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Why Hustling will Crush your Business and Soul

Why Hustling Will Crush your Business and Soul For years successful business owners like Gary Vaynerchuck tell us that we need to work harder and stop complaining. ​Work more. Never stop. Don’t listen to anyone. Hustle harder. Crush it.And I’m telling you to stop the hustle. No, I’m not telling you. I’m kindly inviting you to consider […]

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The power of creative prayer

 The power of Creative PrayingMaybe praying is something you do every day. An important daily ritual. Maybe it’s not. But I find it very helpful to have important reminders of WHY I’m working like a maniac without knowing for sure if anyone will ever buy my stuff. You see, to me, it sometimes feels there is such […]

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creativity, abundance and money

Creativity, Abundance and money. The antidote to Ugly Question #1“Do you dream of an income you – know, feel, hope, or wish – deserve? But prefer dreaming about, instead of acting upon?”Seriously, I don’t know what has gone into me to start with the ugliest question of them all!According to quite a few of you […]

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