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What Black Lives Matter taught me about my White Supremacy

WHAT BLACK LIVES MATTER TAUGHT ME ABOUT MY WHITE SUPREMACYAND HOW I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING BIRACIAL AND BLACK ⁣As a biracial (or mixed-race) person one never fully fits in. In the last couple of days, I had some really painful insights and realizations around the difference between being biracial and being a person […]

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Let’s talk about inclusion representation and race and how to be a real ally for people of color

BE A GOOD ALLY TO PEOPLE OF COLOR IMPORTANT POSTS, VIDEOS, RESOURCES ON WHITE PRIVILEGE AND RACISM Monday, June 1 2020Over the past days I collected posts, resources and videos that impacted me. Words that opened my eyes.The White Privilege discussion is very painful for our ego and good for humanity. So let’s just start. Let me […]

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