December 16, 2022 3:55 pm

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

How to Build your Brand from Scratch in 10 steps

Have you been wondering how to go from being invisible to being highly recognizable, Even when you don't make a lot of money yet?

The good news is that an effective, aligned brand will help you make more money.

More good news: you can totally DIY it, if you're not yet in the position to invest.

Not so good news: if you don't take your brand very serious it's going to be almost impossible to make 2023 a year of business success.

Here are 10 steps you can take to build your brand from scratch * and the best thing is that you can start today.

► 1. Define your target audience *your soul clients: 

Clearly identifying your target audience is the first step in building an effective brand. Who are they? What do they desire? What are their values? 

TIP 1: Your soul clients will pay you for your offers. Always keep that in mind.

TIP:2  Your soul clients are looking for something that ONLY you can give them. Write, brand, create and build with their wellbeing and happiness in mind.

►  2. Establish your brand positioning: 

Determine how your brand will stand out in the market and what it will offer that is different from your peers.

TIP: Research your so-called competitors and celebrate your differentness! 

►  3. Develop your brand messaging

Create a consistent message that communicates the value of your brand and what it stands for.

TIP: Start with writing a simple social media post (not a shared post but something that reflects your value and see how people react).

►  4. Create a visual identity:

Develop a visual identity that reflects your brand's personality and values, including elements such as a logo, color scheme, and typography.

TIP: If you're not yet in the position to invest in designers, Canva can do a lot for you BUT make sure to do it AFTER you've gained clarity about steps 1 - 3

►  5. Build a website:

Create a website (or an online platform that you own) that clearly communicates your brand's message and showcases your products or services.

TIP: There are many alternatives like Linktree, your Social Media, etc that you can use if you're not ready to invest (or upgrade) your website.

►  6. Use social media:

Utilize social media platforms to connect with your target audience and promote your brand.

TIP This is why you start with your audience, use only the social media platforms where your audience is

►  7. Create content:

Develop a content marketing strategy that helps you attract and engage your target audience (aka your soul clients).

TIP: Go for authentic instead of sharing posts. Branding is as much about repelling as it is about attracting.

►  8. Foster customer loyalty: 

Implement programs and initiatives that encourage customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

TIP: Start with 1 offer you know your soul clients need. Make it simple: like

* A "Health for the Gut" package for the stressed-out twenty something man.
* An 'Everything you need to know about crystals for your Perfect Partner Full Moon Ritual' bundle for divorced women.

Show that you understand your client's needs, desires, and lacks!

► 9. Measure your brand's effectiveness:

Regularly track and measure the effectiveness of your brand through metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and sales data.

TIP: Since this is not the favorite task of most entrepreneurs add it to your calendar. Measure your success!

►  10. Make adjustments as needed:

An aligned brand grows with you. Continuously evaluate your brand and make adjustments so that it resonates with your target audience and achieves your desired results.

TIP: In short, No Brand means No Clients. So whenever you don't make the amount of money or don't attract the clients you want it always means that your brand is out of alignment.

Keep coming back to it!

Finally, building an effective brand takes time and requires consistent effort. But you can do it!

And you deserve an amazingly powerful brand.

These were the 10 steps you can take to build your brand from scratch.

EXTRA TIP: there is a ton of free of information on branding this the special Free Branding Page. Use it! ▲

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