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Do You Want The Magical Make Dreams Come True Formula?

 Do You Want The Magical Make Dreams Come True Formula?If you have children – or if you recall being one – you remember that glorious sense of bewilderment being in a place where dreams become real.Do you remember that childlike wonderment where everything is miraculous – where trust and faith are abundant.For some it’s Disneyland. Other’s felt […]

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The Perfectionist Creative Process

The Perfectionist Creative Process (and the way out!Bright shiny idea appears out of thin air. It fills your heart with warm happy love…. until you find out you’re not the only one who thought of it.* POP *There goes hope, beauty, innovation. You’ve fallen – head first – in the muddy creative pitfall: comparison.Since you’re […]

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My non-affiliated Marie Forleo B-School Review update 2018

WHAT IS THE BEST OPTION – WHEN YOU WANT TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR? * MY NON-AFFILIATED B-SCHOOL REVIEW * Updated review 2018In 2015  I wrote my non-affiliated review of Marie Forleo’s B-SchoolIt has been read by thousands of ambitious people who were going back and forth:  B-School Yes or B-School No.  I did B-School […]

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How to go From 1 Client A Day to a Successful Business

SigunLive in Zurich, January 2018, photo by Alma Johanns HOW TO GO FROM WAITING FOR 1 CLIENT A DAY TO MEETING 27 WOMEN FROM 5 CONTINENTS ON 1 DAYA Real Story! BEFORE YOU READ MY STORYSummer 2018 update: I wrote the post below in 2016. And I’m completely amazed! Because my business really took off right after […]

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