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This Magical Page holds 32 of the Best Courses and Products from members of A Brave Brand, an international community of Women Entrepreneurs lead by Esther de Charon de Saint Germain.

Do you want to feel healthy, successful, happy, feminine, organized, or younger? There is a solution for you. 

Want to hug, touch, learn, grow, or own something incredibly beautiful? We've got you covered. 

So much feels like a challenge right now, but these 32 amazing offers will bring you happiness and joy.


"I want the Best Winter
Show me all that amazing content"

Compassionate Self-Care Course

Activate your soothing system to relieve stress and invite calm and inner peace (back) into your life.

Set the foundation for your self-care in the most authentic, gentle, and loving way.

Find what kind of self-care works for you - without comparing yourself to others. Connect to your body, mind, and soul to recharge, rejuvenate, and relax.

This Compassionate Self-Care course is the beginning of a profound relationship with yourself. Do you feel stressed out, overloaded, and have a hard time finding clarity and focus?

You have so many responsibilities that you feel like you are dropping the ball - even if it doesn't seem like it - yet. You know you have the ability to relax and reconnect to yourself but you seem to have forgotten that or it seems too far away from you now.

This Compassionate Self-Care Course helps you get back to yourself in the most gentle and loving way. So you can feel relaxed, connected, and calm. After the Compassionate Self-Care Course, you feel at home in your body and mind. Your mind has slowed down enough so you can have clarity and focus.

The tension in your body is slowly leaving your body so you can relax and have better sleep at night. You now remember that you are more than your thoughts and emotions making it easier to choose wisely for yourself.

That makes life so much easier than it was before.

Now you have the foundation for your Compassionate Self-Care. The Compassionate Self-Care Course is a four weeks course.

The course starts on November 23rd.

Ragna Gudjonsdottir The Icelandic Queen of calm

Spice Up Your Life!

Start your journey to becoming FIT, FUN & FABULOUS in just 30 days.

Are you hanging out with your fridge more than with your friends because it helps you escape feeling alone? Are the voices in your head telling you you're old, boring, fat, and frumpy? Do you hate yourself and your body and feel you merely exist in a miserable world?

How would you feel if none of this were true? I know how you'd feel - You'd feel amazing.

How do I know? Because I was you, I've done that, and I know exactly how you're feeling.

But hey, there's no need to feel like this because, together, we can add some passion and sparkle into your life. No diets, no shame, no hiding out with your fridge.

How are we going to do it? We're going to spice up your life by getting to grips with what's in your cupboards. We'll use those things to come up with quick, fun, and healthy food that you'll adore. And as a special treat, we'll also be taking traditional Christmas recipes from around the world and transforming them into healthy versions, so you can feel good about indulging a little over the festive season.

This course is for women who find comfort in food because they feel alone, ashamed, and invisible; women who are asking themselves "Is this it?... I thought life would be so much better"

You'll love yourself (with and without clothes) and the food you eat, you'll be confident, ditch your friend the fridge and show up as the beautiful, fun and attractive woman that you know is inside of you.

We start on 18th November


Now, more than ever, we need to dig deep and use our personal power to survive and thrive.

In just four weeks with Liz, you will learn to BE MORE (of who you are in this world), DO MORE (of what makes you happy and content), ENJOY MORE (of what brings you personal pleasure), all with EASE and GRACE.

Liz has a unique way of making you feel really good about yourself and it is like she waves a magic wand in her fun Celtic Queen Lizzie way, to re-energise you. She loves to spread hope and joy with a bit of style and glamour, in this often challenging world. This unique and completely new course is for women of all ages and stages of life. Perhaps you would like to treat yourself to an hour to yourself on a weekly basis, for 4 weeks, to review and revitalise under Liz's expert care and guidance (clients often say she is like a Fairy Godmother).

The experience is delivered LIVE in a private group each week (though you can watch later) and is particularly suitable for people of a sensitive disposition, or perhaps you are a little sad about a recent life experience or disappointment? Perhaps you just know deep inside that your life can be better and need a little boost. 2020 has been a trial for most, but you might like to end the year on a note of hope as you join Liz and the ever-growing LIFEDESIGN Community?

You will feel better about yourself and all your possibilities and regain some of your sparkle, which may have been dimmed by day to day life. You may make a friend or two who are also wanting to rediscover their own personal power and even glimpse their magic (you can't force these things - but you can open up to them). But most of all, you will feel some ease, more hope in your possibilities and be inspired to make some choices that improve your life in the months to come.

You will learn simple LIFEDESIGN skills and techniques and even ways of thinking, that help you deal better with life, make better decisions and help you focus on the lighter side of life. You will learn stylish touches that will make you glow. People will wonder why there is more spring in your step and you might love yourself just a little bit more! This is a unique experience with Liz.

A new course written for these times. An invitation to spend time with her at a much reduced cost to celebrate the launch of her new website. An opportunity that will last on into the festive season and beyond. Please join us if you can. You will be glad you did.

The course, which is an experience rather than a normal information based online course, will start on Friday 20th November 2020, for four Fridays at 7pm CET in a private Facebook Group, and end on Friday 11th December 2020 at 8pm CET with a small online festive virtual get-together.

Health Navigator

Learn how to Strengthen your Immune System and Travel Safely through these Stormy Times.

This year has brought us challenges like never before and it has made many of us aware of the fragility of our own health and that of our loved ones. It’s hard not to feel stressed and worried and to stay in a positive frame of mind.

But as fear, worry and stress can make our immune system even weaker, we need to take action to interrupt this spiral.

This 3-week course teaches you the right interventions to help your body to help itself. Using a framework of easy yet very effective steps, the course gives you a solid foundation on how to take charge of your immune system and health.

You will learn how to strengthen your innate defence system with a natural approach, working on your body, your mind, your lifestyle.

We will make staying healthy easy and joyful so that you can feel safe, confident, and super protected.

Get out from worry by taking targeted action and become strong and resilient.


Female professionals and entrepreneurs who are trying to navigate this crisis with a positive outlook but who deep inside worry about their health and the health of their loved ones. They feel that fear and stress are paralyzing them, messing with their sleep and their ability to focus on their work.

You might recognize that very different vibe to your energy and mood that is leading you to the cookie jar and to the solace of comfort foods way too often.

You feel overwhelmed and helpless, yet you are not ready to accept that waiting for a vaccine should be the only way out.

