Everything you Need to Know About Somba

Do you need to find out if/how the Online MBA Somba will really change your business and life beyond recognition? I made a list for you with 10 Questions and 10 answers so you can decide for yourself if  you need SOMBA.

1. 'What is Somba and why do I need it?"

SOMBA is the 12-month program of renowned business coach Sigrun.  SOMBA is hands down the Best Online Program for entrepreneurs (to be). This step-by-step plan makes it possible to start your online business or take it to the next level without going crazy, feeling lost or stuck. It basically is the fast road to profit.

SOMBA contains all the building blocks you need to create your personal plan to success with ease. For wonderfully weird entrepreneurs  - who are in a 24/7 state of creating and jump from idea to idea -  it is paramount to get this kind of support, and up-to-date relevant knowledge! With SOMBA you get access to all the technical knowledge, strategies, planning and online community you need to create a sustainable business. 

YOU NEED SOMBA WHEN . . . You want expert support, need accountability, you take your business and yourself seriously,  you expand your mindset and go from 'some money now and then' to a solid 6 Figure Business.

2. 'Why do you recommend SOMBA?'

In short: working with Sigrun changed my business. If you struggle with the tech aspects of your online business and you yearn to become an online entrepreneur than Somba works ​works for you!
Watch the video and find out what my personal 7 Reasons are and why your future fellow Somba member's Recommend it!

3. 'Is Somba different from other online business programs?'

Yes! It is! And I so wish Somba had been there for me when I started my online business in 2014 (It took me 2,5 years before I finally made real money)

Sigrun's motto is: Building a business takes time.

In 2014 I did a online program that taught me a lot. But after 8 weeks the program was gone and I had zero support. There was no access at all to the business coach and the group was huge (as in thousands - I completely drowned in that group!)

Somba gives you much more time. There are smaller groups, real access to Sigrun, real masterminds, language groups, everything that is new, exiting and important for your online business is immediately being featured. There is a Live Day in Zurich (scroll for more information about that).

In Somba you grow your business with a group of like minded people . You are never alone.

Here is my Somba compared to B-School review. It clearly shows the differences between the 2 most important players in the field of structured support for (aspiring) online entrepreneurs.

4. 'Why did Sigrun started Somba? What is the story?'

Sigrun worked as a CEO for many years. She's very strategic and really understands the challenges and benefits of online entrepreneurship. Listen to her podcast to hear her Big Why.

5. 'Does Sigrun really support you and what is it like to work with her'? 

That actually is a really good question! Listen to the Podcast we made together. It will definitely give you a good idea. By the way: the answer is YES (between me and you:  Working with Sigrun sometimes feels like a walk on the beach with fierce wind. Afterwards you are wide awake and all you can say is: Why didn't I see that before!?

Listen to Sigrun's podcast interview with me about how I tripled my income after I worked with her

6. 'I'm not a coach but an artist/author/creator. Is Somba interesting for me?'

Again a very good question. I say yes!

The majority of the members in Somba (there are some man, the majority is woman) is coach, lawyer, advisor, consultant, healer, lightworkers, educators, therapist, teacher etc. There are also a lot of artists, musicians, creators, designers etc.

The majority of the creatives joined SOMBA with me. It helps them to start their own programs (highly recommend!) a deep practical approach how to use the online possibilities to your advantage (there is a huge potential out there!) and by being in the presence of others you really come out of your own social bubble and join a whole new audience. 

When you join SOMBA with me you get full access to my Brave Branding Academy  (at a value of $ 1,164 

7. 'What is SigrunLive and can I go too?'

YES!!! You can come too.  It's in Zurich and you meet Sigrun, all the other Somba members. It's basically a huge "I can achieve everything I want in a day"  experience. You will go home with an extra set of Very Large Wings. 

The day is 100% free and you get a Huge (as in Truly Special) bonus from me when you sign up with me

8. What are the Extra Workshops in Zurich and can I join those too? 

In 2018 I gave a workshop called "Create your Personal Brand in a Day" it was awesome! make sure you're on my waiting list to get the latest news.

9. 'What does it mean: joining SOMBA with Esther?'

I wholeheartedly believe in what Somba can do for your business, your life AND your mindset. It has brought me so much clarity, success and profit!

I also know my own audience like the back of my hand.

Brave, powerful, vulnerable entrepreneurs are sensitive, multi-passionate and fiercely bright. They need creativity, depth, sisterhood, a smaller group, art, a shoulder to lean on, a different approach. 

For instance - I know that for us 'the-ones-who-often feel different from the others' - the road seldom goes from A to Z. We thrive when we can visit the R. and N. first. Focus on B. for a while and then go to Z.

You need creativity, deep support. You need Sisterhood. 

That's why WHEN YOU JOIN SOMBA VIA ME you get Sisterhood (my special bonuses are going to be 
revealed - soon bonuses worth almost 1,200 dollars  


Join the waiting list now!

10. 'What do I GET when I join SOMBA?'

Monthly SOMBA modules filled with ALL the content you will ever need. This way of working supports you to work at your own pace without feeling 'left behind'. You always know where you are and where you are heading.

Unlike the Big Online Business programs with an overwhelmingly large group of thousands of members and a completely unavailable mentor, you have real access to your mentor Sigrun.

Every week Sigrun personally answers your questions. All other questions are answered in the group by the most supportive community ever. There is also a helpful community manager present.

The Facebook group is a warm bath where members dare to be vulnerable, open an curious. It's the place where questions are asked, success is celebrated, resolutions are made. It will be your Go To place for the next 12 Months.

Need strategic advice or a mindset shift? Once a month you can ask for a Hot Seat where Sigrun will laser-focus you into huge insights. 

There are several language and expert groups: like a Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish, Icelandic language group. There are Designers & Artists, Healers & Health coaches, Parents and Parent Coaches etc.
There is always someone who can help you.

The Live Day in Zurich is amazing. It's free for you and an unforgettable day  where you actually meet Sigrun and your brand new business friends!

SOMBA will teach you how to use and set up effective strategies for online businesses and for offline businesses who like to rely on strong online marketing.


Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Brave Branding Queen. A Soul Whisperer, a Business Doula - her client's words - and the author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual. Featured in Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Thrive Global, Esther is the founder of the BRAVE! Mastermind Follow her at Instagram | Facebook

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