January 15, 2024 1:28 pm

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

The Power of Authentic Emotional Marketing 

The Full Guide To The Love-based Way of Growing an Aligned Fanbase for your Brand and Offers.

Do you want to learn how to touch the hearts of your soul audience? To make them laugh? Or cry? Do you want them to buy your offers because they trust you?

Wonderful. Because that's what I teach my clients. And now you can learn this too. 

Over the years I have received many emails and messages from people who shared that I had made them cry and  how grateful they were for those tears.

Why were they grateful? Because my words made them feel like they were not the only ones. They felt seen, validated and accepted. My words had stirred an emotion. I might even say that I have built an audience based on mutual emotions, tears and vulnerability.  

Authentic emotional marketing goes deeper than the familiar traditional - often fear and shame based advertising techniques.  It's also much more fun! That's a promise.

1. Emotional Marketing What is it?

Emotions are a powerful tool in marketing. By understanding how emotions work and how to authentically evoke them, you can create impactful marketing that will do the work for you.

  1. Word of warning
    This is not for everyone. It's for entrepreneurs who value authenticity and are willing to organically grow a deep connection with their audience. Emotional Marketing is not the fast, bro-marketing, patriarchal type of selling. Instead, it's all about connecting, vulnerability and having the courage to show up as the Real You.
  2. Refuse to be fake
    Emotional Marketing is for you when you refuse to be fake or sell anything fake. It is a powerful tool to connect with your audience on a deep level.  
  3. Long term connection
    If you're an entrepreneur who values deep authentic and meaningful relationships with their audience you should embrace emotional marketing. Connecting on an emotional level fosters loyalty, trust, and long-term engagement.
    And yes, it will lead to sustainable business growth.
  4. How to do it and step away from information marketing
    Let's explore the basics of emotional marketing, how to stop being middle of the road and set up your marketing authentically so that you can influence your audience and show that you understand them.
  5. How to raise your emotion awareness
    By becoming aware of emotional triggers you can craft messages that evoke emotions in your clients. Sometimes that's very obvious like uplifting music, warm colors, and positive language (and evoke feelings of happiness and optimism). Alternatively, stark imagery, urgent language, and a serious tone to evoke feelings of empowerment and action taking.

2. Is Emotional Marketing Manipulative?

Nope, this is not about manipulation. It's a way to leverage your understanding of human psychology, your soul audience and of yourself.

You bundle it all to communicate more effectively. By evoking the right emotions, you can help your audience understand why a product or service is valuable, and how it can enhance their lives. 

3. Basics of Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing  creates a strong connection and ultimately influences the buying decisions of your audience. But you can only successfully do this when you understand the emotional triggers, their desires, fears, hopes and past experiences of your audience - as well as your own

Instead of 'just sell something' you tailor all your marketing messages as well as your brand and personal style to resonate with the desires, pain points, and aspirations of your soul audience.

► In short: if you make your money with dropshipping this is not going to work. But when your offers are 100% client based, if you're all about serving, empowering, inspiring, uplifting and impacting: this is for you.

4. Let's start with the 4 Main Emotions

Emotions are complex and diverse, let's starts with the four primary emotions that entrepreneurs often focus on: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. These emotions are powerful drivers of consumer behavior and can be leveraged to create impactful marketing campaigns.

If you want to connect heart, soul and mind while connecting with your audience, it's essential to understand the full spectrum of the emotions. 

a. Happiness in Emotional Marketing
  •  Happiness
    Happiness campaigns conjure up good feelings, joy, and happiness (hello Coca Cola and every snack-a-way restaurant) Happiness is a powerful way to connect with your clients because enthusiasm is contagious. It’s one reason, for example, why positive business taglines create stronger brand identities, compared to negative taglines. (But sometimes negative taglines work miracles too: make sure you're start The Real You for free to get the in's and out's.

    (text continues UNDER the image) 

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  • How to use happiness in your marketing today
    Highlight the positive impact your product or service has had on customers' lives through testimonials and success stories.

b. Sadness in your Emotional Marketing Strategies
  • Sadness
    I know you don't want to, but marketing that makes your people feel sad is powerful. You might wonder why any company would intentionally break the hearts of their audience. But sad stories that are relatable will make you unforgettable. Creating sadness can persuade people to act. But only when you offer a solution.  

