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Bruce Mau -or – Why cleaning your desk is not a good idea

Bruce Mau -and – Why Cleaning your Desk is Not a Good Idea Love, go deep, fail, experiment and don’t be coolWhat does your table look like? Your un-scratched, shiny phone and mont blanc pen on the left? Laptop in the middle and at the right of your otherwise clean desk a nice family photo. Or […]

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How I survived 10 years of depression by being stubborn as hell.

​  HOW I SURVIVED 10 YEARS OF DEPRESSION BY BEING STUBBORN AS HELL It started when I was 28. I was a beautiful young woman. Black hair, black and red clothes, bright red lipstick and huge golden earrings.I was convinced I was plain, slow, fat and invisible.A holiday with girlfriends in Portugal turned into a […]

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Why Being Different is Okay

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

WHY IT’S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT AND ALWAYS FEEL LIKE THE ODD ONE OUTA Call Out to my Fellow Wonderfully Weirdo Friends: Stop Playing Small and Embrace your Weirdness I remember it like it happened yesterday.  New Years Eve, Amsterdam.  I was celebrating the end of 1998 in a large industrial building filled with artists, designers, writers, […]

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Four Creative Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand

The Four Creative Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand Creativity is one of the most important assets every entrepreneur possesses.Let me rephrase that: Creativity is the Most Important Quality an entrepreneur — Who Wants to Succeed in Business — Needs.Some would argue passion is the most important quality. That overwhelming deep love that makes your […]

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Sensitive People Need to Speak Up in Social Media Ruled by Rude Dimwits

WHY SENSITIVE PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP IN SOCIAL MEDIA RULED BY RUDE DIMWITSYesterday a kind sensitive soul in my Wonderfully Weird female entrepreneurs Facebook group wrote:“How do you respond to discussions about refugees, climate change, racism, hateful behaviour towards others? I see so much hate, rage, ignorance and intolerance, I worry about being part […]

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