Find you Ikagai and Come Home

How are your conversations with the universe? Do you have cozy get togethers with the universe from time to time?

Not the nice, 'Let's grab a Good Meal, and Talk' conversations. But the "Damn...I don't know what to do. I know I'm here for reason, but I'm just not feeling it.  What will happen now....!" kind of meetings.

You see, here's the thing.    

You most likely know what you would answer when someone asks you: "If money is no object, what would you do?". 

Out pour the answers about super successful businesses, a beautiful house, travels to the far corners of the world.

Maybe - when I ask you this question, you see yourself ...sitting in my studio - a very beautiful studio mind you - painting, drawing. Making art. In other words. If money was no object I would be an artist.

Than - as if someone had finally found the light switch - it dawned on me. I already AM an artist. I'm just too scared to say it out loud. After all these years saying it out loud still freaks me out.

Big Time.

But I don't want to wait until I'm wealthy. Doing what I really want is what wealth is about.  

And I want to make art. I want to make art to nourish my soul. I want to make art and use the magic of art and creativity to nourish the souls of my fellow soulful women.

I have Come Home. I've listened to the Calling of my Soul. I know why I'm here. I'm aligned with some kind of Divine Purpose.

Are you familiar with the Japanese Ikigai? Ikigai is your Reason for Being: 'The reason WHY you wake up in the morning'.

This what it looks like:

Ikigai is what I call: Coming Home. 

So, if you - in the next couple of days or so -  have a conversation with the Universe about what it is you need to Come Home to, remember your Ikigai. Ask what you need to let go off. Feel if you are prepared to let go.

In my case I had to let go of fear.

The fear of calling myself an artist. Because somewhere there was that 20th century notion that - in order to be an artist - you have to be exceptionally deep, meaningful, outstanding, and also suffer a lot. The fear of being ridiculed (mostly by myself). The fear of not being good enough.

And the fear of not being good enough is what holds so many of us earth bound.

What do you say? Shall we all release that stupid, ugly, stinking fear?

Let's call out loud, right now I AM ENOUGH

Take some time to think about what will happen when you know your Ikigai. Your Coming Home.

I immediately came up with the 'Gloriously Imperfect Art Days' where I will make messy very imperfect art with a small group of soulful women. Far away from the preying eyes of social media and our daily chores.

It will be about the process. About being good enough. About talking to your paint and brushes. About silence and laughter. About having a good meal together, about drawing a line just for the sake of moving your hand and enjoy that miracle.

It will be so awesome!

One last beautiful result: knowing my Ikigai made me create My Art Page of my website AND I got my first Art assignment. Knowing your Ikigai Rocks!

Esther de Charon

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Business Doula and Soul Whisperer of brave female entrepreneurs who want success on their own terms Esther is the author of "The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual" a Brand Expert, certified Transformational Art Coach, Artist, Communication Consultant, Art historian, Huffington Post + Thrive Global Blogger with over 25 years experience in the field of branding, design, creativity and art. She lives with her 13-year-old son and husband on an old farm. She's also addicted to Jasmin Tea, Opera with seriously bad endings, Weird Art and Red Lipstick.

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