1. The Brand Archetype Guide

We always use the Brand Archetypes in combination with in-depth brand research, our brand matrix, synchronicity, self-love, clients research, etc.

We work with a feminine branding framework that starts with 'Who You Really Are' and the Brand Archetypes is one of our beloved tools.

Brand archetypes are universal, timeless, and deeply ingrained patterns or themes that are commonly found in storytelling and myth. They are used in branding to help companies create a clear, consistent, and compelling brand identity that resonates with their target audience. It is - like synchronicity - based on the work of Carl Jung,

There are twelve brand archetypes in total: the Explorer, the Creator, Innocent, the Nurturer, Everyone, Ruler Sage, Alchemist,Rebel the Jester, Lover, and Hero.

By understanding which archetypes a person identifies with, a brand can more effectively communicate with them. For example, someone who identifies with the jester archetype may be more likely to respond to a brand that uses humor in its marketing, like M&M's or Ben & Jerry's.

Each brand archetype has its own unique characteristics, strengths, energy and challenges. Business choose the archetype (s) that best fits their brand's mission, values, and target audience. By aligning their branding with a specific brand archetype, companies can create a strong and consistent brand identity that resonates with their audience and helps them stand out in a crowded marketplace

2. Why Are Brand Archetypes Important for Your Brand Strategy?

Brand archetypes are important because they help brands create a story that resonates with consumers. Archetypes are often used to position a brand as a leader in its industry.

The ruler archetype can be used to convey a brand's strength and authority. The lover archetype can be used to show consumers that the brand is passionate and committed to its products or services. By using brand archetypes, brands can create a strategy that will allow them to connect with consumers on a deeper level and build brand loyalty.

Brand Archetype Guide for your Visual Brand Identity

The use of brand archetypes is an important tool in the development of your brand identity. By understanding the personality archetype of your brand, you can develop a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Your brand colors, logo, tone of voice, and images should all reflect the archetype of your brand. Your brand story should also be aligned with your brand archetype to provide a consistent message across all touchpoints.

How the Brand Archetype Guide Framework Builds emotive brands

The brand archetype framework is a tool that helps brands connect with their audience on a deeper level. Carl Jung first introduced the concept of archetypes, which are universal symbols that exist in the collective unconscious. By understanding and using archetypes, brands can build a strong emotional connection with their audience.

There are 12 brand archetypes, and each one has its own set of emotions and associations. When creating your brand story, it's important to choose an archetype that aligns with your brand's values and mission. Doing so will help you tap into the power of archetypes and create a brand that people can connect with on a deeper level.

"There’s A 95% Probability That A Brand Archetype Has Seduced You"

Brand Archetypes Are Not About Appealing To Everyone

Brand archetypes are not about appealing to everyone, but rather about finding the right target audience for your brand. You can have multiple archetypes for your brand, each representing a different type of customer. For example, an outlaw archetype might appeal to customers who are looking for a rebellious or edgy brand like Harley Davidson.

What Are The 12 Brand Archetypes?

Discover The 12 Brand Archetypes

There are 12 brand archetypes, and each one has its own set of values, personality traits, and ways of interacting with the world. Each archetype can be a powerful tool for understanding your brand and how it fits into the larger landscape. When you know your archetype, you can use it to inform your marketing, messaging, and even product development.

Brand Archetype Guide

Archetype #1: The Creator 

A creator brand is one that embodies creativity and innovation. This archetype is all about making something new and different, and standing out from the crowd. For a creator brand, the sky's the limit when it comes to possibilities. If you're targeting a creative and forward-thinking target audience, a creator brand strategy might be the right fit for you. When it comes to branding, think big and bold. Use colors and images that are eye-catching and unique. Your tone of voice should be confident, optimistic, and inspiring.

Which Creator are you?

The Creator family is made up of the main Creator Brand Personality that focuses very strongly on self-expression. As a rule of thumb this personality is creative, lateral-thinking and achievement-orientated. They have a highly developed aesthetic and a tendency to strive for perfectionism. There are however six family members within The Creator archetype that hone into different characteristics that you may feel are more aligned with your brand.

The Inventor fosters true innovation, excels at brainstorming and embraces collaboration. They strive to create something enduring that is able to influence society, solve a problem or improve lives through their innovation and it is usually something of beauty.

The Entrepreneur is ambitious and achievement orientated. With a clear vision in mind, this innovative pioneer is an ideas generator and thrives on turning dreams into reality.