Rather than wait, you want to do something right now to feel safe and protected.

You feel truly empowered to take charge because you have recognized how much influence you really have on the status of your health.

You are armed with an extensive toolbox of health-promoting behaviours and actions to choose from so that you can strengthen your body’s ability to protect you.

You feel calm, confident, and overall stronger because you have started a life-changing journey to become more resilient and you are already feeling a difference.

We start on Monday, 23rd November 2020


In today’s world, we appreciate art in many ways and in different arenas….like…. The Art of Cooking, The Art of Calligraphy, The Art of Growing Beautiful Roses, of course, The Fine Arts and so much more.

However, we seem to have ignored the most life-giving, life-affirming, most pleasurable Arts of all!

The Arts Of Love.

Welcome to the foundational Course/Salon/Boudoir of Shirley Ann Aphrodite’s School Of The Art Of Love, Romance, and Beauty.

The title speaks for itself, but you may ask, what does this all mean?

In come the Courtesans. Women who were groomed and educated in the Art of Love, Seduction, Style, Glamour, Conversation, Fascination, Flirting and so much more! In our inaugural experience, you will sit at the feet of the Courtesans and learn. Where I, Shirley Ann Aphrodite, will be your Muse and Mistress! And you too will create yourself as the most delicious work of art, casting your spell of Fascination, Allure, and Intrigue wherever you go.

If you are a woman, and your love life feels flat and lacks passion, this is for you. If you are a single woman, and you long to become magnetic to the love you desire, this is for you. If you are simply longing to feel desirable and fall in love with your most exquisite self, this course is definitely for you. At the end of our 4 weeks together, you will feel a sensual rhythm in the way you walk again (or maybe for the first time…..), a glint of sparkling mischief in your eyes….You will feel lighthearted and passionate about life….experience the freedom to flirt like the Feminine Goddess that you are!

And…. If you happen to have the man of your desires in plain view, he will NOT be able to resist the force of nature that you will become.

For this and so much more…. Join me!

I will be delighted to have you in my School….Aphrodite’s School of Love, Romance, and Beauty. Monday,

School starts on November 23rd, 2020.


Portraits Of A Changing Woman

The 'Other' Selfie Course

Is menopause holding you back from being visible and enjoying seeing yourself in pictures? Don’t recognize yourself anymore and just get the next hot flash when you see a snapshot of yours on somebody’s cellphone? (Intentionally taken images are not an option AT ALL right now – so many new wrinkles, and what should people think about your protruding belly?)
Wanna cover all the mirrors in your house with curtains and explain to people that you just discovered your long lineage of vampires running through your bloodstream? And wish that mobile phones would come without cameras in the future?
Or maybe you just think you’re too old for selfies? Never liked yourself in photos? Wanna keep hiding and dimming down your muchness until the cows come home?

DON’T, dear sister! Let’s end this self- torture!

Join me in my upcoming 3-week selfie course 3 weeks of playing and discovering, where you will learn to acknowledge and honour all of your emotions, the good the bad, and the ugly.

You will create a beautiful gallery of YOU with all your face(t)s that will make you proud and maybe even wanna get some of them printed out and framed.

This course is for you, if you are 40+, in or around your menopausal years and:
• don’t identify with your changing body (anymore) or maybe never have and now you feel even worse,
• are horrified to be seen in pictures because you think you're too old, too fat, too ugly and thus don't dare to be visible, take selfies and just have fun exactly as you are,
• feel a strong desire to express yourself, also creatively.

During 3 magical weeks, I will show you how to take selfies in a way that will actually be fun and make you happy. We will experiment, play, doodle, shamanic journey together, and at the end of our time together you will have found your own ‘selfie-language’ and don’t even remember the days of your curtain-covered mirrors (or just vaguely...).

Let’s do this, your very unique and personal beauty awaits you!
Lots of love, always. xx

The course starts on Monday, 30th of November 2020

Brigitte Doernerova Body Enchantress & Puppet Shaman

Sólarupprás fyrir Sterkar Konur

Taktu þátt og upplifðu!!!

Stundum er það þannig að þú setur allt of mikla pressu á þig, vinnur of mikið, finnur verki í likamanum, og lætur þig svo jafnvel mæta afgangi. Kannski spyrð þú þig. “Af hverju er ég alltaf svona þreytt?» Fyrir hverja er námskeiðið ?

Fyrir þá sem vilja: - Auka orku sína og ná utan um hlutina - Læra að finna innri frið og slökun - Ná jafnvægi á líkama og sál - Tengjast sínum innri styrk og mikilvægast er að þú finnur hvað þú ert sterkari. Þú munt læra æfingar og aðferðir til að ná þessu fram - og sjá sólina koma upp ! Sjáðu fyrir þér spennandi og skemmtilega daga fyrir jól. Notum skammdegið í eitthvað uppbyggilegt.

Ljós og kærleikur
Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir Gagga Cand Mag í íþróttafræðum, Jákvæð Sálfræði, Yogakennari, slökunarsérfræðingur og vinn við heilun.

19.nóv. 20:00

Free 5 Day "Holiday Plan-a-thon" "The Pandemic Edition"

This course is a mini class on planning for the upcoming holiday without losing your grace and charm during this pandemic.


Anyone who feels overwhelmed at the thought of having a decent holiday with all of the world in an uproar.

Adulting is hard and right now, it is even harder!

You will have a plan in place so you can work through the holiday overwhelm that is going on right now.

Ms. Harris teaches skills that help you live a charming, graceful, fun, and organized life. She enjoys teaching etiquette and showing ladies ways that they can become more graceful, less stressed, and more balanced in a practical and budget-wise manner, all while living a good life!

My motto is #neveradultalone.

The Holiday Plan-A-Thon begins on November 16th and ends on November 20th.

Finding Your Zone of Genius

Finding Your Zone of Genius

This 4-week training will create an earthquake in your belief system. It will take you on an adventure to your zone of genius with special, fun, easy exercises. You will discover the zone where your genius, your magic lies. Moreover, you will also discover what is outside of the zone and just delegate that to others. Your frustration, overwhelm will fade away. You will also receive hints, tips about what to do to stay connected to your genius zone.

Female entrepreneurs and business professionals who are multi-passionates, misfits, rebels with a fierce spirit.

