It’s December! Write your Love List

Answer this It is December ...

A. Do I freak out because I'm not where I envisioned to be one year ago?


B. Do I acknowledge all the things I have learned, achieved, helped with and give myself a lot of love?

May I suggest you choose B?

I almost fell in the trap of A.

Oh...My...God I still not where I want to be.

But then I decided to refuse going down that ugly pathway.

Seriously? Why should we belittle and diminish ourselves?

It makes no sense.

You have changed lives this year.

How do I know? Because you did.

* You smiled at a stranger who hadn't had seen a kind face all day.

* You helped someone who really needed that.

* You took at least one scary decision and followed through.

If you want to move forward you NEED to give yourself credit for every little step. You NEED to acknowledge what you already accomplished. You NEED to feed yourself with ample love and gratitude.I nearly forgot what I accomplished this year.

We Wonderfully Weird women are way too good at forgetting what we did because our mind is set on yet another adventure. Done that....NEXT!

This is my list (read it carefully, because I want you to make a list like this too)

* I have given 5 amazing Gloriously Imperfect Art Days.

* I have cried because I was tired and sad and didn't give up.

* I inspired people to radically change their life.

* I have written posts for no other reason than to inspire people.

* I spent a lot of time taking care of my father.

* I wrote The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual (and sold thousands of copies!).

* I made a mistake (to be honest I failed epically and made tons of mistakes).

* I decided to enforce my business and invested time, love, attention and money in an international Mastermind group (and changed my business and life in a big way!)

* I came out as a Soul Whisperer with special gifts (and got 41 new clients because of that!)

* I made a stranger laugh.

* I cleaned our house (okay not very often, but still...)

* I started The Soul Whisperers Circle (and the women in the Circle are co-creating dreams and change lives)

* I've given it my all to make sure my son could go to the Waldorf school of his dreams.

* I created art that nourished my soul.

* I got help getting over my fear of speaking about myself. And delivered a speech while crying (and didn't run away).

* I have been afraid, embraced the emotion and than did it anyway.

* I 've had many encounters with The Muse, and felt deep gratitude for my gifts.


Take at least five minutes and write your Love List. Hold it close. Print it out and read it often.It might be the most important thing you do this Month.

With love and a gazilion sparkles of bright light

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is a self-love advocate and business and branding strategist. A speaker, author, soul whisperer, and the founder of the Brave Movement that teaches women entrepreneurs to build a business based on self-love, radical self-acceptance, and true confidence. Featured in Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Thrive Global, Esther is the founder of the Self Love Success Follow Esther at Instagram | Facebook

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