Episode 9 How to Manifest Clients and Money with Self Love

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Episode overview

5 Easy Self-Love Practices that Bring in Clients and Money

How to Manifest Clients and Money with Self-Love

5 Easy Self-Love Practices that Bring in Clients and Money

You might think that self-love is all nice and fun, but more something to focus on AFTER all your hard work.
Can self-love help you manifest clients and money? Yes! This is how it works.

Let's have a look at your marketing list for today. It might look a bit like this:

  1. Write email
  2. Re-write email
  3. Send out email
  4. Reach out to former clients and ask if they are interested in my new program
  5. Have a sales call with M. about working with me 1-1

Looks like a pretty solid list, right?

BUT, who are we kidding? The reality of this simple list is more something like this

  1. Waking up. First thought: Oh shit, I've got a sales call with M. I'm 100% certain she will tell me that she thinks my offer is too expensive/lame/not for her. Shall I cancel?
  2. Let's get dressed: Holy smoke is that a new wrinkle? Oh, look at those boobs. Let's quickly cover them, squeeze them in my bra "Oh that's One Ugly bra, thankfully I'm the only one who can see it."
  3. No, not that dress: too fat for that one, too old for that one. Okay, old sweater it is.
  4. God, I wish I was a little bit sexier
  5. My hair looks horrible why does it always look so curly, unruly, flat, stupid, oh look I can see my roots. Well on top of everything else I can deal with that
  6. Okay, let's start with that email. I actually don't want to write an email. I want to be outside and go for a walk. No! I'm a serious businesswoman.
  7. Right, the email. No, can't say that. No, that's stupid. I wish I was a better writer. Oh! lets Google: "How to write an epic email in 5 minutes".
  8. 30 minutes and 3 freebie's later. . . .
  9. Why is everyone more successful than me? What's wrong with me? Shall I buy a program? 
  10. I hate everybody. Why would I even send an email, nobody is going to read it anyway. Why can't they see that I'm really good at what I do?
  11. Shall I send it out? Okay .Let's do it
  12. F******uck! There's a mistake, my entire email list receives an email with an old date.
  13. Did they open it yet?
  14. Refresh page.
  15. What? Seriously? Nobody is opening my email?
  16. I knew it. Only people who are already massively successful will become wealthy. That's clearly not me.
  17. Nope, I'm NOT reaching out to my old clients today. Maybe next week.
  18. Shall I send M. a message to tell her I've got a headache? Oh, I've got a headache. I'm all sweaty and nauseous.
  19. Sigh. Click Zoom link . . .
  20. There's M. 
  21. Why isn't she reacting to what I say? I've got no idea if she's even interested or not. I'm SO not asking my 5K price. What if I ask for 2K and give her 3 extra coaching calls.
  22. Why isn't she asking for the price? I'm sure it's too much. 
  23. Okay, I said it 2K for 10 coaching calls and I'm also giving her all my courses. For free. People love free stuff.
  24. Why does she need to think about it? I'm 100% certain I could help her. Oh, well, byeee. 

Now let's completely change this day. Because this is not a good day. Let's flip this day!



Waking up. First thought: Oh shit, I've got a sales call with M. I'm 100% certain she will tell me that she thinks my offer is too expensive/lame/not for her. Shall I cancel?

Easy Self-Love Practice 1

Gratitude and focus on the simple good stuff

Okay, wow, hello good morning gorgeous.

Let's start again.
You only need 5 minutes that will radically change this day.

A. Get a pen, or just close your eyes and think of 2 to 5 things you're grateful for.

B. Don't overthink it: I'm alive, my bed is warm, I've got a roof over my head, my body is warm and soft, I'm as free as a bird.
C. Decide on your guiding gratitude focus for the day:
I'm in charge of my business, As an entrepreneur, I can manifest new clients, Everything I write today will reach the right person

Let's get dressed: Holy smoke is that a new wrinkle? Oh, look at those boobs. Let's quickly cover them, squeeze them in my bra "Oh that's one ugly bra, thankfully I'm the only one who can see it.

No, not that dress: too fat for that one, too old for that one. Okay, old sweater it is. 

God I wish I was a little bit sexier

OKAY, I'm gonna stop you there!

Easy Self-Love Practice 2

Awareness shifts everything
This action starts with awareness. I'm sorry to disappoint you but the magical You're Enough wand doesn't exist. When you spend the last 30, 40, or 50 years telling yourself you're not good enough a simple note on your mirror won't make it go away.

What will work to raise your self-confidence is awareness and action. Just listen to yourself. That's not your voice. Those are old voices, teachers, parents, siblings, friends, strangers, and advertisements. Be gentle, softly move away, dare to disagree, dance it out.

Go to Self-love practice 3 for next level action

Right, it's time for that email
Okay, let's start with that email. But I don't want to write an email. I want to be outside and go for a walk. No! I'm a serious businesswoman. I have to do this.

Okay, let's stop you there

Easy Self-Love Practice 3

Get out of your head and into your body

You're in your head woman! You might think that you're brain is powerful and almighty, but I want you to bring your awareness to your body.

Let it sink insight your chest, your stomach, belly, pelvic area, and legs. Go all the way down to the soles of your feet.
Do you feel heavy, strong, and aligned? That's good.

This is where your power is, this is where you become a powerful co-creator. Keep breathing. The 3 minutes you're spending on being WITH you are worth more than the frantic Google search you would otherwise engage in.

Okay, now you can write. But before you drive yourself crazy here is Self Love Action 4

Easy Self-Love Practice 4

Permission to be NOT perfect.

There you go: I personally permit you to make mistakes, to be less than perfect. So maybe that email is going to be so so. Big duh!
Your next one will be fireworks. If you write 10 sentences you can go outside and hug a tree. Or have a nap.

Yes, I give you permission for that as well

Now it's time for your final act of the day: Manifest a New Client

Easy Self-Love Practice 5

Manifest a Client

Before you meet with M., energetically align yourself with her. Close your eyes, see her in front of you.
What does she desire? What does she feel?
What do you feel, what do you desire?
Are you looking forward to working with M. ? 

See if you can step into that happy vibration of having an amazing client who you admire and encourage.
Open your inner communication channels so that you're there for her 100%. Don't make the mistake to try and read her mind when you're so stressed and closed-off that she can't feel you.Don't be so busy with yourself that M.can't connect with you anymore.

Being open and curious is the difference between a YES and a NO.

Have everything ready to take her through your offer. Be prepared.

Guard your boundaries. 

Guarding your boundaries, NOT overgiving, or giving everything for free is an act of self-love. It's incredibly empowering.

▶︎ Are you dealing with someone who is trying to get things for free, finish the call and direct her or him to your free offer.

▶︎ Is she/he more than 10 minutes late? Stop the call, send a message asking them to make a new appointment

▶︎ Do you get an itchy, scary feeling? Don't push your intuition away. Kindly tell them that you might not be the person they need (trust me, I pushed that feeling away twice and it was a total nightmare)

In the Brave Leap Mastermind we dedicate a lot of time to selling. Once you know how to do it, it's a beautiful art.

Oh, yes it definitely works

Listen if you want to take this to the next level, I've got THE place for you. It's called the Brave Leap Mastermind and your ticket to the proven way of growing your business from the inside out. I can talk about it for hours but why don't you try it yourself?

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