You have never felt you belong to a group, the systems are not for you, you have a unique way of thinking, learn differently, and 3, 4 or even 5 step processes never work for you. You may or may not know this but you are here to create definitely a change in the world. You can't follow the recipes and do everything your way. Not because you try to be different, but because it's just the way you are.
But the world does not always get you. You get overwhelmed with the list of things on your plate, your mind is curious but you can't do everything on your own.
So you want to just scream because of the overwhelm. You feel trapped. And walk the earth with an inner shame which you hide. Even from themselves,' why can't I be normal'?

In FINDING YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS you will taste a glimpse of who you really are. You will remember the magical child that is living inside of you. You will feel her. She will show you that you are sent on a special mission on earth. Your mission is different than 'normal people' and there is and there was nothing wrong with you. Your zone of genius is the key to your life purpose. And the greatest selfishness is knowing your purpose and hiding it from the world.

Let's discover your Zone of Genius and share it with the world because you care.

WE START ON November 16, 2020


From stress to calmness in 5 minutes.

Hey, is too much going on in your life? Everybody wants something from you and you don't know where your head is anymore? How about taking 5 minutes just for yourself and calming down?

Join me in my 4 weeks program:
* each week one method to relax and calm you down in just 5 minutes.
* 4 different methods from special sounds, breathing method, body exercise to face exercise.
* You will learn how to calm down your internal organs with sound, massage them with breath and learn area on your body and on your face, where you 'switch on' relax mode.
* short and easy.
Each of the 4 sessions takes a maximum of 15 minutes, and you watch them at your appropriate time.

So join the program and be prepared for 2021, whatever challenge comes your way, you have the tools to FLUSH YOUR STRESS AWAY.


This program is ideal for overwhelmed women that have just too much going on in their lives. This is for you when you are serving everyone around you, never finding time for yourself, completely exhausted, feeling, like you don't have control over their lives.

If you feel stressed, tired, low energy, brain fog, and are experiencing poor health the methods I will teach you will result in an immediate experience of calmness, relaxation, fresh energy and a clear mind.

The best long-term effect is it will help you to sustain or regain your good health.

We start on November 21, 2020


Stop Craving and Start Receiving, even if you don't have a partner 😉

A free 5-day course getting your juices flowing during wintertime!

How often are you feeling in a rut, especially when it comes to intimacy, loving touch, and feeling your desire?

I feel like that sometimes, to be honest. I invite you to join me on a 'touch' journey in which I will take you through the whole landscape of embodiment and heartful, joyous experiences!

You will receive tips and challenges to inspire and surprise you and make you feel more fulfilled. So, this course will not only be about the traditional ways of touch that we are used to. You'll feel more intimate with yourself and connected with your self-love. You'll feel more embodied, desirable, and juicy. Because this is as important for single people as for couples, I designed this course for both 😍.


This course is for you when you are, perhaps also because of certain quarantine restrictions, experiencing a lack of loving delicious touch and inspiration for your desire. You wish yourself a warm and nurturing wintertime for your body and soul and you need support for that. Besides that, you are a curious creature and dying without pleasure.

What will you get?

Finally abundantly able to offer yourself or receive what you've been craving for, exactly in the way YOU love it. Your lust, happiness, and inspiration are awakened and feeling so much more embodied. Can't wait to start this super fun and joyful experience?

December 5th will be the date your touch journey will start!


Let go of who you are, to become who you are destined to be.

Are you sick of not living up to your greatest potential? Do you know you are capable of so much more than you are currently achieving? Would you like to remove some of the blockages preventing you from stepping into your full power? Are you finally ready to embrace your true potential and unleash this magic on the world?

This course is a journey of self-love and acceptance. I will lead you from a place of frustration, heaviness and unfulfilled potential, and into a world of power, potential, purpose and possibilities. Once you let go of who you are, and release that which no longer serves you, you are able to move forward, free from what is holding you back, and RISE into who you were always destined to be.

Through tangible tools, and intuitive insight, I will empower you to shake off those emotional cobwebs, pull back those spiritual blinds, unlock those hidden corners of your mind, and show yourself. It’s time to embrace your full potential – the world needs you!

This course is ideal for heart-centred women who are tired of not living up to their full potential and are truly ready to RISE into their full sovereign power. You will feel a sense of freedom within yourself, clarity surrounding who you are destined to be, and the confidence to step into, and claim, this full power.

Caution, this course is not for the faint-hearted. If you are not truly ready to release that which no longer serves you, and step forward into your full power, then this course is not for you. Only the brave shall rise – are you ready?

RISE! is a 2-part course set over the weekend of 21st & 22nd November 2020.

Transform your tired eyes into sparkling windows of your soul!

Rejuvenate your eyes naturally in 4 weeks.

I will share my Top natural rejuvenating techniques to take years off your lovely eyes.
- Do you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes?
- Do you discover new wrinkles around your eyes every day?
- Are dark circles your new accessories?
- Do you feel like your eyes are looking tired all the time?

This course will help you to improve your eye-area in 4 weeks with simple, easy to follow, techniques! The course is designed to help you create your own personal rejuvenating routine. You will get even better results in the weeks to come if you continue to implement what you’ve learned.

- You want to look less tired - You want to take action and improve your eye-area naturally
- You want to raise your self-confidence and self-esteem
- You want to look fabulous for the holidays It’s time for a real action plan!

I am passionate about helping you to achieve your natural rejuvenating goals! I will help you to:
- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- Reduce puffiness and dark circles
- Increase firmness around the eyes
- Create a lifting effect with rejuvenating Make-up techniques
- Improve your self-confidence

This course will be hosted in a Facebook group and will deliver 4 modules in 4 weeks. You will get weekly worksheets with your weekly assignments and an additional weekly live Q+A session.
* In week 1 - You will discover how to get the most out of your eye-contour beauty routine and how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in a holistic way.
* In week 2 - You will learn self-massage techniques to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
* In week 3 - You will discover facial exercises to improve firmness and tone around the eyes.
* In week 4 - I will share with you some simple, yet powerful, make-up techniques to achieve a natural lifting effect.

The course starts on the 18th of November

DETOX 2020

21 days "Fun and spiritual Cure"
21 days of spiritual activations and a daily challenge to let go of "serious" limitations, light up, activate your soul power, and flow to your creativity and life.

You feel lost, tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed! You really want 2021 to be not the same as 2020.

You have heard the call inside of you and deeply know that you are here for a free, fun, and enlightening journey. But you did not really find the gate to that possibility you feel that this the "THE GOOD TIME " to change your life.

