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Goodbye Toxic Positivism

* Goodbye Toxic Positivism … in business * 0 shares Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 I know that ‘Being Positive, Happy and Super Successful All the Freaking Time’ is what the majority of business coaches and gurus is teaching.And that’s completely fine.However – to me – it clashes with real life. With Reality.There is no space […]

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Be Brave Becoming Michelle Obama

MICHELLE OBAMA’S MESSAGE: ‘SHARE YOUR STORY, BE VULNERABLE AND BE BRAVE’ 0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 Yesterday I drove to Amsterdam to meet Michelle Obama. Me and thousands of others. Women of color, muslimas, a couple of guys, white women, young, old. . . so many women.The anticipation felt like true connectedness. […]

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I cried the entire morning

WANT TO SAY WHOLEHEARTEDLY YES TOO? GET My FREE Action Cheat Sheet: How to Go from NO WAY to YES! in 5 Steps Click to Say YES! I cried the entire morning . . . The Power of Saying Yes!When was the last time you said wholeheartedly ‘YES’ ?I’m asking you because I found two important photo’s on my […]

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Becoming who you are.

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

A STORY ABOUT 900 VOICES AND BELONGING, NO MATTER WHAT. BECOMING WHO YOU ARE. A STORY ABOUT 900 VOICES AND WRIST BANDSWhy belonging is about you being enough, no matter whatI’m writing to you still feeling deeply inspired by yesterdays miracles. The miracle of being showered in a Magical Bath of 900 Voices. This letter […]

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My non-affiliated Marie Forleo B-School Review update 2019

WHAT IS THE BEST OPTION – WHEN YOU WANT TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR? * MY NON-AFFILIATED B-SCHOOL REVIEW * Updated review 2019 In 2015 I wrote my non-affiliated review of Marie Forleo’s B-School. It has been read by thousands of ambitious people who were going back and forth:  B-School Yes or B-School No.  I did […]

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