"Imagine what will become possible when you allow us to see who you really are . . ." 

Dear friend, thank you for actually typing in the address and join me here! Maybe we met and I gave you my card. Maybe you found the card somewhere. I'm happy you're here.

So what do we do at A Brave Brand? How do we change the lives and businesses of brave women entrepreneurs from all over the world?

We build brave brands. Brands that are nourished by self-love and self-acceptance. Brands that bring out the best in you - and of you - and present that to your soul clients.

In short we help you to become More You and More Irresistible!

Tania Blanco Lotus Idea, Communications w/ Soul & Purpose

We do not need to do it alone! But, we Need to connect with the right and bright stars, right?

Esther’s creative energy, authenticity, generosity, and openness brought to my world the piece that was missing. I saw myself and what my heart was longing for, I reconnected with my inner muse and, feelings that were hiding inside, reawakened (like the joy of motherhood and its real meaning in life and in the creation process), learning that there is no separation.

As a result, everything around me and my world started changing, It was huge! It was real inner work. A huge reminder that trying to "fit" was causing me to feel suffocated.

Yes, yes, and again, yes! We all need someone extraordinary by our side, someone, who can help us with his/her expertise, but most of all, from their own shiny Light and Being. Esther has been that full of colour, bright light for me, and I am very grateful for the opportunity of having her by my side. We do not need to do it alone! But, we need to connect with the right and bright stars, right?

Thank you, Esther, with all my heart.

1. If you're new to our business, this is where you start. Download your free Brave Branding Package 

Selen Graf Health Expert & Healer for Animals and Human Beings

Esther will teach you to feel your feminine strengths and connect deeply to your soul clients.

Just to talk to Esther :-) It is a truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

I have found my soul clients - which were by the way not whom I have expected. But after that, I could realize a very core strength of mine which I had been refusing to give access.

I could find my zone of genius so quickly and turn it in a program. After only 1 Month I created - and sold - my first 12-month group coaching program for my soul clients

We need to change the world! That's why you need to work with Esther who's going on a new path, working strongly with the feminine energy. If you think that everything else feels like a bubble, you want to find your soul clients and change the world, then you will find help here.

2. Ready for a Big Step and grow a Brave Brand that reveals the Real You? 
BRAND THE REAL YOU  is the 3 months program that takes you deep into yourself. You will find Who You Really Are and what makes you Unique.  This is the program every entrepreneur who wants to stop wondering "But what makes me special? What makes me different from all the others who do what I do?" 

Mirjam Blekkenhorst Owner Ytra Lón Farm Lodge, Solitude Retreats

Quality time and superb support

The way Esther presents herself and her services resonated with my artistic and unconventional way of approaching things. Esther is so colorful, cheerful, confident and sincere. I really felt like I was important to her. She takes a lot of time and effort to 'feel you' and understand what you are all about.

She thinks outside the box and let you look at things from new perspectives. Very refreshing, like wake-up calls. She´s pushing you - very gentle - because you have to do the work.

What exceeded my expectations is the great community Esther has managed to create around her services. Women who inspire, help and encourage each other. Esther spends quality time with her clients and gives superb support to everybody.

It's personal, it's out of the box, it's real, colorful, quirky, and the support is everything you're looking for. Nothing is too strange or out of her league. Esther sees solutions in any field of practice.

3. Ready to implement  and grow your business as a Brave Woman Entrepreneur?  
BRAVE! MASTERMIND AUTHENTICITY AS YOUR POWER  -  FEMININE ENERGY AS YOUR SOURCE  The One year Intensive Brave Mastermind Program for brave women entrepreneurs who want to play a truly big game

Rayna van Aalst Founder Reina Organics

Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business

Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business since I started it! Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”.

She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.

A Brave Brand is completely different from the "Instagram pretty" approach of some our peers. Not better or worse. It's just very different. We are driven by our Brave Branding Manifesto. 

How we Pay it Forward

We are on a mission to inspire, empower and support 500,000 women (including non-binary and transgender women from all cultures and all continents) to become the powerful self-loving queens they are born to be by growing epic businesses that will inspire a generation of all women and girls.

This is our contribution to a better world.