Are you done waiting until your luck will change? Are you fed up with the second-guessing or wasting precious time and money?

and be Irresistible to the people you want to serve?

This is the 100% Done for You Process for Business Owners Who Want to Serve, Transform, Create or Help

Work with me in Person

I will make your offers, brand, marketing and you irresistible to the people you want to serve, transform or help with the Unique Become Irresistible Process.

✔︎ The Become Irresistible Process is for the Reluctant Entrepreneur who deeply desires to serve, transform, create and help.
✔︎ But instead of doing what you are supposed to do, you are painfully stuck and overwhelmed by all the confusing - and boring -  marketing, selling, offers, and business elements.
✔︎ This is a 100% personalized process. It's Only for You.

✔︎ I will unburden you and do the work for you so that you can do what you're supposed to do: to serve, transform, create and help.

Become Irresistible is is NOT an Overwhelming Program that will leave you in the dark or only ads more tasks to your overwhelming TO DO list.


❌  Stop settling for less when it comes to reaching your dreams.

❌ Stop taking the slow train to nowhere.

❌ Stop the second-guessing, the wasting money, the spoiling-precious-time-trying-to-figure-it-out yourself and all those lost opportunities.  

I will pave the way for you so that you can take the Fast Yellow Brick Road to Money in the Bank. 

I give you access to my 30 years of branding and marketing experience, next level super strategy power so that you become irresistible to those you want to support.

Become Irresistible will result into clients and more revenue for you, if:

✔︎ 1 ► You want money in the bank - not in 10 years from now - but asap! You want to help more people, grow much faster and are willing to invest and implement.

You are upset that you're not making the amount of money that you want (and deserve) but don't know how to 'make it happen'. 

✔︎ 2.  You are fed up (or disappointed) by your lack of progress. But you're not a natural born entrepreneur and are struggling to figure out what to do next.

You are finding yourself having to explain what your business is or does, why you are The One for your clients, or how your offer can help and are missing out on clients - day after day.

✔︎ 3. You are an old soul, deep thinker, you want to coach, transform, create, help or support. But entrepreneurship feels like a hurdle.You are not prepared to waste precious time anymore or to accept the tiny version of yourself anymore.

You are the owner of a much loved business, but are struggling to move forward, can't figure out what makes you special or unique, what to sell, what to do, what to say, what to share, how to price your offers, or to whom.

✔︎  4. You are losing valuable time, resources and energy with (group) solutions, - without getting your personalized answers.
Only to feeling more overwhelmed, grumpy and lost afterwards, because you don't have a 100% personalized roadmap catered to your needs.

✔︎ 5. You have grown as an entrepreneur and have a lot to offer
But keep telling yourself that you are just not that interesting, need to study more, or worry about being different.

✔︎ 6. You've got foggy goals, an unclear direction, no roadmap and don't know what to do next.
This is a common symptom when growing a business.The problem is that it all happened so slowly - or you have grown accustomed to it - that you think that this is  your 'normal'.

Well it's NOT normal! Meet Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, MA. 

💃🏽 A. She's got over 30 years of experience in branding and marketing and created a 6-figure business 2 years after starting an online business when she was 57 years old.

🦸🏽‍♀️ B. Blessed with a Superwoman Vision for everything that is your Kryptonite and your True Gold. She detects everything that is out of alignment and what keeps you painfully stuck in your business, offers, branding and marketing.

👩🏽‍🎤 C. She even understand your Zone of Genius before you see it yourself. Moreover, she will Strategize and Analyse the Living Daylights out of everything you have created and built till now.

🕵🏽‍♀️ D. Hand over your business and she will Spring Clean and Rebuilt your beloved business into the Money Generating and Client Attracting Powerhouse that you deserve.

This is what Esther tells you about the process: watch the video

Old soul and deep thinker,
I see you, I understand you. 

I know the path to true success and will do the heavy lifting for you.





I will analyze, research and audit your business, brand, marketing, offers, target audience and . . . you.

The goal of the audit is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, marketing, offers, and you.

▶︎ We have an online meeting at the start of your Become Irresistible ( 75 to 90 minutes) where I take you through a loooong list of questions and the results of your Brand Archetypes test.

