Episode 8 Refuse to Hate your Body

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Episode overview

Refuse to hate your body! And why Self-love and Self-acceptance are crucial for your business success

It will take you around 5 minutes to listen to my 'Stop Hating Your Body Plea', but I Promise you it's worth your time 

I have a complex relationship with my body.  Or rather, I USED to have a complicated relation with my body.

And I'm not the only one. In our present Social Media age it's easier to hate your body than to unconditionally love it.

Like many, I have been on every diet out there. My mother told me: 'Stomach in and sit up straight' when I was 2 years old, and from there it was diet after diet. I absolutely hated my body. I tried the 500 calories diet (spinach and steak, no breakfast, no lunch) when I was 13 years old. I can still picture myself at the table, sitting at the dinner table.  
Yes, I even prayed: "Dear God, make me skinny.

I clearly remember going through the teenage magazines and seeing nobody who looked like me. Every girl was skinny, pimple-free, blond and they all had mess-free rooms.

But nowadays when I look at pictures of myself, I see a beautiful girl, with gorgeous shining brown skin, long black hair, and the most beautiful face (and yes, I didn't look anything like the Magazine girls)

Now imagine I had grown up in our present time, with Instagram filters, supermodels and the media's constant focus on perfection. 

It's a recipe for disaster.

It somehow is easier to hate our bodies than to unconditionally love it. I personally know nobody whose body meets the media conditions. Tall, skinny, dimple-free, wrinkle-free. That's because in real life you can't wear a bloody Instagram filter!

So, at 58 my boobs have dropped (so have my ass and belly) my legs are the very opposite of smooth, I have 'old ladies wrinkling skin' everywhere and I categorically Refuse to Dislike it. 

Even though I wish my body looked like I was 28 again (but OMG I was SO unhappy when I was 28 )

Why is Self Love important for entrepreneurs?

Self-love and self-acceptance are crucial for your business success.
You can't expect your clients to like (or love) you when you hate yourself, or even when you simply dislike parts of yourself. Self-love is the antidote for perfectionism, procrastination, not deserving mindset, loneliness (or isolation) shiny object syndrome or imposter syndrome.

That's why I support women entrepreneurs to manifest money doing what they love by loving all themselves.