My non-affiliated Marie Forleo B-School Review update 2017

Update February 1, 2017
Two years ago I wrote this non-affiliated review of Marie Forleo B-School
It has been read by many people who were going back and forth:
B-School Yes or B-School No.

I'm going to help you decide! 

Keep reading. 

Even today my non-affiliated review still feels 100% spot on. The community around B-School still is my family. They are my friends, confidants, clients, and the people I co-operate and communicate with on a daily basis.

Without this family I would never had have the audacity to write The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual, write my blogs for the Huffington Post.  I would never have worked with women from all over the world in my Flow Masterminds.

And I would never had have so much fun with my fellow B-school friends from the Netherlands (We're the Goldies :-) meeting Elizabeth Gilberts in Amsterdam. 

And I would never had the Best Weekend with my B-School Goldie friends ! 

I know several people - also in the Netherlands - have a 'sort of the same' approach as B-School.  Maybe that works for you - especially when you feel uncomfortable using another language than your own - but you might never get the amount of knowledge and world wide community as you get in your B-School family. 

If you ever felt the desire to cross borders (or your own inner obstacles :-) meet global entrepreneurs and want to know what miracles happen to you once you've take the Big Step, go on and read the review.

Let's keep in touch, especially if you are a bright, sensitive, multi-passionate entrepreneurial woman and you want to master your creativity and bring flow (back) in your business and life.  Get your Free Boost your Flow Toolkit if you want inspiration to kick in!

Enjoy, X Esther

My Marie Forleo B-School Tips and Tricks for
Bright, Sensitive Women
- who might be Multi-Passionate as well -

And how to get the most out of your investment.

I will share my do’s and don’ts. Because I know creativity and innovation are your magic power. But I also know that your magic comes with some heavy duty pitfalls

#1 How to avoid comparison and / or jealousy

Once the training starts you wil become part of a gi-normous group of fellow b-schoolers. There will be a tsunami of beautiful images, happy smiling faces, websites, ideas – like that one you had years ago, but never followed through – .

You will feel deflated if you follow everything that goes on.

Here’s what you do:

Find a small group. Either by profession or interest, local or national. I’m in the Dutch group, and that is the most amazingly supporting bunch of people!

Stay of Facebook every day for at least 3 hours. (more about that at the procrastination avoidance part.)

Mentally cheer everybody on. Don’t be mean with your praises. BUT if you feel jealousy just stop. And ask yourself: “what can I learn from this person? What is she doing differently? Is there a lesson to learn”?

#2. How to deal with perfectionism

In the midst of all those eager busy bees, you want to stand out. I get that!

So you want to be perfect!


Here’s what you do:
Over and over you will hear: “Start before you’re ready” Listen and just do it. It’s a school, you know. You can fail (you have to fail!) over and over again.

I for once, was convinced my ideal customer was a 25 year professional city girl, who wanted to be happy! Wrong! Next was the busy mother who wanted to excel in her online business.

Wrong again!

But because I once had heard Marie Forleo tell about a student who had it wrong, once, twice and BAM!, the third ideal customer was spot on!, I kept on going.

Until I realised my ideal client was the client I had worked with for over 12 years: the bright, sensitive, multi-passionate woman who wants to shine, succeed and life a full creative life.

I also switched from Dutch to English, back to Dutch, before I decided on English. And yes, my English is not perfect :-)

IF I had listened to my perfectionism, I would still sit in front of my computer.

Paralysed by fear.

And you would not have known if B-School was for you, or not. And my amazing creative clients would never have found me. And I might still be in that Big Building!

#3. How to avoid resistance

I promise you, you will be pissed of from time to time. Heavy duty resistance will overpower you.

Here’s what you do:
Use that feeling of resistance! It means you’re touching something that needs transforming.

Don’t be a grumpy old meanie – “really does she expect me to call that former client and ask her how she feels about me, I’m just not doing it” – , just try it out.

You even might like it.

#4. How to avoid procrastination and overwhelm

Okay, this extra special. Here’s what you do:

1. Make time in your schedule. EVERY DAY. Give yourself 1 or 2 days off.
Let it sink in, Do some day dreaming. Draw, visualize, go crazy! (Get my Boost your Flow Toolkit! for extra fast result!

2. Work in uninterrupted blocks of time, like 9 to 12 a.m. No email, no phone, no social media (no peaking, or you’ll be lost!)

3. Find an accountability partner. Someone you can trust, have a laugh with, and is stern enough to say: “okay, let’s get back to business!

If you miss 1 day, don’t give in. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, well I missed this day, nobody will miss me if I’m not there next week.

Because you’re right. If you don’t reach out and connect. Nobody will miss you.

This ain’t High School! This is not some hobby course. It’s about being a business owner.

Will I know everything there is to know after B-School?

You will have learn a lot (also depending on the amount of time and effort you’ve put into it).

When you proceed and get the hang of that online business thing, – and given yourself some well deserved rest – 1:1 guidance might help you. Or being in a Mastermind where you get proper guidance

So much will happen to you in those intens 8 weeks. Once the dust has settled you might feel, it’s time to take the Really Big Next Step and find yourself a coach who will help you.

Many of my clients  did B-School first and continued to work with me later. Go check out my services and see if we might be a good fit.

It's important to understand that entrepreneurship means lifelong learning and development. If you don't love the learning you might think long and hard about becoming an entrepreneur. 

Is B-school some Get Rich Quick Scam?

I know, these are the ugly questions. But I would like to answer them for you. If you let me.
If you mean ‘Will I get rich, happy, beautiful, thin and extremely loved in 8 weeks?’ I have to disappoint you. You have to work your purty little butt off in those 8 weeks.

If you want to know: “Is Marie Forleo in it, just so she can get hold of your precious money?” I cannot be clear enough. She’s not.
I truly believe it’s Marie Forleo’s life’s mision to help business-owners built the business of their dreams.

And yes, she makes a huge amount of money. Don’t you love it when a young woman creates a profitable business, is a huge influence to a Big Group of entrepreneurs and hangs out with the likes of Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey?

By the way Marie Forleo also employes an impressively dedicated and enthusiastic staff, shares loads of free stuff, and Pays it Forward big time.

Are the B-School affiliates just in it for the money?

There some excellent affiliates – no, I’m not an affiliate for the affiliates :-). As far as I know, they are truly proud affiliates, who did B-School a couple of years ago, and became hugely successful.

Some are truly awesome, some are ….well not so awesome…

Check them out carefully. There are a lot of affiliates, and you can learn a lot from them (some of them offer very (very!) shiny objects.)

Remember that their stuff is extra. Check out their websites, how do they feel, what is their value to you? If you can’t decided ask around.

You can always ask me. Just send me an email and I’m more than happy to help you out.

B-School is for you when you:
- Are ready to take the next big step in your business.
- Are capable of studying by yourself.
- Can motivate yourself.
- Understand your Creators pitfalls, and know how to avoid them.
- Are open minded.
- Long for new horizons.
- Want to become part of an international group of business owners.

B-School is NOT for you when you:
- Are 100% sure you don’t need to know what social media, blogging, SEO, online programs, online marketing, list building will do for your business.
- Cannot motivate yourself to do the work.
- Don’t feel any connection with Marie Forleo.
- Are completely new to entrepreneurship.
- Know you will drown in a big group and need 1:1 coaching to move forward.

Here is all the B-School information. If you have doubts, or want to know more, don’t be shy and leave me a message at the end of this page! I would love to hear if this has helped you in any way, and if we’ll meet for the next B-School 8 weeks in March. I will be there too, just like all the alumni!

Images Marie Forleo: Eric Micael Person Photography




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