► It’s important for me to understand your true desires, the timeframe you want this to happen, possible obstacles that might get in the way (so that we can manoeuvre around it) and a very concrete outcome in terms of money, impact and other desired results.

▶︎  I will use a mix of intuition and my brand and business experience to make this a deeply powerful and effective audit.

▶︎ I will research, audit and analyse your: 

- Target Audience
(their needs and desires)
- Offers
(pricing, content, sales pages, type of offers, funnels etc) 
- All Marketing and Messaging (emails, blog posts, videos etc) 
- Dreams and desired outcome
- Unique kind of working and creating
- Brand Archetypes
- Unique Energy
- Obstacles and everything that has not been working for you (and why)
-  Brand
- Tone of Voice
- Present Followers
- Marketing Channels (social media, podcast, blogs, etc)
- Business and Network Activities
- The effectiveness of your Current Strategy
- Launches and sales methods
- Personal Style
- Zone of Genius
- Unique Brilliance
- and everything that is needed for your Epic Result




I will realign and strategize the audited elements (including you) and optimize them for maximum results.

The goal of the Blueprint is to have a fully aligned strategy - based on your audit - that will open your business, marketing and brand to an influx of money and clients.


▶︎ Your ultimate blueprint will set you apart and makes you irresistible to your audience. I will bring everything in alignment for you (like Ikea Furniture all set up for you, ready to use)
► With the Aligned Blueprint, you'll be able to capture your audience's attention, resonates with them deeply, and motivate them to take action.

► You'll be able to communicate your unique brilliance in a way that is authentic, genuine, and irresistible.

▶︎ You'll be able to build a loyal following of raving fans who are eager to work with you and support you on your journey.

▶︎ This is how I do it for you
1. While I'm creating your Irresistible Blueprint, I keep you in the loop via Voxer. I will most likely send you all kind of questions and assignments to get extra input so that I can truly ‘catch’ your uniqueness and can create a powerful blueprint for you.

There is space to adjust, change, clarify.

2. Your Blueprint will be uniquely created for you.Your Blueprint is a masterful combination of everything that has been audited and that will help you reach your dream destination.

This is what you can expect to find in your Blueprint:

* Your Target Audience 
Who they are, where they are, their Brand Archetypes, what they desire and need from you. 

* Your Offers
Including the type of offers, offer portfolio and prefered pricing.

* Your Sales Structure
Including launch structures, nurturing, selling that fits you and your target audience, funnels, your sales script.

* Your Marketing and Messaging 
Including best type of emails, website guidance, blog posts, podcast, videos, preferred social media platform, your personal Marketing Pie (all the marketing that will work for your business).

* Your Brand Archetypal Power
Including the elements that will support you to become Irresistible

* Your Brand 
Including your positioning and values, tone of voice, messaging, personal style, visual identity guidance (brand colors, type of photography, font etc. based on the  brand archetypes)

* You 
Including everything that makes you irresistible, your Brand Archetypes, Zone of Genius, you unique kind of working and creating (like best times, amount of weekly hours, etc), your Unique Brilliance, advice on practical inner work when the going gets tough. 




I will create your actionable roadmap - 100% fitted to you - so that you will achieve your goals.
(hello clients and money).

The goal of your 100% personalized roadmap is to break down every task and goal into manageable steps based on your capacity, style, 'action-taking' and schedule. 


► The roadmap consists of all the actions you take (like launch strategy, marketing, list building etc.) so that you will reach your goals

► Your Roadmap will give you all the day-to-day steps optimized for you.

▶︎ We meet up for a 30 minutes call where you (and your team) can ask me all your questions so that your implementation becomes a success

► Now it’s time for you take action.
Over a period of 1 - 8 weeks (depending on your package) you (or a dedicated team member) have access to my Voxer.

From Monday to Thursday you can ask me four questions and get four answers

This way you (and your team) can implement everything with ease and grace.

If you want more Voxer or 1 -1 support, it's possible to purchase more time (or choose a different package)

Duration depends on your package, on how fast we can book our calls, get the answers needed for the process, etc. the duration will be 6 - 15 weeks 

The Become Irresistible Process is best suited for coaches, healers, creatives, educators, authors, designers, architects, small business owners, authors and changemakers.

