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When you’re Blocked by Fear

WHEN YOU’RE BLOCKED BY FEARI’m sharing a Super Vulnerable Scared Shitless Big Fat Insight with you.Are you ready to have a – Not So Pretty – look into my head? Today – actually just now 1 hour ago – I realized today that I’m being agisted, pretty mean to/with myself, and completely non-grateful!And that I’m totally blocking […]

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Brave Branding Manifesto

THE BRAVE MANIFESTO 1. A BRAVE BUSINESS & BRAND GROWS FROM THE INSIDE OUTYour Brave Business & Brand grows from the inside out. Because it’s a powerful expression of you: a Brave Entrepreneur with a mission. A Brave Entrepreneur grows her self-love, self-worth and radical self-acceptance. That’s how her confidence grows. She becomes an unstoppable force […]

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What is an Authentic Personal Brand

How to Leverage your Brand and Create Massive ImpactYour Unapologetically Authentic Brave Personal Brand  0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 You want to grow your impact, attract new clients, stand out, and raise the love child that is your business… right? So, you try to create your Personal Brand. You read books, watch video’s, […]

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How to become an entrepreneur

HOW TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURTHE 10 BIGGEST MISTAKES YOU CAN MAKE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR​Learn From My Mistakes – SAY YES! and Become a Success! HOW TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR!A SLIGHTLY TRAGIC STORY . . . WITH A VERY HAPPY ENDAre you an entrepreneur who is ready to give up? Do you think it will never happen for you […]

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What Button Do You Push When Everything Falls Apart?

What Button Do You Push When Everything Falls Apart? You and I are wonderfully weird. Right? We are sensitive and prone to some very interesting mood swings.Sometimes we go to bed feeling all ‘Yippy-a-yeah’ and wake up feeling ‘Kind-of-meeeh’. But you are an entrepreneur! So even though you’re not feeling all confident and in control, you still […]

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The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur. Join the Movement!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur. Join the Movement! When I grew up I had no successful female role models – apart from Pipi Longstocking – .There were no female, political, wealthy influencers (who were also kind, fun and had the guts to stand out from the big grey crowd) in my daily environment.I was surrounded […]

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