You need to light up and release limiting believes and acts. You need to go out of the box, make you're coming out, and make your life your own way! You need energy, booster, activation, and ideas to raise your frequency.

Are you ready to activate the NEW ENLIGHTED LIFE in 2021?
Imagine a bridge From 2020 to 2021 ... from limitations, fears, and loss of meaning to a new year of possibilities, light, and purpose!

I will guide you to walk on that bridge and boost each step with activations, fun challenges, self-love and self-care permissions, creative and weird ideas!

You will light up and align your life to your soul power! Once we've let go of 2020 together, you will be free to create a new year for a colorful, playful, abundant, and enlighten life!


You will feel renewed, boosted, powerfully open to your creativity.
We work with high frequencies to create a vibrant life 21 days of 'fun and spiritual' CURE with just 15 min spiritual activation per day

Everyday a fun/ creative/ spiritual/ self-love/ daily change action
You will be in our Facebook group with other inspired and creative women to share, boost, and live the journey.

Get ready to create a REAL NEW LIFE in 2021.

The course starts on December 2020 the 1st

Buut Vrij!

Kom kom kommertje, Stop met verstoppertje spelen en vind het enthousiasme voor je leven terug in 30 dagen.

Enthousiasme herleven is niet iets wat ze je leren op school, toch is het iets wat je wel kan leren! Je kan een positiever mens worden als je weet hoe je enthousiasme in je leven toelaat en hoe je het kan gebruiken om een gelukkiger mens te worden.

Herleef je enthousiasme en start hier.

Het herleven van je enthousiasme begint met het veranderen van je mindset. Gevolgd door “zorgen voor jezelf” want daar draait een groot deel van een positiever leven om. We eindigen met het proberen van nieuwe dingen.

Verstoppen heeft geen zin meer, ga op zoek naar alles wat het leven nog mooier kan maken.


Deze cursus is voor dames die uit de saaie of negatieve vicieuze cirkel willen komen en meer uit het leven willen halen.

Resultaat: Na 30 dagen, heb je meer zelfvertrouwen, sta je positiever in het leven en je herleefde enthousiasme zal aanstekelijk zijn.

Eliza Beems Authenticity Coach

Course Completer Community

When you purchased those courses … did you have the intention to take some quiet time and learn something new? Did you want to grow and expand?

That’s a positive step.

Take another positive step by joining the Course Completer Community and have the accountability and tools to make it happen.

I created a place where all the well-meaning, motivated learners, go to complete those unopened, unlogged-in, well-marketed courses.

It is a no-judgment zone. We all have the love of personal development in common. We all strive to accept ourselves with our weaknesses and strengths.

A new perspective of what "completed" means to you. A "completed" course from your library of online courses. What if . . . instead of being triggered when people bring up online courses, you can feel inspired and in alignment with your self-education?


November 17, 2020

Deb Estopellan focus whisperer

Meet your inner Millionaire!

A Magical journey towards wellbeing and wealth.

Go on a Magical 21-day journey this December to tap into your highest potential and to gain full clarity on your divine purpose.

On this journey, you will get to know your sacred archetypes and for that activate your highest being.

Do not be surprised to find out about your inner Millionaire who might show up in this brand new world we will go to explore together!

This course is for all multi-passionate spiritually oriented entrepreneurs (or open to that), who are second-guessing if they are on the right path, want to change the business, or want to add a new revenue stream to their business, but would like to gain more clarity on what.

After this course, you will know what your sacred archetypes are, where they stand for, how they help you to achieve your mission, and what this mission is.

If you are lucky you will get a glimpse of your own inner Millionaire!

You need to be aware that this course contains deep inner work that can bring up emotions.

I want to address that the group is a safe, loving sacred space where we support each other in this process.

We start on December 1st, 2020

Annelies van Rijckevorsel Money Archetype expert

Henna pro začátečníky

- od meditace k sebevyjádření Jak by jsi se cítila, kdybys mohla naplno vyjádřit svou vnitřní podstatu?

Jak by jsi se cítila usazená pevně a bezpečně ve svém středu a odtud vysílala jasné a zřetelné signály o tom kdo jsi?
Protože i o tom je zdobení těla hennu. Nebudu tě učit jen o technice. Budu ti laskavým průvodcem na cestě do nitra a zase ven. Dovedu tě k sebevyjádření prostřednictvím symbolů na tvém těle. Tato 4 týdenní cesta tě může zavést ke změně vnímání sebe sama a situací, ve kterých se ocitáš i když máš možná momentálně všeho plné zuby. Během 4 týdnů, které spolu strávíme se naučíš pracovat s přírodní hennou a pochopíš principy jejího fungování. Povím ti o prastarých rituálech a symbolech v nich ukrytých. Dostaneš základní výbavu na dobrodružnou cestu v dobré společnosti, protože henna komunita je plná inspirativních lidí. Poznáš sama.

Jsi ŽENA, která by ráda ukázala světu své pravé JÁ? Toužíš se naučit prastaré techniky malování přírodní hennou? Chceš do svého života vrátit KREATIVITU a HRAVOST? Pak je tento kurz právě pro tebe. Na konci kurzu budeš mít jasnou představu JAK henna funguje. Budeš umět základní TECHNIKU malování hennou a MOTIVY, jejichž malování povede k vnitřnímu klidu a harmonii. Na konci kurzu budeš nakročena na cestu SEBEOBJEVOVÁNÍ a SEBEVYJÁDŘENÍ. Na cestu TRANSFORMACE. Nemusíš mít žádné předchozí zkušenosti s malováním hennou. Očekávám jen plné nasazení, touhu učit se nové věci, otevřenost a ochotu podpořit i ostatní na jejich cestě.

Kurz začne v lednu 2021. Přesné datum, pozvánku a další informace dostaneš mailem až budou k dispozici. Kurz bude probíhat on-line prostřednictvím Zoom meetingů a v uzavřené FB skupině.

Ivana švarcová Henna expert

Happy rooms - Design your daily luxury break

As a busy architect in Berlin, and mother of two young girls, I know how important it is to have a home that is a place of peace, that envelops and warms you like a cozy blanket. But also looks really good and where every member of the family feels truly at home.

A place that gives you fresh new energy and provides you with much-needed time-out every day.

We all need that special space where you find balance, can immerse yourself, find rest, and come home to come to yourself - especially in these challenging times.

