Who is Esther?
your Questions and my Answers


My son Abe and I at the Island Schiermonnikoog

 VIP group meetings  

Having fun at SigrunLive in Zurich

A. Here is the short version. I am The Wonderfully Weird Personal Branding Queen! The founder of the Wonderfully Weird Movement that started with me writing The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual and has grown into an international movement of amazing action-taking female entrepreneurs who are Wonderfully Weird.

I'm also a Soul Whisperer, a Business Doula - my clients words -  the founder of the Wonderfully Weird Academy, a mother,  wife, daughter, sister and friend.

As you guessed I am Wonderfully Weird. Gloriously multi-passionate, Happily sensitive and Fiercely bright. Recognize anything?

Every wonderfully weird person is different. In my case i'm an introverted catalyst, a loud-mouthed introvert, a Highly Sensitive Person who happens to be a very intuitive empath. A woman of color. A buyer of way-too-many art supplies, a quick-witted, very smart creator, a happily lazy sort-of-buddhist practitioner and very often the Odd-One-Out. And - because I am the Branding Queen - used all those goodies as part of my personal brand.

I am a Personal Brand, marketing, communication and design Expert, an Art Historian, Certified Transformational Coach and Counselor who lives and works on an old farm in the North of the Netherlands.

I’ve got a 27 + year corporate track record in the field of International Culture, Arts & Design and as consultant and manager with Big Brands like KLM, ING Banking and the Red Cross and small idealistic brands like GreenWish.

I know the online business world like the back of my hand and I'm sort of a new media freak - I can make websites and code with my eyes closed.

I love opera with bad endings, hot jasmin tea… and art (with a passion!) chocolate, books, drawing, red lipstick, long philosophic talks, laughter attacks and shoes.


A. My clients are from over 67 different countries. They live all over the globe, in big cities and tiny villages, at the sea, in the mountains  . . .
. . . and they are amazing.

They are entrepreneurs, wonderfully weird women.  They long to find a way to become successful on their own terms! 

Many are entrepreneurs with established business. Some are just starting out. Some are well-known, many will be well-known, either by their soul clients or because of the books they are writing, the art they create,  or because they are leading a tribe that grows day by day.

My clients long to co-create big changes, or to take a small step towards big change. To go from feeling stuck, indecisive and perfectionistic to that wonderful state of flow and ease, where it feels like they are the ones who are in control. Or to step into that very important next level.

While remaining fully aligned to their wonderful weirdness and their Soul's Purpose.

 They are smart - really smart - sensitive, and have a gazillion ideas, passions and interests.  

Somehow they decided to come home to their Soul. They said “Enough is enough, I need change in order to move forward. Real Change.

That took guts. And heaps of self-love. 

Read some of their recommendations here.

My son made this photo!

Meeting clients is so awesome!


A. No. it was not.

Though I’m very happy, content, and successful my life has not always been sunshine and pink candy. During long period of depression there was no clarity, happiness or purpose in my life.

But this dark period generously provided me with all the compassion and love I need to really help others who need the clarity to step in their own beautiful light.

In 2014 I left the partnership at a prestigious consultancy I was in. One day I just got up and left because it suffocated me to not fully be ME. I lost all my money and had to rebuilt my business from the ground.

Though I was happy to have taken that decision (never having to fight over a business that I didn't love was bliss) it took me a very long time to really make it.

Do you know why? I had no support.
Getting the right support changed my business within months from invisible to clients from all over the world. It's probably one of the best decisions I have ever taken (the best decision was getting married to that introverted guy who supported me all the way and us becoming parents). 

There are always art supplies in my office!



The Library of the Rijksmuseum where I spent many hours during my Art history study

A part of my  vision board (I forgot all abut it and later found out that everything on the board was already present in my life!

