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Episode overview

Why Successful Entrepreneurs
Practice Self-Love

(and why Every entrepreneur should
Practice Self-Love)

You probably know everything about social media, communication, conversion rates, marketing, etc. Right? 
You took courses, studied, worked on it and it helped you to grow your business.

But do you also study How to Love Yourself No- Matter-What? 

Have you built the genuine confidence and self-worth that makes a business grow, even when your launch didn't go as planned? Did anyone teach you how to feel worthy and enough in every circumstance?

Radical Self-love is the foundation of a successful business. An entrepreneur who loves and values herself All the Time is a true Force of Nature. She's having way more fun, dares to take more 'risks' and makes more money.

How do I know? Well, I teach this to my clients.

Did I Go to some Self-Love School? No! Did I Always Love Myself? ⁣ No Freaking Way! I used the be the Mistress of Self Hate.⁣

How to upgrade your self love as an entrepreneur and practice everyday

There are many things you can do to upgrade your self-love. But you can start with these 3:

1. Awareness once you see and hear how often you tell yourself that you're not worth it, that you can't do this because you are flawed, how often you say horrible things about your body, etc., you cannot go back.

2. Small Daily Actions like putting cream on your hand and look at your hands with soft and loving eyes, raise your prices (yes! that's self-love too) share a selfie and share how beautiful you feel.

3. Dream bigger Do you feel you only deserve 1,000 Euro while in reality you know you deserve 5,000 Euro? Go on do it. Dream bigger 

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