Queens from all over the world - and why you have to embrace your inner Queen too!

In Brand the Real You (my branding program) there’s a Live day where we creates our Queen portrait.

This day is a game changer for every participant. Because we can see and feel our own magnificence!

It’s based on the portraits of Queen Elizabeth I, who was more-or-less the inventor of personal branding (according to me) 

Queen Elizabeth I made sure she was portrayed according to her strict rules. And she was visible in every place of any importance.

In the Elizabethan time is was considered pretty fancy to have a portrait of HM in your house. So in a time long before mass media her recognizable face (white face, red hair! what an amazing brand) was everywhere.

That level of visibility is similar to the Beyonce’s of our time. It takes time and perseverance to reach that level of visibility. 

But One Woman ruled an unruly empire.

For sure WE can rule our own empire and show up as the Queen (your rules, your voice, your empire!)

I’ve seen so many great portraits the last two days and came up with a great idea to make that famous Queen Portrait Day even better (and more diverse and inclusive

I can’t wait for the next Queen Portrait Day!

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