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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Doubts, Concerns and Questions. Is The Real You sisterhood The Place for me?

I’ve been receiving some fantastic questions about The Real You Sisterhood. Your curiosity and concerns are valid, and I appreciate your openness. I'm sharing them with you as well. Because I get it!

There is NO solution out there that resembles The Real You sisterhood. That can make it challenging to relate.

Or as someone shared with me:

"The longer I observe the biz coaching/advisory market the more I am convinced that The Real You is completely unique."

Click on the image below to download the PDF with all the Q's and A's about the Real You Sisterhood
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1. Is The Real You sisterhood like B-School from Marie Forleo? 

Dear Esther,

After having studied many programs in the coaching and business area and having been disappointed many times I've grown apprehensive.

Why is The Real You different from programs like B-school with Marie Forleo or buying templates on Etsy?

A. That is an excellent question. Thank you.

The Real You is not a branding or marketing program. it's a process that will meet you "where you are'. If you are a starter, your process will differ from that of a fellow Real You member with a fully booked calendar.

If you feel shame, happiness, or anger about anything that will impact your process. If you are taking care of a sick relative that will have an impact

Because you are unique. Your brain, experience, triggers, self-confidence, etc. are uniquely yours. Your Zone of Genius is unique. The way you see the world around you is unique.

And The Real You will help you to see, love, and embrace YOUR uniqueness, instead of pushing you into the box with One Solution for ALL.

*omg I'm getting goosebumps writing this. Can you feel it?

The process we're rolling out results from years of research and testing. It's unique (like you) and it works.

I'm here for you so that you can fully see your gold, your uniqueness, as a perfect diamond, instead of a mistake wrapped in shame and fear that needs to be repaired.

It won't be 'the average' gold. But once shame, fear, and isolation have left the building you are officially irresistible!

Now, the practical solutions, like your ChatGPT agent, your brand, the captions, etc. are there to make things easy for you. I know that my people - myself included - can get stuck in studying. The tools will get you rolling.

So, that's a lot of words for: The Real You is completely different than most marketing programs because I don't do: One Size Fits All. And because I can see The Real You. You won't be alone or a faceless figure in a sea of sameness.

X Esther

2. I don't know my Zone of Genius will The Real You sisterhood change that?

Dear Esther,

I'm struggling to pinpoint what my zone of genius is and how to make it into a profitable business. So I don't know if The Real You is for me.

A. Almost everybody finds it hard to pinpoint their Zone of Genius. Even when they think they've got it. 

That's why I'm here. You're a living being. You get new insights every day. You're evolving!

Do you know that until a couple of months ago I thought that everybody could look at data and immediately see patterns and connections?

I genuinely thought: This is easy for everyone!! If I can do it, they also can do this. I told people: just go to a Facebook group and connect the dots and you're ready!

My clients worked so hard but couldn't connect the dots, so until now I did that for my 1 -1 clients. But now I have created the process that will get you there and that will connect the dots step by step.

Can you see how hugely important it is? Your Zone of Genius is not only important for you! It's important for everyone who is connected to you.

So yes!! yes, yes! The Real You is 100% for you. Let's pinpoint your Zone of Genius.
X Esther

3. I don't want the Canva templates. Is The Real You sisterhood still interesting for me?

Dear Esther,

I don't need the design part but I do want to figure out why I keep missing out on clients. But that's more strategy and I don't know if that is part of it The Real You.

A. That's such a great question. 

You're not the only one who doesn't need branding, design, or Canva. (for instance, because they are designers themselves).

But they do want the strategy, they do want answers to "I just don't get why people are not signing up" or to "I feel invisible'. Because 9 out of 10 times the answer can be found in themselves rather than in a practical solution.

So yes, 100% part of The Real You

x Esther

4. I don't want the Canva templates. Is The Real You sisterhood still interesting for me?

Dear Esther,

I'm in a business program that helps me to set up new offers. They told me to find my ideal client avatar. But nothing seems to fit. Will The Real You be a place for me?

A. Aaaaaah! The Ideal client avatar is so not working.
I can't believe people are still using it. The thing is that The Client and You are integrally linked. It's like a huge switchboard.

For instance: finding your Gold, your Zone of Genius is connected to HOW your audience perceives you.

If you are 100% in love with the way you can give super simple advice about healthy food you will attract an audience that is searching high and low for your easy food advice.

But as long as you think that your advice is only valid when you make it content and data-heavy: you will lose that audience.!!!

So you and your audience are like a scale, you are connected. Client attraction with The Right Audience only works when they are connected to the REAL you.

So, again  many words for: Oh Yes! absolutely!

X Esther

5. I don't know if I need The Real You sisterhood. Can I just NOT communicate?

Dear Esther.

I'm someone who likes to make things with my hands rather than talking about it. I'm not sure if The Real You will actually work for me."

A. Do I have the most amazing tool for you! 

We're rolling it out. Right now! It's ready in July.

You are not the only one without words!!

That's why I'm creating your own ChatGPT agent!! It's so awesome.

I will help you fill it with all your existing content. You get prompts: you click the button and Boom: there is your text.

You add that to the monthly posts (just add images of your art and life in there and trust me: people will see you.

What I do is give you the tools to share your stories without spending hours and hours on something that bores you into craziness.

Trust me: my autistic brain hates doing things it is not interested in. I get it! So: easy solutions: in a couple of clicks. So that you can do things with your hands.

