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Four Creative Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand

The Four Creative Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand Creativity is one of the most important assets every entrepreneur possesses.Let me rephrase that: Creativity is the Most Important Quality an entrepreneur — Who Wants to Succeed in Business — Needs.Some would argue passion is the most important quality. That overwhelming deep love that makes your […]

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Sensitive People Need to Speak Up in Social Media Ruled by Rude Dimwits

WHY SENSITIVE PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP IN SOCIAL MEDIA RULED BY RUDE DIMWITSYesterday a kind sensitive soul in my Wonderfully Weird female entrepreneurs Facebook group wrote:“How do you respond to discussions about refugees, climate change, racism, hateful behaviour towards others? I see so much hate, rage, ignorance and intolerance, I worry about being part […]

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How to go From 1 Client A Day to a Successful Business

SigunLive in Zurich, January 2018, photo by Alma Johanns HOW TO GO FROM WAITING FOR 1 CLIENT A DAY TO MEETING 27 WOMEN FROM 5 CONTINENTS ON 1 DAYA Real Story! BEFORE YOU READ MY STORYSummer 2018 update: I wrote the post below in 2016. And I’m completely amazed! Because my business really took off right after […]

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