Listen, this is NOT another program that burdens you 
💡 1. This is your hand-made (by me) 100% Personal Irresistible Process. The fasttrack to realizing your dreams.
💡 2. I will create your 100% Personalized Business, Brand, Marketing Audit + Blueprint +  Strategic Action Roadmap

💡 3. This is created ONLY FOR YOU so that you can reach your Desired Goal within One Year (or much sooner).
💡 4. I will bring your vision to life so that you, your brand, business, marketing and offers will become 100% Irresistible.
💡5. Start your Personal Irresistible Process Today. It's time for Money Generating, Client Attracting, Soul Lifting, and Wings-Spreading Business Alignment


Get your Superhero suit and fly!  

✔︎ 1. Become Irresistible will safe you a lot money and time
Instead of weeks spending in a group - that is not at your level -, hours on Zoom or wasting precious time and resources trying to Do It Yourself, I will make you irresistible those who need your offers.

You get a fully personalized Next Level Boost by Aligning you with your brand, marketing, offers and business.

✔︎ 2. Become Irresistible will firmly anchor you in a brand new reality
You will charged with an unprecedented level of power that transcends your current experience. That's fancy wording for: money in your pocket, clients in your email box begging  you to work with you, a wonderful holiday. Your powerfully aligned business and brand will make clients run toward you.

✔︎ 3. Become Irresistible will unburden you from the stress of trying to figuring it your yourself.
The Irresistible Process will help you to unburden your worries and overwhelm, relieve you of business stress or anxiety. Instead your personalized script will provide you with the process of simplifying and streamlining complex tasks or procedures so that they become manageable and enjoyable.

✔︎ 4. During Become Irresistible we aim for fast results and radical transformation. 
I will analyze, research and strategize your business, brand, target audience, offers, marketing, aspirations, dreams and goals. Using my highly developed strategy skills to detect everything that keeps you small, misunderstood and invisible.

This will flip the coin for you.

This is not a run-of-the-mill brand trajectory. 

Most agencies operate from a strict and masculine set of rules and goals.

That's not how I work.

This is 100% tailor - made

And it all starts with you. 

Of course the end result will depend on your chosen package, your commitment to implement. But you got this!


Ignoring your challenges won't make your struggles disappear.

On the contrary, they will likely worsen over time, causing you to become less visible and more insecure.

 Even if you continue to produce excellent work, it may go unnoticed because you have not effectively shared your value to your target audience, or have taken the right actions.


If you want to end the struggle,
it's time to Become Irresistible

Because you deserve the best






value  €15.350 

€ 1.950

  • 30 minutes start call (value 450 Euro]
  • Become Irresistible Audit Research [value 4.000 Euro] 
  • 1 X 75 Audit minutes call [value 950 Euro]
  •  1 X 30 minutes Blueprint call [ value 450 Euro]
  • Become Irresistible Blueprint [value 5.000 Euro] 
  • Become Irresistible Roadmap [value 4.000 Euro]
  • 1X 30 minutes Roadmap call [value 450 Euro] 
  •  1 week of Voxer Support [value 500 Euro]

Payment Plan Start at € 495





€ 4.450

  • Become Irresistible Audit - Research [value 4.000 Euro] 
  • Become Irresistible Blueprint  [value 5.000 Euro] 
  • Become Irresistible Roadmap [value 4.000 Euro]
  • 30 minutes start call (value 450 Euro]
  • 1 X 75 Audit minutes call [value 950 Euro]
  •  1 X 30 minutes Blueprint call [ value 450 Euro]
  • 1X 30 minutes Roadmap call [value 450 Euro] 
  •  4 weeks of Voxer Support [value 2.000 Euro]
  • 1 Extra 75 minutes coaching/support call during implementation [value 950 Euro] 

Payment Plan Start at € 395





€ 5.950

  • Become Irresistible Audit [value 4.000 Euro] 
  • Become Irresistible Blueprint [value 5.000 Euro] 
  • Become Irresistible Roadmap [value 4.000 Euro]
  • 30 minutes start call (value 450 Euro]
  • 1 X 75 Audit minutes call [value 950 Euro]
  •  1 X 30 minutes Blueprint call [ value 450 Euro]

  • 10 weeks of Voxer Support [value 5.000 Euro]
  • 3 Extra 75 minutes coaching/support call [value 2.850 Euro] 

Payment Plan Start at € 525

Want a bonus? You get the Brand Archetype Quick Starter 

Because we love to give you presents

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Why Esther

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, MA

1.  Branding Strategist/ Branding Queen or Branding Fairy Godmother and Certified Transformational Business Coach with the psychic ability to see her clients' real possibilities, brilliance, and distinctiveness - long before they are aware of it themselves.

