Brave Branding Academy Speaker

Academy Speaker

Dear Brave Branding Academy Speaker,

We're so happy to invite you in the Academy. Our Brave Branding Academy members are women entrepreneurs on their way to 100K. They are artists, coaches, designers, psychologists, creators, teachers, health professionals etc. 

We work with 4 activators

✅  January - March
(self-love, love for your clients, relationships, body awareness and appreciation etc)

✅ April - June
(flow, finances, abundance, dealing with money blocks etc)

✅ July - September
(social media, copy, websites, connection, showing up real and vulnerable etc.)

✅ October - December
(personal style, everything beautiful - also your office .... - , feelings around beauty, photography etc)

Every activator starts with a Soul Whisper by Esther and then there’s 1 expert talk (on that specific activator) every month. That's where you come in!

You decide on the best possible format for your talk
You can choose an interactive training, a an interview with me. It depends on how you like to express yourself. If you have a training, speech or talk that you feel is a fit than that's great.

Whether or not you're a professional speaker, know that our members are amazing and our community warm and kind. And Esther will be there the entire time.

Focus in the Academy is on authenticity, vulnerability, showing up, growth, feminine marketing. Our Brave Branding Manifesto is here

The Brave Branding Academy page is here.

The A-Team will contact you to finalize our meeting. Truly looking forward to your talk.