#AskEsther The Personal Branding Queen!

Do you have a question for Esther?

Are you wondering why people don't get you? Why clients don't understand what you do? Do you feel a bit invisible because 'Where are my clients'!?

Do you have 100 really good ideas and you don't know which one will work for you? Do you find it really hard to explain to people what it is that you do for them?

Are you a truly seasoned entrepreneur and still feel the odd-one-out? Are you trying to be like the other and feel so lame and fake about that?

Do you want to sell but then you don't because you never asked for the sale?

Recognize that? Let's do a 30 minutes AskEsther session. Online. You and me in from of the camera. In front of other people.

I support you and you inspire others! Because you are NOT alone!

How to prepare.

Make sure you are in a quiet space (don't drive or sit in a busy train!), there is enough light so we can see you and check if your camera works and be ready at least 5 minutes in advance, because it's all live!

We take it from there. Just breathe! It will take around 30 to 35 minutes. And we're going to make magic happen!


Only sign up for this opportunity when you will be there! This is a LIVE session and I need to rely on your presence. If however you really can't make it, cancel as soon as possible using the cancel link in the email you received.