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Sensitive People Need to Speak Up in Social Media Ruled by Rude Dimwits

WHY SENSITIVE PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP IN SOCIAL MEDIA RULED BY RUDE DIMWITSYesterday a kind sensitive soul in my Wonderfully Weird female entrepreneurs Facebook group wrote:“How do you respond to discussions about refugees, climate change, racism, hateful behaviour towards others? I see so much hate, rage, ignorance and intolerance, I worry about being part […]

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Why failures are part of being alive (especially when you are an entrepreneur)

Why failures are part of being alive. Especially when you are an entrepreneur!I Made A Big Mistake! (these days That Failure Is Part Of My Business… want to know why?) Last week I shared my horror story where I told you about how I became partner in ‘the wrong’ company.Of all the stupid things…. Remember?I felt lost, […]

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