Well, I've got some great news for you. You’ll get that all!

Because in my 4-weeks program I’ll teach you how to create Your Happy Home!
As an architect and interior designer, I often work with clients who desire to have that 'Special Place' in their home.

And now I will teach you exactly how to create that unique space for yourself. Your favorite place that nourishes and comforts you day after day.

Your special little luxury is only a few steps away.

This is the course for you if you want to live and/or work in a home you adore, even when it's small, or crowded. I help you create your personal safe haven - where you find balance and peace - can be small or large. You and I are designing a unique space that you will fall in love with!

Because we all need a place that will lift us up and comforts us, especially in these challenging times

After this course, you will feel confident in styling your home.

You will know what your home really needs to serve you and you'll create that place step by step.

You will find more balance, more energy, and definitely more happiness

Are you ready for a fabulous Christmas in the home that you adore?

The course starts November, 16th and runs till December, 11th.

Kristin Engel architect

Video Aid Kit for your online course

So you want to create an online course. You know your content, you know the outcome, and then it's time to start recording.... Here comes trouble . . .

Video is the future of content sharing and one of the greatest tools to build trust and connection. No doubts. But I also know how stressful it can be, especially at the beginning. For some the most stressful is just simply the idea of showing up on the camera. For some, it will be dealing with technical aspects. And for some, it can be how to remember all you want to say without writing it down. What to do with my hands? How to look into the camera when I tend to look at myself?

But here's the Video aid kit. In our time together you will:
- learn how to look confident and authentic in front of the camera
- how to sound and look natural, even though it feels super awkward to talk to the camera eye
- choose the best video form for what you want to teach
- out of the places where you can shoot (even if it is your own home), we will choose the most optimal frame, background, lightning
- I will help you choose optimal software to record
- You will get personalized feedback on your exemplary video
- get guidelines on how to record to minimize the number of edits

Video Aid Kit is a personal, 1on1 experience tailor-made for your needs.
- in Video Aid Kit + option
- edits and transcripts of your videos can be done for you (in English, Polish or Dutch)
- in Video Aid Kit ++ option
- 15-30 sec promotional video of your course will be added Video Aid Kit for your online courses is the perfect solution for female entrepreneurs, who are planning to record an online course, yet not feeling very comfortable in front of the camera or don't have a lot of experience in recording. You will create professional yet authentic and natural videos, allowing your Customer to benefit in the best way from your knowledge.

I don't believe in a one-fits-all solution. That's why you will have me and my time and your exclusive use and you choose how we will make it work best for you. After purchasing a Video Aid Kit, you will have 3 months to use all the hours. If you want to purchase Video Aid Kit + or Video Aid Kit ++ - we will first have a discovery call to agree on scope and timelines. The Discovery call will NOT deduct time from your basic Video Aid Kit package.

The cart will open on November 18th.

The Website of Your Soul  - 1:1 Sessions

Fall in love with your website even before it is done!

The Website of Your Soul session is about bringing the techy world and terminologies into a playful energetic field, so you get clarity on how the website your Soul wishes to be created and translated into a structure, colors, fonts, content. We combine creativity and imagination with facts and numbers in a harmonious way, so you will see the process of website creation more as an act full of fun instead of a miserable labyrinth. You will receive all information you need for the website journey. Either you wish to create your own website or you will decide to work with a designer.

The Website of Your Soul Offer is for anyone who is overwhelmed with the flood of information and suggestions about having a new website, yet could not find anything, which helps in connecting the fact-based, structured dry information with the Soul, what she/he truly wants to transmit with the site to the wide audience, who desires a link between the techy world, feelings, and everyday terminologies.

After the session, you will have clarity, a set of possibilities, and helpful guidelines on what is needed for your soul website without getting overwhelmed with all the terminologies and techy stuff. You will feel more secure and confident in putting into words and communicate with your web designer/developer, or in what you will need in case you want to build your site for yourself.

I have continuous enrollment for 1:1 sessions.

Embrace your Spiritual Love Path

Do you long to be in a loving relationship? But so far you attract men who are "emotionally unavailable" and you are starting to feel hopeless, worn out, and depressed?

I know it can be really discouraging… that’s why I am so passionate about helping women regain hope and follow their divine inner guidance.

It will be a true joy to guide you on your Spiritual Love Path so that you can attract the Soul to Soul relationship you are yearning for.


This course is for the women who long to be in a loving relationship and are willing to embrace their Spiritual Love Path.

The women who follow their Spiritual Love Path will attract the "Soul to Soul" relationship they are yearning for.

We start on November 16

Inspirierend! In 4 Wochen zur eigenen Ausstellung

Lerne Schritt für Schritt von einer Galeristin, wie du mit deiner Kunst nach draußen gehst und damit Menschen erreichst, berührst und bewegst.

In diesem Kurs erschaffst du Schritt für Schritt deine eigene Kunstausstellung - in nur 4 Wochen.
Auf Grund der aktuellen Lage konzentrieren wir uns besonders auf die Möglichkeiten, die das Internet hergibt. Zum Abschluss gibt es die große Eröffnung: Wir feiern gemeinsam die Vernissage - online - planmäßig am 16.12.2020.

EXTRA Bonus!

Ich werde alle Ausstellungen des Kurses auf meiner Website und in Social Media teilen. Dadurch entsteht eine virtuelle Kunstmesse und du erreichst ein viel größeres Publikum. Deine eigene Ausstellung zu machen, das bedeutet:
- Deine Kunstwerke zugänglich machen und somit deine Werte und Ideen in die Welt tragen
- Menschen mit deiner Kunst berühren und bewegen
- Über deine Kunst ins Gespräch kommen und wertvolles Feedback erhalten
- Die Chance, deine Kunstwerke zu verkaufen
- Du nimmst dein künstlerisches Leben selbst in die Hand
- Kunstliebhaber, Galerien und Kuratoren können Dich finden Mit Hilfe der einzelnen Schritte im Kurs erstellst du deinen individuellen Plan, der zu dir und deinen Werten passt. Auch wenn es dir kompliziert oder viel auf einmal vorkommt
- gemeinsam setzen wir die Punkte um - dabei helfen dir die Unterstützung der Gruppe und mein Wissen als Galeristin.

Denn die Welt braucht dich und deine Impulse.