    Sadness doesn't always have to be huge and deep. It can also be a left behind puppy that needs a new carer or "Are you sad Christmas is over? Here is our secret christmas tree, for 365 days of feeling cozy and happy"
  • How to use sadness in your marketing today:
    Acknowledge the pain points and challenges your audience faces, offering your brand as a solution that can bring relief and improvement.

  • IMPORTANT: Knowing your audience like the back of your hand is paramount here. And I don't mean the boring Client Avatar. I mean entering any restaurant and immediately being aware of who 'your people' are.
c. Fear in Emotional Marketing
  • Fear is incredibly powerful when it comes to selling.
    "Buy this door bell, because thieves are everywhere. For only 1.000 euros we protect your ass."

    "You're getting older, you can break all your bones. Buy these special shoes."

    But it's also: "Doors are closing in 10 minutes, join now or lose forever" or "If you don't stop smoking this will happen."

    "Are you shouting to your children because you're too tired. Here are the 10 long term consequences that you can expect."

    Bro-marketeers (the moustache -, and the lipstick ones) sometimes use fear and pain to inflict FOMO, the fear of missing out. "Look everyone, we're having such a great time, if you don't join now you're missing out big time."

    However, used with moderation fear can be used authentically. 
  • Change:
    "Are you shouting to your children because you're too tired. Here are the 10 long-term consequences that you can expect."
  • Into: 
    "I know you're exhausted. But can we talk? When you keep shouting at your children there are 10 long-term consequences that you can expect. So I want to give you 5 steps that will help you and your loved ones today."
  • This is how you can address fear in your marketing today: Alleviate concerns and anxieties by showcasing the safety, reliability, and trustworthiness of your program or service. Taking away the fear by addressing fears is very powerful.

    If you want to learn more you're about using fear in marketing and not miss out on getting 10 clients each month you're going to find it out for FREE here  (can you see what I did there? :-)

d. Anger and disgust in Emotional Marketing
  • Anger and disgust
    Yes, both are negative emotions, but - if used in a good way can provoke positive reactions. Every 'Stop the war', 'Close-down animal testing' 'Stop Killing the Earth' campain is based on anger.
  • Anger is powerful.
    In general I would advise you to only use it when you're someone who fully understands the power of anger. Otherwise: it's a no for you. And if that upsets you, you might do some inner work here - or tell me I'm having it all wrong -

    Using anger in your marketing today:
    Identify common frustrations within your target audience and position your brand as a catalyst for change and empowerment. 

3. Ready to start playing with Emotional Marketing? Here is the Emotions wheel.

  • When tapping into a wide array of emotions you deepen your message and balance between uplifting frequencies and shadow emotions like fear and anger. In balancing these emotions you find the sacred keys to authentic persuasion and connecting to the soul of your brand.

4. How to use the Feelings Wheel to authentically evoke emotions.

Gloria Wilcox's feelings wheel is a comprehensive tool that helps identify and express emotions. It categorizes emotions into six main categories: angry, strong, sad, happy, scared, and calm.

This wheel - that is created to study your own emotions and can be a godsend when you're neurodivergent -  also serves as an invaluable resource when we want to infuse our marketing with emotions. If you - like me, and most of my clients - are experiencing lots of emotions yourself it gives you perspective to tailor your campaigns and align with specific emotional nuances.

Keep reading for an example

5. Emotions are physiological and psychological responses to stimuli.

  • As you know by now, emotions are complex physiological and psychological responses to stimuli. They play a significant role in decision-making and can heavily influence consumer behavior.
  • By understanding how emotions work, you can strategically craft messages that evoke the desired emotional response.
  • Please read this again: this is where strategy, emotions, marketing and being of service connect!
  • Emotions are complex responses that involve both our bodies and our minds. They are triggered by certain stimuli, which can be anything from a physical threat to a thought or memory. Physiologically, emotions can even cause changes in heart rate, breathing, and even hormone levels.
  • ✔︎ The dog that runs away while a car approaches
  • Psychologically, they can affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • ✔︎ I like the movie. This message makes me angry. This sound makes me calm, let me sit down an drink this lovely tea from this wonderful pink cup.

