December 15, 2022 10:24 am

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Can your brand make or break 2023 for you?

A brand can make or break your 2023 for three reasons. 

► First

There are more businesses than ever before. In today's crowded and competitive market having a strong, authentic, and aligned brand is more important than ever.

You want to stand out from your peers and gain the attention of potential customers and soul clients. 

Here's an example: 

There are 75.000 coaches in the Netherlands. We've got 17 million (give or take) residents. That means that around 0,5 percent of all those Dutch people is a coach.

*I'm Dutch and a certified transformational coach so, trust me, I'm not making this up.

What is the number One Mistake the Majority of those 75.000 coaches make? 

They try to fit in instead of differentiating themselves. The number of coaches that calls themselves  'A coach' is staggering. 

Only a tiny amount of those 75.000 coaches have regular income from their coaching practice. But they love to serve and change lives.

That's why they invested on average 10K Euros/Dollars in their education. 

BUT . . .

Once they've got their certification they don't know what to do next.

How can I get clients?

So they pay a lot of money to get certifications from all kinds of self-proclaimed Coaching Registration Organizations. They buy expensive spots on one of the many 'Find your Coach' platforms, hoping that people will magically find them.

They have fallen for 'Magical Hope Marketing'. Where they HOPE clients will Magically find them.

But all those amazing coaches still look the same, they feel the same, they work with 'everyone', their websites are generic, and they have been taught to be neutral. 

▶︎ But neutral doesn't work.

► Neutral makes invisible. 

What they need is a brand!

A strong brand will help you to establish credibility and trust with your audience, it's by far the most powerful marketing tool for attracting and retaining customers.

► Secondly

Your brand is an incredibly important part of your overall identity and strategy. It encompasses everything from your messaging to the quality and consistency of your products or services. 

An aligned brand will help to guide your business's actions and decisions and is a valuable asset for driving growth and success.

▶︎ Thirdly
In our era of social media and online communication, your brand's reputation will be shaped and influenced by the actions and opinions of your customers and followers. 

Your post where you share deep feelings will touch the people who need you the most.

A strong aligned brand will help you build a positive reputation and foster customer loyalty, while an unclear (or neutral) brand will hurt your reputation and success.

A strong brand will drive success and growth, while a weak or damaged brand can harm a company's ability to succeed in today's market.

So, is  2023 the year to go all in on branding?

Well, it's always important to focus on building a strong brand, but 2023 may be an especially important year to go all in on branding. 

In today's crowded and competitive market, having a strong brand is more important than ever for standing out from competitors (or your peers) and gaining the attention of potential customers and soul clients. 

With so many businesses and entrepreneurs vying for attention, it's essential to have a strong and authentic brand that clearly communicates your unique value proposition and sets you apart from your peers. 



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About the Author

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Branding Queen, Marketing Strategy Miracle Extraordinair, Energy shifter, founder of the Wonderfully Weird World, bestselling author, and Whisperer of Souls also bestselling author, Abe's mother, Rik's wife, and the servant of Marie and Leeloo (yes, cats)

Oh, she can also channel information from Source, so that you can tap into the wisdom of spirit guides.

Esther is the founder of the Wonderfully Weird movement that transforms, inspires, and supports women entrepreneurs to build a business and brand based on self-love and self-acceptance and become their authentic selves.

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