- Woche 1: Deine Ausstellung: Ziele, Thema und Zeitplan
- Woche 2: Die Einladung: Erreiche dein Publikum
- Woche 3: Vernetzen und Sichtbarkeit: In echt und auf Social Media
- Woche 4: Deine Werke präsentieren: Für deine Besucher Mittwoch 16.12.2020:

Deine Vernissage Natürlich behandele ich dabei auch diese Themen: - Wo kannst du deine Kunst ausstellen? - Wie präsentierst du dich und deine Bilder? - Was benötigst du dazu? - Wie gehst du mit Hindernissen um und machst den Traum der eigenen Ausstellung wahr? Der Kurs ist ideal für visuelle Künstlerinnen und Künstler, die von einer eigenen Ausstellung träumen. Am besten hast du bereits eigene Kunstwerke, die du gern in die Welt - zu den Menschen - bringen möchtest. - Legst du eigentlich am liebsten einfach los aber dann stoppt dich dein Perfektionismus? - Oder hast du das Gefühl, du weißt nicht, wo du anfangen sollst? - Möchtest du Menschen mit deiner Kunst berühren und die Welt ein bisschen verändern? - Suchst du Möglichkeiten, um mit deinen Arbeiten Geld zu verdienen? - Bist du Autodidakt*in und möchtest deinen eigenen Weg in der Welt der Kunst finden? Ja? Wenigstens ein Ja?

Dann ist dieser Kurs vielleicht genau das Richtige für dich. Du organisierst deine eigene Kunstausstellung - in nur 4 Wochen.
Wir feiern online gemeinsam die Vernissage. Dann kannst du sagen: "Yeah, ich habe es gemacht!" - Nach dem Kurs weißt du, was du bei einer Ausstellung beachten solltest - Du hast erfahren, wie du dich und deine Kunst über soziale Medien mit den Menschen verbinden kannst - Du hast dein Publikum besser kennen gelernt und wertvolle Rückmeldungen erhalten - Du bist stolz, denn du hast es selbst in die Hand genommen - Durch deine eigene Ausstellung stehen dir plötzlich neue Möglichkeiten offen, deine Leidenschaft für Kunst in dein Leben zu integrieren Du bist eine Inspiration - für dich und andere.

Das benötigst du für den Kurs: - Kunstwerke: Entweder deine eigenen, oder du kennst bildende Künstler, deren Werke du gerne zeigen möchtest. - Wir werden uns in einer Facebook-Gruppe austauschen und du kannst dort all deine Fragen stellen. Darum solltest du für die Kurs-Dauer einen Facebook Account haben. - Ein Instagram Account ist empfehlenswert, aber kein Muss. - Ein Smartphone, mit dem du Fotos und Videos erstellen kannst, macht es dir einfacher - Du brauchst keine Website (aber wenn du eine hast, fabelhaft :) - Du wirst Zeit investieren - individuell kann das sehr verschieden sein.

Ich empfehle, ca. 30-60 Minuten an 4 Tagen in der Woche einzuplanen, also 2 - 4 Stunden je Woche. Der Kurs startet am Mittwoch, den 18.11.2020 und endet am Mittwoch, den 16.12.2020.

Susanne Höhne kreative Galeristin


Spelen met de natuur Leven met Liefde, Spirit en Kleur!

Als je vast loopt, geen raad weet met sommige emoties en de lat erg hoog legt voor jezelf!

Schilderen met je hart, je licht en je lichaam. Het is belangrijk om goed voor jezelf te zorgen. Om te luisteren naar jezelf en dicht bij jezelf te blijven. Om je te verbinden op diep nivo met je ziel. Ben jij hoog gevoelig en heb je zin om juist nu de verbinding met jezelf sterker te maken.

En goed voor jezelf te zorgen? Ben je eraan toe om te leren hoe je uit je hoofd, malen, en vele gedachtes kan gaan? Je wilt je niet meer aanpassen, piekeren over wat je had kunnen zeggen of doen in bepaalde situaties en steeds die angst te voelen als je meer jezelf zou zijn. Je probeert het wel om het anderen naar de zin te maken maar hoe voel je echt over jezelf? Voel je goed en goed genoeg?

Voel je levenslust, zin in je leven en voel je positieve kleurrijke energie, dat ze bubbelt en bruist! Weet jij met je emoties om te gaan? Of leg je de lat erg hoog voor jezelf en is daar die kritische stem in je hoofd die je eigenlijk geloofd ?

Zeg jij JA tegen jezelf en je leven? Ga dan met mij aan de slag! Want ik weet zeker dat het ook anders kan. Dat je je vuur kunt opladen en zelfs kunt helen van zware energie die je leven zwaar en donker maakt. Dat je het gevoel hebt dat het er nu niet voor jou is en in de toekomst ook niet. Ik was daar ook en vind het geweldig dat ik jou mag helpen om deze reis te maken. De reis die je meeneemt met tools van Sjamanisme en Licht om te ontdekken wat je weerhoudt om te leven vanuit zelf liefde en in verbinding te leven met je spirit en je ziel.

In jouw zit je creativiteit, waarmee je contact maakt met jezelf en met wat jij wilt, je gaat je uiten, spelen, ontdekken en helen. Je gaat jezelf vrij maken. Met intentie,je verlangens kenbaar maken aan het Universum. Helen van oud zeer op een liefdevolle speelse manier en je gaat zien wat en waar je jezelf beperkt, hier expressie en kleur aan geven, en ik reik je ook prachtige helende meditaties aan. De verbinding met de natuur is ook magisch, overvloedig, rijk, kleurig, rustgevend.

Sjamanisme geeft je allerlei tools om die verbinding met haar en jezelf te herstellen en om weer te genieten. Je bent verbonden met de natuur, kijk alleen maar naar het feit dat we adem/lucht inademen, waar ben je zo serieus geworden dat je vergeten bent hoe je je kunt verwonderen over de magie van je leven. De wijsheid zit al in jou! Als jij weet hoe je naar je lichaam en ziel kunt luisteren!

Deze manier van schilderen is krachtig,helend, en brengt rust en liefde in je hoofd en lichaam. Je vuur gaat weer branden en je hoeft je Licht niet langer te dimmen. Je hart wordt lichter en ze KAN LIEFDE voor jezelf en voor anderen voelen. Je levensenergie gaat weer huppelen!

Wat gaan we (hieraan) doen: Drie weken aan de slag met schilderen en met de tools van het Sjamanisme.