6. People choose based on Emotions over Information

In the context of decision making: "Will I buy this program yes or no?", emotions are incredibly important.

  1. ✔︎ Research has shown that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions.
  2. ✔︎ Emotions also influence whether people share content online, how they rate products and services, and even how loyal they are to a brand.
  3. ✔︎ Now, this is important: We often think that people only share our content because they like us. But in reality they share because they are impacted by it.
  4. ✔︎ If a client-to -be feels happy when they think about your brand, they are more likely to purchase from your brand, recommend it to others, and stay loyal to it over time.
    On the other hand, if a consumer feels angry or frustrated when they think about a brand, they are likely to avoid it and even discourage others from using it.

This is why understanding how emotions work is so crucial for entrepreneurs who want 10 clients - or more - each month. Did you already signed up for it?

7. Why sharing information and emotional marketing are two completely different approaches to client attraction.

Sharing information focuses on providing factual details about a product or service. Emotional marketing aims to evoke feelings and connect with the audience on a deeper level.

 So while you might FEEL many emotions and created your offer with all the love in the world, your audience might NOT FEEL IT ALL.

I know! Ouch.

So let's find out the difference.


  • Your Soul Audience 
    Women who never finished college and - even though they are very bright - feel that they have to fight harder to proof themselves. They are actively seeking some sort of personal growth and self-improvement.
  • You: A life coach specializing in personal development with a background in education. When you were younger you experienced deep shame because your entire family has multiple degrees and you 'only' finished college.  
  • Your Offer: A 12-week personal development course.

  • ► TEXT USING Informational Marketing

    NLP Empowerment Training 

    "Our 12-week course includes weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, access to a library of resources, and a personalized growth plan."

  • yep, kind of boring. 
  • Informational marketing is straightforward and factual, while emotional marketing is evocative and aspirational.
    This might include a screenshot of your program and a list of course features

  • 🔥 Let's make this better with emotional marketing
  • We start with an image that FEELS like the opposite of someone who experiences shame and who is fighting to proof herself. Use images that appeal to your soul client (preferably someone who even resembles your soul clients) celebrating their achievements.

The Boost! Drop the Shame and Ignite your Flame 

 "After a lifetime of feeling neglected and feeling fustrated it's time to break free from feeling rejected. Learn to embrace your true potential and feel worthy and confident.

With this course, you'll gain not just an optimistic perception of yourself, but also a community of passionate people, and a personalized journey towards self-improvement.

Because you're worth it! 

Imagine a fully transformed life in 12 weeks from now. 

8. Did you see what just happened? The emotions are in charge of this text! Did you click the button?

Take a look at the Feelings Wheel and Let's break down the Emotional Marketing text:

"After a lifetime of feeling neglected (sad) and feeling fustrated (anger) it's time to break free from feeling rejected (sad). Learn to embrace your true potential and feel worthy and confident (power) With this course, you'll gain not just an optimistic perception of yourself (calm), but also a community of passionate people (happy) and a personalized journey towards self-improvement because you're worth it (power). Imagine a fully transformed life in 12 weeks (calm/optimistic)

► The difference in text and tone of voice is evident. 

The emotional marketing approach feels empowering, personal. If you do this right, your audience will feel seen and understood by you.

9. How to Set Up Your Emotional Marketing Authentically

  1. a. Know Your Soul Audience like the back of your hand:
    Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience. Research their preferences, desires, pain points, and aspirations to develop personalized marketing messages.
  2. b.Tell Compelling Stories:
    Craft narratives that resonate with your target audience's emotions and experiences. Share stories of failure, success, testimonials, or relatable situations to create an emotional connection.
  3. c. Empathize and Create Trust:
    Show genuine empathy for your audience and their challenges. Address their pain points directly and establish your brand as an authentic and trustworthy solution. 
  4. d. Leverage Authenticity: Be transparent and genuine in your marketing. If you expect vulnerability from your clients be vulnerable yourself. Avoid manipulating emotions for short-term gains, as this can damage your brand's reputation. (but you know that, right?)

    Instead, focus on building long-term relationships based on trust and emotional resonance.

    Now here's the good news, you don't have to do it alone.

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    I'm also a multi-6 figures entrepreneur who has worked with over 4.000 wonderfully weird clients as well as with Fortune 500 companies.

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