Does that help? X Esther

6.  I want it ALL Deep AND Easy

Dear Esther,

I've been in a program with you before and loved it so much. I have tried programs that were profound but didn't provide any technical and practical solution and the other way around.

I want a solution for my marketing struggles that is both easy and deep. I know it's a bit weird maybe. But that's why I'm still thinking.

A. I've got Deep AND Easy for you 

Do I hear you!! Since finding out how my brain works I have been working on a way to make things EASY and not-complicated for my audience.

That is why it's only 4 steps:

  1. Find your Zone of Genius: everything that makes you unique and irresistible.

  2. Discover your Soul Audience: find out so much about YOUR people that it will feel like you know them better than they know themselves (this is also where you find all the good things like brand archetypes and temperaments. . . it's magical)

  3. Implement your Made for You brand in your social media and marketing

  4. Your monthly social media and marketing: every month new captions, and templates that you create in 4 hours for the entire month.

Now, here comes the magic.

Yes, you go through your Zone of Genius and Soul Audience by yourself. Because you deserve your own pace. But I'm there for you. You can ask me your questions and because I can see YOU, I open doors for you (that otherwise would remain firmly shut)

I will help you deal with shame and old voices because all I want for you is to be Who you Really Are (and get clients)

So yes, it's both Very Easy and Seriously deep. Does that help?

X Esther

7.  I'm not sure about the other women in The Real You sisterhood

Dear Esther,

The Real You looks very interesting. But I'm not sure if the other women in The Sisterhood are at the level I'm at.

A. Thank you for this important question. 

I'm well aware that most programs 'measure' you based on your success. If you're a new business owner: you go to the beginner's group. If you make 1 million you go to the Epic Circle.

It's a bit like school.

And it's an old system based on money as the prime measure of your worth.

There are many ways to 'measure a person': Life experience. Education. Your Energy. The way you light up a room, etc, etc.

The sisterhood is there to inspire each other based on Who You Really are. A person with 3 PhDs in history and physics (and 1 client) is just as valuable as someone with 50 clients. That weirdo pyramid story where income is the measure of success is old and fear-induced.

Sharing knowledge, connecting, being seen, appreciated, and hugged (or waved at) are incredibly powerful for everyone growing a business.

That said: I'm all for you having the best clients! And I can promise you that when you feel good about all of you everything will become so much more easy for everyone!

Does that help?
X Esther

8.   What happens when I wait and join  The Real You sisterhood later?

Dear Esther,

I just don't have a lot of time right now. But in two months I'm ready to go all in on my marketing. I just wait till I'm ready.

  • A. Sure you can wait. It's your 100% decision. But I do feel I must make you aware of what a lifetime The Real You entails.

     A. Can I inspire and inform you with some numbers? 

    If you want to grow your business at a faster rate with more consistent growth you need support. This is what you need:
  • A. ✔︎ A virtual assistant - a VA - without a background in design, psychology, copywriting, persuasion, and marketing always needs your input, texts, ideas, and time. They create what you tell them to create.
  • A VA will cost you anything between 500 euros and 2.000 euros each month. For that money, they will be able to create on average 10 to 30 posts each month, which might or might not work.
  • VA: Let's go for 500 euros/ month
  • B. ✔︎ If you want your marketing to work you need to hire someone to help you with your marketing plan. Or you become a member of a marketing program (that is not 100% focused on an ADHD/autistic/sensitive/multi-passionate and/or uber-smart woman like you
  • marketing strategy: Let's settle at 200 euros /month
  • C. ✔︎ An experienced brand designer will ask between 1.000 and 9.000 euros (and up) for a brand. Maybe they add some extras like a brand book. Maybe not.
  • brand designer. Let's go for 200 euros/month
  • D. ✔︎ You want good copy that uses psychology and real connection. Maybe you're really good at this. And maybe not. There are several great programs out there and there are amazing copywriters that can cost anything from 1.900 euros for a program without any support to 1.000 euros each month.
  • copy. How about we price that 100 euros/ month?
  • TOTAL COST for your marketing support is 1.000 euros each month

     that's 12.000 euros for a year 

But you get all of this for 2.250 euros 

And for that investment, you get a Marketing Fairy (me) WITH a firm background in design, psychology, persuasion, and marketing who will create 20 to 40 posts AND templates for you every month.

That fairy (me) also designs your brand, brand books, and planning board, writes your captions and prompts, and will also guide, empower, and inspire you!

And she can see YOU (the REAL you) and she will spend 7 hours with you. Every month And she hosts a sisterhood with people who understand you.

Now imagine that you get that for a lifetime. (just bear with me  Let's say you have been active in the sisterhood for 3 years.

In those 3 years do you get

  • 36 truly epic Social Media templates with social media planners
  • 252 hours of support so that every time you get stuck you will be able to move forward.
  • 36 months of connectedness and growth with your sisterhood
  • 36 months of your own ChatGPT agent (that no doubt will improve all the time)
  • 36 months of continuously attracting the clients you love
  • etc. etc.

And you get it for 2.250 euros

(instead of 36.000 euros if you had to purchase the support separately)

Just to be clear: it's still 100% your decision if you want to wait. But I just wanted to lay out the numbers for you.

X Oh my!! That's a lot of text. Let me know if that helps!!


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