1. Je gaat beginnen met ruimte te maken voor jezelf en expressie te geven aan alles wat in jou speelt. Contact met jezelf en je binnenwereld staat hierbij voorop. Alles wat je dwars zit, ga je niet meer weg stoppen of er eindeloos over piekeren. Je geeft hier expressie aan op het doek of op papier. Alles mag er zijn, in de verf en via de methodes die ik gebruik.
2. Ik leer je je creativiteit te gebruiken en te gaan zien hoe jezelf weerhoudt om echt jezelf te zijn. Je emoties krijgen hiermee een plek én je ontdekt de magie van schilderen, kleur, lol en levendigheid. Met schilderen ontstaat er een spiegel waarmee je eerlijk naar jezelf kunt kijken! En je energie weer op kunt laden.
3 Je maakt kennis met tools uit het Sjamanisme en Lichtwerk die je proces van heling, verbinding en magie van het leven, mogelijk maken. Je hoeft het niet alleen te doen, je gaat steeds meer ervaren dat je er onderdeel van bent!

Voor vrouwen die graag verandering en heling in hun leven willen. Je creativiteit ontdekken en daarmee jezelf vrijmaken. Je lef hervinden die je ergens in je leven bent kwijtgeraakt! Schilderen als een magisch proces van verbinding, verwondering en heling, waardoor je weer JA tegen jezelf en het leven zegt
13 december tot 3 januari 2021

Hieraan voorafgaand start een GRATIS 5 daagse introductie van maandag 23 november t/m vrijdag 27 november 2020 https://luciaepskamp.nl/aanmelding/

Vůně pro ženskou harmonii a radost

Naučte se používat éterické oleje pro svůj vnitřní klid a spokojenost!

V kurzu vás naučím bezpečně a efektivně používat éterické oleje. Dozvíte se, které vůně podporují a harmonizují ženskou psychiku.

Společně si projdeme jednotlivé kroky při míchání voňavých směsí. Načerpáte inspiraci, energii a radost.

Prozradím vám tajemství, jak vybrat dokonalou vůni právě pro vás, díky které získáte zpět vnitřní klid a rovnováhu. Péče o domácnost a děti vám půjde lehčeji a navíc si dokážete najít čas a prostor i pro sebe.

Chcete vědět, jaké vůně vás podpoří, když jste frustrovaná a bezmocná? Chtěla byste mít po ruce podporu, když vás přepadne strach? Toužíte po vnitřním klidu a harmonii? Láká vás vstoupit do nádherného světa vůní?

Pokud jste si odpověděla ANO, tak je tento kurz právě pro vás! Kurz je pro všechny odvážné ženy, které si chtějí vzít zpět do života sílu, energii a harmonii.

A navíc se chtějí ponořit hlouběji do světa aromaterapie.

Rozbouřená mysl se zklidní, vrátí se váš vnitřní klid, energie a radost. Život vám bude dávat opět větší smysl.

S jistotou si dokážete vybrat vůni a namíchat směs přesně pro vás. 23.11.2020

Jana Urbanova aromatherapist

Get a life-long hug with MUCI

Need a hug?

This hugging buddy called MUCI will always be there for you! Or do you want to give this hugging pillow as a gift? Now it's possible!

I designed a series of organic shape pillows made of 100% wool felt and wool stuffing so that they relax your body and comfort your soul. This wonderful pillow gently warms your body, calms your soul, regulates body temperature, antiallergic, antibacterial, stain and liquid-resistant, durable, UV, and heat resistant.

Hand-made, all-natural, no plastic!

MUCI is now available for order.

Do you wonder how she matches your home? She will look like a cute rebel, just give her a welcoming and amusing spot in your home. Be prepared for fun and having the time of your life! Muci is born in Hungary, Budapest, and loves to travel to your home.


All who don't have enough hugs and need some fun in their homes. Design savvy alert! MUCI is a creature who will always relax you no matter how tired or stressed you are.

Available throughout the year but if you wish to receive for Xmas, pre-order until 16 November.

Winter SALE by SingingScarves

Hug your loved ones with hand-made personal silk scarves

When was the last time you hugged your mom/ sister/ friend?

This year it has been difficult. . . A one-of-a-kind art scarf, that carries your hugs and some special energy, will make a meaningful Christmas gift for those you really care about.


Women/men who are kind and caring, love to give meaningful gifts to those they love and for themselves, believe that pieces of art can "remember" and carry on emotions, love unique one-of-the-kind accessories, and value a sustainable lifestyle.

I will create a hand-painted art scarf on pure silk with healing energy, full of hugs and songs for your loved one. With special personalization -a special text added just for her/him - your loved one can feel this energy and the hugs whenever she/he needs them. She (or he) can be sure no-one else in the whole world has the same scarf.

The wearer of the scarf will get that special inner glow, and lots of compliments from others, she feels loved and special.

From 09 to 10.11 we organize the Kind Words Giveaway where people can describe their friends/ family - what colors they wear & why they deserve a singing scarf.

One of the lucky participants will win a unique silk scarf.

The Special Sale starts on November 11, 2020

Maria Jürimäe silk artist


Would you love to have your dog portraited and have a treasure forever? Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet lover who has everything?

Commission an original contemporary painting of your pet from one of the UK's hottest pet portrait artists - Angie Porter.

Angie has painted many celebrities and well-known figures pets from Prince Charles to David Gandy.


To get started select a beloved photo that reflects the personality of your pet. A photo taken at their eye level showing their eyes and colour of their coat is best. Then you can send it to Angie and she can create your unforgettable portrait. You will be sent regular updates of your portrait over the next month and no payment is charged until you are 100% delighted.

I can send portraits worldwide and have done portraits for people in Australia, US, England, Estonia, Holland, France, Spain, and Italy.


This is for pet lovers all over the world who love a special portrait of your pet to treasure forever.

Portraits can be sent all over the world. Donations made to 'DOGS TRUST' the UK's largest Dog Rescue Charity on ALL COMMISSIONS.

Click the link to see examples of the dog portraits.

Angie porter artist

Holistic Handmade Design

Make your life blissful

The combination of healing forces of nature, the ancient knowledge of healers, and the discoveries of the latest research on human energy create tools that support life in the spirit of holism. Holistics is the science that the world is a comprehensive system, and the health of a person is affected by the health of his body, spirit, and mind.