2.  Her brain (hello ADHD, IQ and EQ power), fast mind, helicopter view, and experience are uniquely equipped, to see what others cannot see.
3.  25 Years of branding expertise with brands like Air France/KLM, Dutch Railways, the European Union as well as over 30 brands in the arts, museums, design, sustainability, health, and government.

4.  Has a unique way of building aligned businesses and brands that amplify the brand owners (you!) unique strengths so that the experience you have is much more than 'just coaching so that you earn more money'. It's a transformation.

5.   Has 100% faith in her clients' ability to succeed, empowers and inspires her clients to leap to their next level. 

6.  Works with old souls and deep thinkers, neurodivergent miracles, and/ or entrepreneurs with a dream.

Esther worked with brands like:


All your Questions Answered

I want this! How does this work"

Wonderful! I can't wait to work with you.
1. Pay your fee (either 1 payment or payment plan) I will contact you for our first appointment.

2. You send me a message and I will tell you exactly what to do next and we start when you are ready

3. You want me to do the work for you, but want to meet up first go here to book your call

I make more than 100K is this still a money making option for me?

Yes definitely, what got you at 100K won't get you at 500K and up. A business built over time needs to be re-aligned before it can go to the next level. I can't wait to do that for you.

I want to start in May or JUNE is that possible?

Yes, absolutely. But if you want to use the March deal you have to pay (or start your payment plan) this March.

I have no business, no idea, no brand will this work for me?

No, the audit will only work when there is something that I can audit. Without at least some  background in business I can't guarantee you epic results.

Can Esther help me find people to do the work for me?

Yes! If you want I can help you find website builders, etc. If you want me to oversee the process I can do so at an additional fee.

I am a starter and make less than 100K, does this work for me

Yes, as long as you have ideas, offer(s), etc. that I can audit and you are willing to implement the roadmap that I create for you we're more than good to go.

Can i IMPLEMENT AT MY own pace?

Yes. Absolutely. You are in charge of your time (but I advice you to get as much out of the Voxer support as possible)


Voxer is an 'online walkie talkie' and it's 100% free for you. You can send me 4 questions and I send you 4 answers per day, Monday - Thursday.

Can I purchase extra coaching?

Yes, definitely. As my clients you get a special discounted price.

My question is not here! Can I ask you something?

Yes, absolutely. Send your message to my team Click Here 

"If Esther hadn't worked her Magic none of the things I have now would be here."

Four years ago Holistic Care Coach Martha Rincón was going through a really rough time. Her business wasn't going anywhere she wasn't able to make any money and went from idea to idea.

But Martha invested in working with Esther - even though paying for the support was challenging - and as a result her entire life changed. 

Nowadays Martha runs a YouTube channel "Simplemente Diosas' that has more than 363K YouTube subscribers and a flourishing Instagram account of almost 24K followers  

That's more than a third of all inhabitants of Amsterdam.

Listen how Martha described how her life and business completely transformed and applaud her massive success. 

"What changed for me is that I had no income an half year before. I am fully booked now.  But I also feel so much stronger, more self-confident, clearer and so much better."

"I joined Brand the Real You because I wanted the find the right way to communicate with my audience so that they would come with ease, and find me. But I found it really scary to join!

What changed for me is that I had no income an half year before. I am fully booked now.  But I also feel so much stronger, more self-confident, clearer and so much better. 

I tell everyone that
joining Brand the Real You is the best decision you can take for life-development and a game-changer for your business! It really changes your life, the way you work, act and think."

Kristin Engel Architect/Interior Designer

"And it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”

"Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business since I started it!  Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”.

She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of. I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support.

Rayna van Aalst Founder Reina Organics and coach

Somatic Therapist Gertrud Angerer Tschopp helps overachievers to push pause, she explains why 2 Brand the Real You Live Days were so insightful that it felt like she accomplished months of branding and business work.