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Episode overview
Why Being Different will Attract Amazing Clients

and Why A Powerful Personal Brand will bring you success

Does your brand already help you get more clients and earn real money? 
Do you know that a  powerful personal brand will lead to epic success. 

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Personal Branding for  Entrepreneurs

Next question

I mean a real PERSONAL brave brand. You're not sure? What is your answer to the following questions.

+ Do you know who your clients are?
Do you know what they truly desire that only YOU can give them?
+ Do you know how to stand out from your peers?
+ Do you have a well-defined niche? A method?
+ Whose go-to person or expert are you?

Does your brand help you to get more clients and earn real money doing what you're obviously good at?  Does it bring you the level of success you long for?

If I wake you up in the middle of the night can you tell me why you are completely different from the other health, wealth, birth, lifestyle, business, wealth . . . etc. coaches?

Do you know what sets you apart from all the other health practitioners, artists, creatives, designers, organizers, social workers, musicians, shamans, photographers, researchers, yoga teachers, actresses, lawyers, chefs, farmers, scientists . . . all the entrepreneurs out there?

Do you know why you are unique and do you capitalize on that uniqueness every day?

Yes? Congratulations! You're rocking it Big Time.

Not yet?

Okay, you're not the only one. In fact, even well known entrepreneurs find it hard to answer these questions. I've asked it thousands of times and it never gets easy.

So, I'm going to help you!  

Keep reading because I'm going to tell you why it's super important but also deeply insightful and transformational to have an Authentic Personal Brand.

I co-created amazing personal and visual brands with hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs and I worked with brands like Air France /KLM and the European Union  - I'm also  former 'all over the place' I'm-not-good-enough-er. 

Yes, I know what I'm talking about.


Let's start with defining what personal branding is not.

A Personal Brand is not your logo, website, font or brand colors. That is your visual Identity.

A personal brand is a way to consciously differentiate yourself from your peers. It's a carefully crafted way to stand out. Never a way to diminish others - because that's the old way of entrepreneurship where you see other entrepreneurs as the enemy.  Very 1980! -,  but it's an opportunity to leverage your uniqueness and make yourself unforgettable.

In short: an impactful effective personal brand is like giving your business a superheroes suit and a pair of gigantic powerful wings!

Why is building a Personal Brand different when you are a Powerful female entrepreneur?

Because brave people are fiercely bright, very sensitive and gloriously multi-passionate and talented.

You most likely had at least 5 completely different fields of study. Your resume looks like the work of 6 different people and your learning curve is super steep. You completely forget half of what you studied.

What is your Achilles heel?

- Feeling like a fraud (ev-er-y-one can do this! )
- Overwhelm (I can't do that, it's too much!)
- Fear (It's so imperfect, they will hate it, they will make fun of me, I need to study more, what will happen when I fail, I'm to thin/old/young/fat/blond/dark, what if they find . . . about me, I just can't see it happening, my dream is stupid, I am stupid too . . .

okay, I guess you get it.


And the Biggest Achilles heel of all:

I don't belong. I'm different. I'm always the odd-one-out.

Now, are you ready for this?
Your differentness is actually is your biggest asset. Remember? It's all about consciously differentiate yourself. Once you understand how to capitalize your uniqueness you stand out from the crowd and that's were you belong.

Yes, it's called personal branding because ONCE you truly understand that humongous power you have AND dare to leverage that uniqueness - that you thought was a weakness up till now - you have taken full responsibility for yourself.

What I teach entrepreneurs - who always feel the odd-one-out -  is to step into that light they already are.

You and your soul clients

Your soul clients are those very special people that will recognize you as the person who they can benefit from. Once you know who they are (and this is beautiful process in itself) being an entrepreneur will be so much easier. Because you will know what to say, how to communicate with the voice your soul clients needs to hear.

Leading by example

A radically authentic brave personal brand requires vulnerability. The more open and clear you dare to be the more impact you have.

Never tell people what to do from your safe 'You Can't Touch Me' seat. Share your why, your difficulties, your road, and Lead by Example. We all need people who are brave enough to share from a place of vulnerability.

Your audience will love a woman who knows her worth. There is nothing MORE APPEALING than a woman who owns her uniqueness.

It's not the average pretty girls who make it in the long run. It's the ones who took full responsibility. They are changing the world. Think about Oprah, Malala, and all the women who went through hardship and lead by example.

They own their light, their power, and uniqueness. Their personal brand is 'Being their Real Self'. They didn't wait for someone else to save them.

And this is why courage is required.

I used to wait for permission and for someone else to save me. I tried to hide behind my computer for years. Until I decided that success and hiding are like water and fire. Yes, I know all the fears from the inside out!

I take responsibility every day. Again and again. I fail. I win. I take big leaps of faith. It's not always easy. Really believe me. It's hard sometimes. But I got guidance, I invest in myself and my business and I created a huge change in the lives of entrepreneurs.

The reward is So Incredibly Big. If you want to create change. You need to become visible!

Because Being Different will Attract Amazing Clients