Bliss Manufacturer's products support the harmonization of all 3 elements. You will find products that have a positive effect on the body, soothe the spirit through the senses, help create modern rituals, support meditation, and mindfulness practices.

The products are made with respect for nature and man, using noble materials such as amber, linen, cotton, plants, and wood. For their production, we use both technology and traditional craft techniques. Our products are distinguished by modern, elegant in simplicity design, which makes the items not only useful but also beautiful and timeless.


Perfect for people who care about their growth and self-development. For modern shamans. For those who seek knowledge about human nature, both in science, quantum physics, and ancient wisdom.
For those who feel that physical existence intertwines with the spiritual element and energy of the Source. For those who want to support their health with natural methods.

When you use our items or use them to practice rituals, you will positively affect the health of your body, peace of mind, and the growth of your spirit, and your life will be more aware and blissful. Each of our items is handmade, which gives it the features of unique beauty, but it is very important that you read the rich descriptions of items. The descriptions will teach you about the features of the item, their unique properties, and how to use them.

Grand e-shop Opening December 1, 2020

Natalia T.Schmidt Owner of bliss manufacture

The Pottery Paintress' Wandering Shop

Do you feel you were born in the wrong century?

Do you often wish you could take museum exhibits home with you and use them in your own household?

Do you love the colours of 16th and 17th-century ceramics? - Or do you have a friend or relative who does? -


If you are a person who loves the aesthetics of the past and appreciates objects that were decorated by hand using the techniques of our ancestors (without the lead, though) then you might enjoy my hand-painted maiolica ceramics based on Italian and Dutch examples of the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries.

My Wandering Shop, like all wandering shops, is a place that carries exactly what the person is looking for, even if they aren't looking for anything particular.

In mine, you may find one-of-a-kind plates, bowls, or mugs that will bring a spark of the past (and of joy) to your home or the homes of your loved ones.

Commissions of personalized items or sets are also accepted, after all, many extant sets carry the heraldic symbols of their owner or commemorate special occasions such as weddings.

However, delivery times for those are longer and will not be possible before the holiday season.

The shop opens on November 11th at 11am CET (Prague time).

I am looking forward to seeing you there,

Yours, Helena aka the Pottery Paintress

Helena Pecháčková the pottery paintress


How to use your photography to connect emotionally with your audience.

We always believe that good communication happens only when we have a clear and *smart* message. Yet, the most meaningful communication happens when we tell stories… December comes with slowing down, joyful moments, and more than ever, paying attention to details. It’s probably the best time you can start sharing stories with your pictures and easily open doors to conversations.

Join me on this 21 days journey and we will learn the basics of what it takes to become a visual storyteller who connects emotionally with the audience.

Using my step-by-step framework, the course will give you the beginning steps to your storytelling with images. With ease and fun, we will tackle photography *tech* rules to help you capture amazing images. I truly believe that we all have what it takes to tell amazing visual stories. Let’s make this December count and start 2021 with clarity and joy! In our online world, pictures are becoming more and more doors to connection.


The course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the starting steps on photography and storytelling with images. This is for you whether you take pictures occasionally with your camera or smartphone, or you are a passionate photographer. You will learn the starting steps on photography and storytelling with images and how to create emotional connections with your audience!

We start on NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Natale lento: il servizio fotografico a casa tua

Il regalo senza tempo per tutta la famiglia: un servizio fotografico nel calore della vostra casa che si prepara al Natale, tra i profumi dei dolci tipici che aleggiano nell'aria e le cioccolate che riscaldano le mani infreddolite.

Le vostre tradizioni, le fiabe lette davanti al vostro albero, le canzoni di Natale e i ricordi di momenti che custodirete per sempre e acquisteranno ancora più valore tra 10, 20, 30 anni.

Un’ode alla lentezza, una celebrazione dell’Amore quotidiano.

Per chi apprezza le piccole cose e chi sa scorgere lo straordinario nell’ordinario.

Meno corse affannose, più lentezza. Meno consumi dettati dalla società, più desideri autentici.

Meno disconnessione, più connessione profonda. Meno apparenza, più essenza.

Per chi vuole trascorrere un tempo lento e di qualità con la propria famiglia dando vita a nuovi ricordi tramite momenti di autentica e profonda connessione.

Un regalo a voi e al legame che vi unisce.

Un regalo al vostro Amore.

Per sentirlo sottopelle.

Per sentirvi ancora di più. Per sempre.

Sara Parenti Fotografia d'amore

From “Ouch, my back” to “Hey, life is fun”

A course that helps you in a gentle and soft way to relieve your back pain and enjoy life again.

Do you suffer of back pain? Do you think it sucks and you want your life back again?

I created a 3-week course that shows you and let you feel, how important it is to live your life with a little reserve. The rest should be for emergency ONLY.

I will present you the so called “70% rule” in Tai Chi that prevents you from injury and let the healing energy flow optimally through your body.

In the first week, I’ll teach you a way to stand up from the bed and a chair the 70% rule.

In the second week, you will learn how an upright posture and deep breathing can help your spine.

In the third week, I will show you some easy and gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to empower your back.


People with lower back pain, not being able to enjoy life as they would like to, also afraid that someday they could become a burden for their family and friends. They are committed to do anything necessary to improve their situation and gain back a healthy back.

The result is less pain, a more relaxed life with less stress, being able and being free to do the things you like in a gentle way, take care of yourself being independent, play with the children in your life, enjoy nature, friends, traveling or whatever you love to do.

It starts on the 25th of November.

Arni Trommelen Tai Chi instructor



We support brave women entrepreneurs who desire business growth and are ready to show up as a Pink flower in a green meadow

I am  incredibly proud of the amazing courses and offers our super talented Brave Business clients have created for you.  

They  are proof that women entrepreneurs really are stronger together.  

December 2, 2020 we open the doors to the Brave Business Academy.

If you want to become the Queen of your Business - and grow your business - BRAVE is the place to be. 


Download the FREE Copy Guide and we make sure you get your personal invitation when we open the Brave Business Academy.

X Esther de Charon de Saint Germain


"Lost for words? Yet, so much to say. Don't know where to start?"

"Don't worry. I will help you write texts that make people fall in LOVE with YOU."




The courses and offerings on this page are created and delivered by our clients from A BRAVE BRAND.  We wholeheartedly support them.
Our clients are fully responsible for all communication, payment, delivery, etc of their courses and products.