Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Queens from all over the world - and why you have to embrace your inner Queen too!

In Brand the Real You (my branding program) there’s a Live day where we creates our Queen portrait.

This day is a game changer for every participant. Because we can see and feel our own magnificence!

It’s based on the portraits of Queen Elizabeth I, who was more-or-less the inventor of personal branding (according to me) 

Queen Elizabeth I made sure she was portrayed according to her strict rules. And she was visible in every place of any importance.

In the Elizabethan time is was considered pretty fancy to have a portrait of HM in your house. So in a time long before mass media her recognizable face (white face, red hair! what an amazing brand) was everywhere.

That level of visibility is similar to the Beyonce’s of our time. It takes time and perseverance to reach that level of visibility. 

But One Woman ruled an unruly empire.

For sure WE can rule our own empire and show up as the Queen (your rules, your voice, your empire!)

I’ve seen so many great portraits the last two days and came up with a great idea to make that famous Queen Portrait Day even better (and more diverse and inclusive

I can’t wait for the next Queen Portrait Day!

You wholeheartedly belong with us


Let's measure your Obstacle Score. This is the amount of obstacles that are standing between your raving sucess and being stuck. We rate from 100 to 10 points. Your Obstacle Score is an indication of the success you can expect in The Real You sisterhood: Higher Score? Impressive results to be expected. 



5⭐ reviews


Selen Yildiztac

Health Expert & Healer for Animals and Human Beings

A truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

After only 1 Month I found my zone of genius, turned it in a program and sold my first 12-month group coaching program.


Maria Jurimea

Owner Singing Scarves

In 1 year I have moved more than in the 15 years before. I was very modest with my pricing, but Esther told me to double or triple my prices.

I thought: "That is crazy. No one will buy at those prices."  But my international sales keep coming.  This has given me so much self confidence.

Maja Nardosha Saba

Maja Nidosha

Art therapist

Thank you Esther, because of your guided visualization   I could finally feel the field of my true potential.  

I have already felt the change and the elation and my dreams are happening for me right now.  I feel so open and inspired. 

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About the Author

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Branding Queen, Marketing Strategy Miracle Extraordinair, Energy shifter, founder of the Wonderfully Weird World, bestselling author, and Whisperer of Souls also bestselling author, Abe's mother, Rik's wife, and the servant of Marie and Leeloo (yes, cats)

Oh, she can also channel information from Source, so that you can tap into the wisdom of spirit guides.

Esther is the founder of the Wonderfully Weird movement that transforms, inspires, and supports women entrepreneurs to build a business and brand based on self-love and self-acceptance and become their authentic selves.

You can work with Esther in the The Real You and if you want to honor you Wonderfully Weirdness and get 10 clients each month with emotional heart based marketing (that doesn't suck at all. Or work with her in person - limited availability - Take the Quiz for your best solution

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