Awaken your Inner Revolutionary!

Last week I came home from 3 intense Mastermind days in Zurich with a mind filled with amazing ideas and opportunities. But within hours I got a high fever, than my son got sick and the next flue victim was my husband.

In all honesty, I'm writing this from my couch where the entire family resided, surrounded by tea, boxes of tissues and fruit juice. It's not pretty. 

However, I knew there was a reason why I got delayed. The reason was that I had to free my Inner Revolutionary!

I'm sorry? I hear you think, Your What?

Okay, I created an 'Are you 'different' assessment (yes, you are more than welcome to take it!) That helps you to figure out how to utilise your Inner Fire in your Personal Brand, speak with your authentic voice and attract your soul audience.

But I didn't fully got WHY I felt called to create this quiz! Until this morning. Bam!I realized that I always have been a revolutionair. Like I teach my clients, I need to be radically authentic too.

Yes! I'm a Wonderfully Weird Revolutionary (and no, you don't have to be one!)

I started protesting nuclear energy, A-bombs and any form of injustice and inequality when I was 13 year old. In a time when the world was so much more left/right and black/white than it is today.

I spent my free time working in the very alternative Third World Shop at our local market. Every Wednesday I informed my fellow small-town villagers that buying outspan oranges from South Africa was a crime. I felt deeply passionate about changing the world. I read every book on anarchism! My high school papers were about feminism or art. Revolutionary art of course.

I marched - long before wearing pink pussy hats was fashionable!

That fire for change is still burning, but not in a ‘Fight the Power’ kind of way. I pushed it out of the way because I didn't like my 'Money is evil, I'm a victim, Nothing will Ever Really Change' attitude. 

Revolution - causing major change - never left my heart. It's always part of the calling of my soul and it wants to come out now!

Will you join me

The coming months is all about creating revolutionary Game Changer brands. About standing tall and feeling proud. Being an entrepreneur means you have full freedom to change the world! And to do so in YOUR radically personally way! No permission needed. You can be a revolutionair in every aspect of your heart, mind and soul.

It's the magic of being the CEO of your own business. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a revolutionaries dream! Far beyond theories and dogmas. 

Are you ready to built your brand for business that crumbles walls, tiny boxes and glass ceilings so everything is possible?

I'll keep you posted. Take the quiz, more revolutionary things are coming up soon
With love for you!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Business Doula and Brand Expert for Wonderfully Weird Female Entrepreneurs


Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is the Brave Branding Queen. A Soul Whisperer, a Business Doula - her client's words - and the author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual. Featured in Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Thrive Global, Esther is the founder of the BRAVE! Mastermind Follow her at Instagram | Facebook

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