FINAL DAY: The Best Day is Free of Worries. Discover how to Attract Clients from your Lazy Chair
with Esther de Charon de Saint Germain  

YOU Get 7 epic programs That NOURISH YOUR SOUL, FueL YOUR DESIRE, ATTRACT CLIENTS and MAKE YOU UNFORGETTABLE . . . while ENJOYING a well-deserved summer HOLIDAY ðŸ–


You missed out!

"I composed the  Client Attraction Bundle for you so that you can relax and grow.

Wishing you a wonderful day,  X Esther 

Here is your Happy ðŸ– Client Attraction Bundle


You missed out!

Are you longing for a luscious day, but worry about money, clients or becoming invisible? 

This is for you.

Everything you need to ATTRACT CLIENTS

for only € 87 Euro

Connect to your Deepest Desires, dance Like No One Can See You while Gently Processing Insights, smile happily while finding and Attracting your Clients, start building your Personal Brand, Capture your unique Personal Style and share on Social Media, set up your Irresistible Offer, Upgrade your Self-Love, release Perfectionism and Finish What You Started.

Oh ... you also get a FREE Bonus!


Here's an example:

Not too long ago, photographer Sara Parenti struggled to attract the right clients. Esther helped her understand that she was not just any photographer. 

 What made Sara unique is her ability to capturing the Invisible Connection between people and creating a magical space where her clients can fully shine.

Nowadays, couples from all over the world travel to Italy to have their love and connection be photographed by Sara from Meraki Photography.

🌺 💃🏽 🏖

This is what Sara shared:

"Before I worked with Esther, I was always afraid of selling, I didn’t show up, never launched a product, only shared some loving, romantic stuff, but never got out with a proper offer. 

With Esthers support I dared to show up and to sell. And last week I received a message from a client: 

'I see you shining, your beautiful posts, promoting with love, simplicity, and authenticity. I can tell you have gone through some beautiful shifts. You share your beautiful offers from your heart with ease and inner confidence.'


Do you want to attract clients because you know how to show up authentically so that you can share your beautiful offers with ease and confidence?



You missed out!



Align your business with your Iconic Personal Brand: The Brand Basics Program

WHAT YOU GET The Essential Brand Basics to build your brand fast, in three actionable video lessons with done-for-you workbooks, personal style book, and cheat sheets.

After you've gone through the program you will:

  • ▶︎ 1. Stand out and be consciously different from your peers to capture the attention of future clients.
  • ▶︎ 2. Have written your unique story and create the messaging that make people fall in love with you and use your uniqueness so that your soul clients can't resist working with you.
  • ► 3. Have upgraded and leveraged your personal style and make your everyday life your focus, even when you think there's nothing interesting to share. This is a game changer!

€ 497,- Euro

Develop your Personal Style, create your Visual Identity today and be Unforgettable

WHAT YOU GET  All the steps you need to create an Iconic Visual Identity with 5 Step Program with 8 videos, 3 workbook and 2 worksheets.

After you've gone through the Visual Brand Program you have a powerful brand that is

  • ▶︎ 1.  A. Created around your brand values
             B. Your brand colors, fonts and images
             C. A website that does the work for you  
  • ▶︎ 2. Fully ready to influence your audience via Social Media, simply by matching the right image and words to the right emotion *easy as pie!
  • ► 3. Reliable and repeatable. You very own branding system to serve your business.

€ 597,- Euro 

Bring in the money with your Irresistible Offer and Marketing.

WHAT YOU GET All the steps you need to create irresistible offer that you can market to your audience with this 4 hours Masterclass and Workbook.

After you've gone through the Masterclass you know exactly how to

  • ▶︎ 1. Create an Irresistible Offer that you can sell all the time!
  • ▶︎ 2. Finally understand how to set up our niche and become the expert people love to buy from.
  • ► 3. Market your offer and make money doing what you love the most.

€ 297,- Euro 

► PROGRAM 4 The Secret Client Attraction Process
Start attracting clients with The Secret Client Attraction Formula

WHAT YOU GET The steps that lead towards fully understanding your clients needs, desires, fear, joy and inner obstacles.

After the program you know exactly 

  • ▶︎ 1. Who your Soul Client is an Irresistible Offer that you can sell all the time!
  • ▶︎ 2. What your soul client desires – from you! – or their fears (so that you can lovely say the right things).
  • ► 3. Where to find them, get close to them and make them part of your life, brand and marketing.

€ 197,- Euro 

Ditch Perfect and get ready to finish what you started

WHAT YOU GET All the steps you need to set up a powerful Creative Process that works for you, even when you run into perfectionism. You get a Masterclass, a meditation and a Workbook with a 31 days Journal.