Q. What did you study and what kind of work have you done?

* Somba and Masterminds with Sigrun   
Hands down the best Online Business School for business owners
* B-School Marketing New York
with Marie Forleo Online marketing for business owners
*MoMA new York
Art & Activity Strategies for Engaging with Art
* Penn State University
Creativity, Innovation & Change
* Coaching In Culture, the Netherlands
Life Coach ​
 * Academy for Coaching & Councelling
Certified Transformational Coach & Counselor
* Universitas Andalas (Padang, Indonesia) and University of Leiden
Indonesian Language and Culture
* University of Amsterdam
MA Art History
MA Communication Science
* ARTEZ Institute of the Arts
 Architectural Design


(at least some of it...) 1993 – 2016

* Member of the Board of Directors for Amsterdam Libraries  
Books, media, communication and being in charge (what's not to like!)

* Dutch TV VPRO
Program Production in the Netherlands and Indonesia

* European Union & Dutch Institute for Design
International Project Communication (with Royal Academy of Arts London, Domus Academy Milano, Vienna, Amsterdam)

* Total Identity/Total Design Agency for Branding and Design
Content Management & Communication for Brands like ING Banking, Fortis Banking, Dutch Ministeries, KLM and many more.

* International Art Gate Foundation
Organizer and curator International Art Exhibitions in the Netherlands, Australia, and Indonesia.

* dECharon consultancy & communication / groot Hart communicatie Identity I Design I Branding
I am a solopreneur since 2002. My clients were City Councils of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Utrecht, Dutch Design Institute, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Pastoe furniture, New Media Institute, Community Institutes,   
Art Council, Dutch Architecture Fund, GreenWish, Red Cross, Rabobank, Liesbeth van der Pol Architects and many more ...

* Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Soul Whisperer + Branding Queen
 since 2014
Read the more complete list on Linkedin

Talking to guests at a special wonderfully weird music event in my own backyard.

Combining art, art history and entrepreneurship is a dream come true.


One of the Gloriously Imperfect Art Days I used to give

Q. Where have you lived? Where do live now?

A. I have lived in Yogyakarta and Padang Indonesia, The Hague, and Arnhem and for over 25 years in the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since 2009 I live in a tiny village in the rural part of the Netherlands, in the province of Drenthe. (near the largest Hunebed of Europe!) It is a village of 129, mainly farmers families who have lived here for many generations.


A. I am married to Rik Hoving, who is a custom car historian, designer, and the author of books and a huge amount of research on custom cars. We have an 13 year old son called Abe (which is not short for Abraham but a Frisian name that is pronounced something like ‘Ahbu’)

Don’t get me started on explaining how much I love Rik and Abe, because it will take up all the space on my website.

Anyway, there is a English Cocker Spaniel, called Yara and a cat, called Leeloo Dallas Multipass who - very cat like - treats us like servants. We live and work in an old farm in the middle of the farm fields. 

We (try to) grow our own organic vegetables. Although we still miss city life, we adore being surrounded by nature (told you there is no such thing as perfection in happiness!)

And since a couple of weeks my husband Rik, son Abe and I have a new passion: we play the card game Uno for hours!

In Hamburg with my son Abe

Wearing schoolbook covers with my family :-)


The  coat of arms of my family (yes it's real)

My dad and me (I adore this photo so much)

A. Yes, that's my real name.
About 5 centiliter of ‘real Dutch blood’ runs through my veins. My father is from Indonesia, he was born in the time when Indonesia was a Dutch colony called the “Dutch Indies”. Meaning we are ‘Indo’s’.

After the Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve in 1572 the French Huguenot family de Charon de Saint Germain fled from France to the Netherlands. From there they traveled to the former Dutch Indies.

Pretty soon my great grandmother (this part of the story depends on whom tells the story) had an affair with an Indonesian prince (or maybe he was a gardener). Out of wedlock she got a beautiful brown skinned baby and that’s where I come from.

My mother is half Swiss, and I was brought up with the idea that everybody on this earth is first a human being, than a cosmopolite and only than a inhabitant of a country.

Maria Stepanoff Owner Next Breakfast

Being in her Mastermind Gives me a Sense of Belonging

Esther is a unique combination of motherly love and kick-ass inspirational coach. Her intuition and insight are razor sharp, her sensitivity to one's feelings is off the charts. Esther creates very special tribes, tribes of women who are game changers, sisters and who build each other up. To be in her mastermind gives me a sense of belonging, endless inspiration, support. The synergies are absolutely mind-blowing!