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Episode overview

Is Feminine Entrepreneurship Really a Thing?

Goodbye fear-based masculine business goals

You might have felt and sensed that something profound is happening in our entrepreneurial world and our day-to-day life. And it will change everything.

Something big and beautiful is bubbling inside of us. It's new, ancient, confusing, challenging, and incredibly exciting at the same time. 

Let me take you through what's happening at the moment.

You and I started our business because we wanted to be free.
We wanted to be free of bosses, free of the 9 - 5 days. We had a deep longing to express ourselves. All that longing for freedom, love, passion, knowledge, and experience needed a place to come to fruition.

So we stepped up and became entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, we're impacting the lives of thousands of people. We position ourselves, we show up, we organize courses, we coach, we create, and we make money.

Because we're all living inside our entrepreneurial bubble, we have grown to believe that this is normal. We forget that our mothers and grandmothers lived completely different lives.

Now here comes the challenge that we're facing. 
On the one hand, we women have more power, and success than our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. But on the other hand, we feel this powerlessness, and sometimes, even helplessness to create the things that we most deeply yearn for.

We're tired. We might not even know what we truly desire. And that's exactly what we talk about this week:

Feminine Entrepreneurship, or as I call it: Selflovepreneurship