Creativity elevates your visibility

Every thought of you is an expression of unique creativity. It’s up to you to steer those expressions into the best possible direction.

Having your creativity in top-notch condition is vital for a successful business. And since it’s my mission to align soulful women entrepreneurs with their creative magic, I have asked the cards for some extra guidance.

1. Ask yourself: “How will creativity help me and my business to become more visible and better connected to my tribe.“

2. Write down the color Red, Yellow or Blue you feel instant connection with when you reflect on the question and write it under this post.


7th Chakra, Crown Chakra -> manifesting intention -> reaching universal consciousness.


This is how creativity will help you and your business to be more visible and connected to your tribe.
You are on your way! And it’s time for the next step. As a Creative Soul you feel strongly about wrong and right. You tend you see things black and white.

Maybe there are strong (moral) likes and dislikes that keep you from showing yourself to the world.
But what if you unite both worlds? What would happen if you unite the black and the white? Do you dare to look beyond those dislikes and see what’s holding you back?

Think about this: Are you willing to make the sacrifices it takes to have what you desire? Is it time to take the risk?

Think about a time you truly fought for something and won. Let that feeling of triumph filter through your body.
Think about all your likes and dislikes. Visualize them as your personal Council of Spirits. Make your request to them.

Give it some time. If it’s for the highest good of all they tell you their decision. Make a bow and thank them for their wise council.


2nd Chakra-> manifesting intention -> your emotions and how you relate to them.


This is how creativity will help you and your business to be more visible and connected to your tribe.
You are passionate about where you are at this moment in your business! You’re following your instincts and that’s exactly what you should do.

You are following the authentic road. But sometimes you ponder on blending in because standing out all the the time can be demanding and scary.
But this card shows creative focus. The ability, to ignite the passion you need to manifest what you desire, is there for you.

Think about this: Can I focus my emotions in such a way they give me the discipline I need to create what I truly want.
Find your greatest strength. Don’t take this lightly it might be something different than you think at first. Close your eyes think about your business, your brand. Does it represent you, does it mirrors you and your passion?

If you’re the kind of person who gets easily distracted, this is the time where you make a conscious decision to stay on the road of focus. Use something orange as a visual reminder to stay on track.


7th Chakra, Crown Chakra -> manifesting intention -> reaching universal consciousness.


See yourself. You possess a power you do not yet understand. This may feel daunting. Especially when you’re afraid of failing. Or when there is this inner voice that says you could do better, that it’s not perfect yet.

When you hear that voice you might even decide to quit all together. This card is about taking responsibility for what you stand for. Let go of blame, clear the debris and move on.
You cannot hide and shine at the same time. Think about this: Am I ready to face my past and fears and work on letting go?

Find something you frequently say you will do…. ‘One Day’: draw something, sing a song, saw a bag,… Something that’s on your ‘Later when I have time’ list.
The fact that it is still on your list probably means that fear has gotten in the way. Take a couple of minutes and visualize a kind, yet powerful, storm that cleans all the fears that stand between you and visibility. Than pick 1 item from your ‘Later when I’m grown up‘ list and do it in 5 minutes. Choose action over being perfect.

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I'm Esther de Charon

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Branding Queen, a business strategist, transformational business coach and a very Wonderfully Weird ADHD star. She's a bestselling author of books like the The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual'. Her business is founded in over 25 years of intensive branding and marketing experience with Fortune 500 brands as well as the European Union, Museums, Air France /KLM, and NGOs.
Esther channels information from Source. She can hear the whispers of souls, nature and ancestors and bend energy (and if you're Wonderfully Weird you can probably do this too)

As the founder of the Wonderfully Weird movement that transforms, inspires, and supports wonderfully weird entrepreneurs to NEVER FIT IN AGAIN. And instead build their - very profitable - brand, marketing, using their unique powers, while navigating the obstacles and difficulties of trying to fit in for years.

She's feeling very fortunate to be Abe's mother and Rik's wife (and the servant of Marie and Leeloo (yes, cats)

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