After you've gone through the Overcome Perfectionism Program you will be able to

  • ▶︎ 1. Keep moving forward when you hit a Perfectionism Hurdle.
  • ▶︎ 2. Understand the difference between Perfect and Good Enough.
  • ► 3.Finish what you start and make money with you magic.

€ 97,- Euro 

The Desire Visualisation discover your true desire and speed up the manifestation.

WHAT YOU GET  is the video and MP4 of the Desire Visualisation that will reconnect you to your deepest desires. Instead of the regular "I want a new house" wishes you will discover your deepest desire. Like your desire to be seen, to feel protected, or accepted.

This process will take you from discovering what your clients really desire (and need from you!) to what you deeply desire and how to make that desire your driving force.

After you've gone through the Desire Visualisation you
  • ▶︎ 1. Feel, sense and embody what you deeply desire and how to make that desire your driving force!
  • ▶︎ 2. Experience how this desire becomes your driving force and the reason why – even if you're super multi-passionate – you keep making the choices that draw you into the best possible direction.
  • ► 3. Notice that your manifestation will speed up, magical meetings, profound insights, clear focus and a deep sense of belong will all support you to draw in the good things. 

€ 97,- Euro 

Self Love Journal – Transform yourself and your business from within

WHAT YOU GET is full version of the downloadable Self Love Journal with 84 pages of exercises, transformational actions, prompts and 30 days of journaling that will take you to a completely different field of possibilities.

After you've gone through the Journaling process you have 
  • ▶︎ 1. Reclaimed your power, let go of the habits that don't serve you anymore , know there is a place that is the wind beneath your wings!
  • ▶︎ 2. Released hustling, working harder, fitting in, being like the others, fit in and 'Follow the Business Guru Coach'. *yay
  • ► 3. Love your body, soul and mind – mixed with your personal strategy and action taking so that you get you to your next level.

€ 27,- Euro 

Make your Audience fall in love with you Master the Art of Authentic Connection with the Best Words

You get the full Downloadable Self Love Journal with 84 pages of exercises, transformational actions, prompts and 30 days of journaling that will take you to a completely different field of possibilities.

After you've gone through the Copy Process you know exactly how to
  • ▶︎ 1.  Write copy, share stories that come straight from your heart and grow your business like crazy, even when you think
    you’ve got nothing to say . . .
  • ▶︎ 2. Talk to people who have no idea who you are.
  • ► 3. Write Facebook posts that readers will remember *they will see you as the expert they need!

€ 37,- Euro 


What They Say

A truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

After only 1 Month I found my zone of genius, turned it in a program and sold my first 12-month group coaching program.

SELEN YILDIZTAC GRAF Health Expert & Healer for Animals and Human Beings

With Esther's help, I changed my business name and brand and am able to envision  what I really desire and believe I can do it.

Esther 'gets' you right away. I have seen it happen so many times. She is very quick in analyzing, even if you try to hide it. But she never judges you and is able to pinpoint what is going on within yourself, even when you don't know what's happening.

ESTER SCHIPHORST Founder Zacht & Zeep

I doubted if I needed to invest in my business but I just love how Esther combines her professional knowledge in branding with the soul whispers - which I find a fantastic way to make changes in the mindset.

I feel much more confident and clear about my values, my business, my services, and clients. I learned a lot about myself. I can see my strengths and weaknesses clearly and this helped me to improve business.

Agnes Somogyi  Designer

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The Client Attraction Bundle

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▶︎ 5. Without the Special Bundle you pay  â‚¬1.846,- for the eight programs.

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€ 87,- Euro. 

▶︎ 7. You get 2 special Bonuses: the Copy Book and an EPIC 10% DISCOUNT !! when you join THE REAL YOU YEAR PROGRAM!

  $95 US Dollar – 143 AUS Dollar – 2.077 Czech Koruna â€“ 1.774 South African Rand – 74 Pound sterling] - 12,868 ISK

  • 1. The Brand Basics Program Standard Price €497,-
  • 2. Create your Visual  Brand and Social Media Marketing today Standard Price €597,-
  • 3. creating your Irresistible Offer and Marketing today Standard Price €297,-
  • 4. The Secret Client Attraction Process Standard Price €197,-

  • 5. Farewell Perfectionism Program Standard Price € 97,-
  • 6. The Self-Love Journal Standard Price € 27,-
  • 7. The Desire Visualisation   Standard Price € 97,-
  • 8. BONUS Free Of Charge The Famous Copy Book Standard Price € 37,-
  • 9. BONUS 10% discount on The Real You program that starts in September  Save € 150,-

€ 1.846,00