The Artist is often very emotional and deeply inspired. They have an ability to bring the intangible to life. With a deep psychological need to express themselves, the Artist will bring an unconventional perspective that challenges

Archetype #2: The Sage 

A sage brand is one that is all about knowledge and wisdom. They are the voice of reason in a chaotic world. They are often seen as thought leaders in their industry, and their target audience is usually people who are looking for answers to life's big questions.

Sage brands tend to be very strategic, and their brand identity is usually based on colors that represent knowledge and wisdom, such as blue or purple. Their tone of voice is usually calm and collected, as they want to be seen as a source of reliable information.

Archetype #3: The Nurturer 

The caregiver brand archetype is one that is focused on caring for others. This can be seen in brands that are focused on health care, child care, or even pet care. The target audience for this type of brand is usually people who are looking for a brand that they can trust to care for their loved ones. The colors associated with this archetype are usually warm and inviting, such as shades of green and blue. The tone of voice for a caregiver brand should be compassionate and understanding.

Archetype #4: The Innocent 

The Innocent brand archetype is all about purity, simplicity, and naturalness. This brand is all about being wholesome and true to oneself. The target audience for this archetype is people who are looking for a brand that is authentic and down-to-earth. The colors associated with this archetype are usually soft and natural, like white, light blue, and green. The tone of voice for this archetype is usually gentle and reassuring.

Archetype #5: The Jester 

The Jester brand archetype is all about fun and playfulness. If your brand strategy includes targeting a younger audience, then the Jester could be a great archetype for you. When thinking about your brand identity, consider using colors that are associated with childhood or happiness.

When it comes to tone of voice, the Jester is all about being lighthearted and making people laugh.

Archetype #6: The Alchemist 

The Alchemist brand is one that conjures up images of mystery, enchantment, and possibility. This archetype is all about making the impossible seem possible, and helping people to see the world in new and exciting ways. If your brand is all about innovation and creativity, then the magician archetype may be a good fit for you. When it comes to creating a brand strategy, target audience, and identity for a magician brand, it's important to use colors and tones that convey a sense of mystery and wonder.

Think dark blues, purples, and greens. Your tone of voice should also be magical and enchanting.

Archetype #7: The Ruler 

Ruler brand archetype is about power, control, and ambition. If your brand falls into this category, your target audience are people who crave power and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Your brand strategy should focus on making your target audience feel powerful and in control.

Your brand identity can be sleek and modern, with colors that convey power and authority like royal purple, dark blue, and black. Your tone of voice should be confident and commanding.

Archetype #8: The Hero 

The Hero brand archetype is all about courage, strength and overcoming obstacles. This brand strategy is about inspiring your target audience and making them believe that anything is possible. Your brand identity should be strong and bold, with colors that represent power and determination.

Your tone of voice should be confident and uplifting, always leading the way towards a better future.

Archetype #9: The Everyone 

The Everyone (or Regular Guy/Gal) is the everyman brand archetype. This brand strategy is all about appealing to the target audience by being relatable and down-to-earth. The Regular Guy's brand identity is all about being approachable, friendly, and trustworthy.

This archetype is often represented with colors like blue and green, and has a tone of voice that is casual and conversational.

Archetype #10: The Rebel 

A rebel brand is one that breaks the mold and stands out from the rest. This type of brand is often edgy and unconventional, and its target audience is typically younger consumers. Rebel brands typically have a strong identity, with bold colors and a unique tone of voice.

When it comes to brand strategy, rebel brands are all about standing out from the crowd and breaking the rules.


Archetype #11: The Explorer 

The Explorer brand archetype represents brands that are curious, adventurous, and always looking for new opportunities. They are unafraid of taking risks and feel most alive when they are pushing boundaries. Explorer brands are usually idealistic, optimistic, and believe in the power of possibility.

If your brand is an Explorer, your target audience is likely to be people who are also curious and adventurous. Your brand strategy should focus on creating new opportunities and experiences for your target audience. Your brand identity should be youthful, optimistic, and exciting.

Colors that represent the Explorer archetype include blue (representing the open sky) and green (representing growth). The tone of voice for an Explorer brand should be positive, encouraging, and inspiring.

Archetype #12: The Lover 

A lover brand is one that is all about passion, intimacy, and connection. Its target audience is people who crave closeness and connection in their lives. The brand identity of a lover brand is typically very romantic, with colors like pink and red that convey a sense of love and passion. The tone of voice of a lover brand is often soft, sensual, and inviting.

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