Clients Only Offer

Dear friend, this secret - clients only - page is for you.
Lifetime access to Brand the Real You + Brand Community at only 50% of the price.


Dear friend,

You are special to me.

We worked together in the Brand the Real You, Brave Leap, Shine Daringly, a Mastermind or the Miracle Year.

So, I made this page for you 

Because I have this special offer that is only for you.

▶︎ 1. I invite you to become a lifetime member of the completely New and Improved Brand the Real You program.

This NEW program has three parts: Empowerment, Personal Branding and Visual Identity.  After 12 weeks you walk away with powerful, fully aligned brand.

► 2. You get Lifetime access to the PROGRAM  the Brand Coaching & Teaching Calls and the wonderful, loving and supportive Brave Brand Community ONLY for members of Brand the Real You

Every time you launch something, create an offer, want to reach out to a new type of client you go to the program or come to a call, ask your question and upgrade your brand.

► 3. That means that - even when you don't have time the coming weeks, or months - , you can join the next round in April/May or in September because you're a member for life.

► 4. Instead of € 1.500, you only pay € 750 Euro or your iconic personal brand, visual identity and brand support. The special payment plan gives 3 payments of € 265 

▶︎5. This special offer is only and ONE TIME ONLY available for you until Sunday February 12,10 PM, CET


Okay, what can you do?

✔︎ A. Check the secret page with ALL the Brand Archetype videos. 

The New Brand the Real You is Very different from the 'old' program 
Take the quiz, discover your Archetypal blend of the 12 Brand Archetypes and learn how to incorporate the 12 Brand Archetypes in your brand.

✔︎ B. Do you like it? Go to the sales page to find out if you want to be a part of this Brand Community.

✔︎ C. Do you want it? 
Wonderful, you have a special link that gives you € 750 discount if you take action before SUNDAY February 12, 10 PM/CET (you have 2 extra days)

I would be absolutely delighted to meet you (again) in the LIFETIME version of Brand the Real You, support you to (re-) brand your business and offers and welcome you back to the Brave Branding Community!

Brand the Real You has become such a profound empowerment, branding and identity program that the price will go up later this year.

That is why this is the ultimate opportunity that we're presenting Brand the Real You at a 50% discount to (former) clients. 

Don't let it slip away

I'm here for your questions.

All my love,