 12 awesome women and



  • You are a (multi-) passionate, fiercely bright, sensitive solopreneur
    or on the verge of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • You just started your business or about to start
    or started a while ago, but have fallen behind because you never finish anything.
  • You are stuck and want to stop the struggle
    of the never-ending search for the perfect niche, your ideal client and beautifying your website.
  • You need focus, a fresh perspective and a clear goal
    because you followed every idea and than gave up. Instead of staying in your lane you end up arriving in no-where land.
  • You know there is a book, art, amazing business idea inside you
    but you think it's too average, too weird or fear it will never work and keep it locked inside.
  • You have had enough of feeling lost and alone.
    You long to be in the presence of women who understand you, see your light, who lift you up and want you to succeed.
  • You want to honor your multi-passionate traits
    without feeling in a straight jacket and without feeling stuck.
  • You want to be seen, acknowledged and be carried forth by the energy of flow.

It is very easy for you to avoid connection. Because you like being by yourself. 
But every woman needs a group of entrepreneurial women who challenges, loves and affirms her entire being.

You've got to find entrepreneurial friends who challenge you to move past the fear and narrow-minded way of thinking.
Women who see your light, accept your sensitive traits, who will listen to you when you complain about too many ideas, your fear of failure,
longing for success, your worries. Women who will lift you up. Helping other women move forward I deeply empowering and a deeply satisfying way to move forward yourself.

Sharing, helping, accountability, listening will switch the energy from 'I can't do it' to 'Yes, I can'.
So you will do it anyway and get the success you deserve!

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, M.A.

I am a Soul Whisperer who helps entrepreneurial women master their creativity and bring flow back in your business and life, and the author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual. 

I am a modern day mystic. A combination of a certified transformational coach, artist, art historian, professional with  a fast experience - 25 + years - in the international Arts, Design, Consultancy and Branding, Huffington Post and Thrive Global blogger.

I use my gifts and knowledge - communicating directly with your wisdom soul, creativity and flow, my extensive research and entrepreneurial experience to help you become an entrepreneurial women who is realising her dream in a way that honours who you are and also challenges you to keep moving forward... even when the going gets tough. And I will celebrate every success with you! 

You can experience the power of Soul Whispering at the end of every Flow Session when we end with a guided visualisation. 

Carmen Al Mashaileh /In 2 Jordan, feel, enjoy and love Jordan

Esther gave us great insights in to our own unique position as a business as well as the tools to share our passion with our customers.  She guided us step by step through our design process and asked all the right questions. Whether you’re looking for spiritual guidance or you want to translate your passion in to a practical communication, Esther is the woman you’re looking for.

I'm inviting 12 women to join the Flow Mastermind.
Woman at an important point in their entrepreneurial journey. 
Ready to show their services, creativity, passion, art, craft or products to the world
and turn that into a profitable business. 

* Women who want to ditch the struggle and quit hiding.
* Women who want to show up in a way that is 100 % aligned with who they are (even if that feels vulnerable)
* Women who want to be held accountable.
* Women who want clear direction, focus like a lioness and a vision that will lead to success.

Women who want to tap into the amazing Power of Flow,
connect to their Muse and are ready to manifest miracles.

“You Can Not Achieve Your Major Definite Purpose In Life
Without Using The Power Of The MasterMind.”

Napoleon Hill
author of Think and Grow Rich 

Luna Love  / Little Miss Tarot 

You pushed me out of my comfort zone in order to live a more creative life.Through the program I elevated myself to a point of truly understanding my needs and myself. It transcended both my personal comfort zone as well as my culture’s comfort zone. 

Being in the company of like minded women was such a wonderful experience.It made all the difference I needed in my business.

I seriously don’t know how to thank you, Esther, you got me out of a terrible creative rut and, because of the things I’ve learned from you, I’ve helped a couple of fellow artists who were suffering that terrible block we all seem to go through every once in a while.


  • You will stop procrastinating or hiding. 

  • You will move forward even when perfectionism, fear or comparison creeps up.

  • You will experience ease and flow because of the group, the accountability, structure and clear guidance.

  • You will reach your goals, because you know your destination and are fully clear on your purpose.  

  • You will be more gutsy, knowing you've got a group of women behind you who believe in you.

  • You have the best possible group of women at hand to try out your ideas, programs, names etc.

  • You will stop waisting money on more credentials and courses - because you have full clarity on what you really want.

  • You will blossom as a human being and feel lighter once you act as a proud business owner.

  • Your business will take-off much faster because you have a system that has your back.
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Rayna van Aalst / Reina Organics 

Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business in the year and a half since I started it! Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results.

I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”. I worked with Esther for 6 months and although there was a plan I never felt rushed by a schedule. Esther was very flexible and she would adjust the session to my needs (and business). 

She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.


  1. 1. We start with setting clear goals for your business. You learn who you are as an entrepreneur
        You learn everything there's to know about your unique Creative Style and how to use it.

    * In the first weeks you decide on all important aspects that define your business, like your values, purpose, target audience etc.
    * You figure out who you are as an entrepreneur, like your values, Your unique creative style, your knowledge, experience, weaknesses, strength, your home situation, fears, and the things that make happy and bring flow into your business.
    * You set a clear goal (using the power of visualization).  
    * You get access to a special online environment where you will find all the material you need

  2. 2. We meet every 14 days online in the Flow Group Session.
    * Every member gets the opportunity to be on the hot seat where you get full attention from me and the group.
    * Every Flow Group Session ends with a group Soul Whisper Session session where you will get extra guidance, light and focus. 
    * Visualization, sharing, helping, trust, sisterhood and guidance is very important in the Flow Mastermind.
    * If I feel the group needs extra flow there will be an extra Group Soul Whisper Session that will help you to progress faster. 

  3. 3. You get weekly accountability sheets and we will celebrate every success you have!
    * I will be able to check where you are and give you suggestions for next steps.This helps you to stay on track.

  4.  4. It will happen in the Facebook group
    * You have access to a closed Facebook group where all the magic happens.
    * I will be available in the Facebook group on a daily base. 

  5. 5. You can deepen your result with extra Soul Whisper Session.
    * If you like to go faster and get even more result we can work one on one as well.
    * You can buy the Soul Whisper Sessions at the special Mastermind rate.  
    * You can do so at any given moment in our 6 Months working together. 

  6. 6. You get access to the Creative Journey a game changer for women who want to clarify their creative life.

  8. WE START MAY, 2017

    You get access to the online environment and Facebook group in may .
    All times and group sessions will be released soon. Flow Group Sessions will take place depending on the timezones of the members (either in the morning or the afternoon)

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Flow Mastermind February - July

max 12 members

  • 6 Months Flow Mastermind
  • 12 Flow Group sessions 
  • 6 Months in the vibrant Facebookgroup
  • Full Access to the Creative Journey
  • Full Access to online Flow Program
  • 6 Months of Weekly accountability


Flow Mastermind February - July

max 12 members

  • 6 Months Flow Mastermind
  • 12 Flow Group sessions 
  • 6 Months in the vibrant Facebookgroup
  • Full Access to the Creative Journey
  • Full Access to online Flow Program
  • 6 Months of Weekly accountability

 6 Monthly Payments via Paypal

Saskia Hector / Healthcare Manager 

Esther challenged me to be seriously about my aims and to share my capacities with the world. Esther is a creative thinker, who challenges me to be seriously about my aims and to share my capacities with the world.

 To me her creativity knows no borders, she is positive and a incorrigible romantic who is capable of making beautiful connections.Esther visualizes ideas in colors and shapes while getting to the bare essentials.



Will the Flow Mastermind change my life and business?
That depends on your needs and your willingness to act. Change happens when you are fully committed to yourself.
What sets this Mastermind apart is the firm base for your business in our first weeks, and the fact that you are amongst women who understand you.

Can't I do a Mastermind by myself?
Yes, you can. But a Mastermind where no one holds you accountable, you will not be able to push forward. When you invest in a Mastermind you are dedicated to make it happen.
I have been working as a coach with multi-passionate women for over eight years now and know that accountability, focus, clarity and purpose is what you need when you want to succeed. It's not about learning more, or go deeper, it's staying in your lane what will make it happen.
I'm in paid and free Masterminds myself and experienced that being part of Mastermind makes all the difference! It works! It really works!

What if I don't like the group, or feel left out?
I am committed to your success, so if you feel left out I will personally see what we can do to make you feel at home. If nothing changes I will try to find another group where you feel more at home. 

What if I don't like the Mastermind?
If you don't like the Mastermind and can show me you've done all the required work I will reimburse you for the money you've already paid, only if you do so within the first 14 days of the Mastermind.

Is this a business coaching Mastermind?
No, if you want to learn everything about sales funnels and Facebook marketing I can tell you the basics, but if you want to make your first 6 or 7 figures business this is not the best possible place for you. 

This Mastermind focusses fully on your goals, your dreams, possibilities and action. I've got all the training, credentials and experience as a certified Transformational Coach, - as well as 25 + year experience in the field of art, design and brand management to help you on your path towards clarity.

Got another question?