Why I Love Wonderfully Weird Female Entrepreneurs.

I’m on a mission. My goal is to reconnect – as many as humanly possible – wonderfully weird bright, sensitive, quirky, multi-passionate and talented women with their Soul's Purpose.

I believe that we - Wonderfully Weird women are naturally connected to and guided by our curious minds, our creative power and deep compassion.

You and I see, feel, hear and sense more than 85 % of the population. We are blessed with an inner-knowledge that transcends education, upbringing or age.

When you and I are connected to our deep inner motivation, our Soul's Purpose we can achieve whatever we want. We can express ourself in any way and form we  see fit. 

I believe that once you are empowered – because you know you are a courageous creative soul - you can bring true change, in your own unique way, using your own authentic voice. Your presence is stronger than words. 

I believe that a world with empowered women - who have embraced their audacious authenticity, vulnerability and creativity - is a world where anything is possible.

Yes… why not… even World Peace.

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain M.A.  Soul Whisperer, author of The Wonderfully Weird Woman's Manual, a modern day mystic. A combination of a certified transformational coach, artist, art historian, professional with fast experience in the Arts, Design, Consultancy and Branding.




"I enrolled as Esther's words hit a chord with me, I am a woman who has always felt out of step with those around me and I have a strong creative streak that I feel I was not using as I could.
The course helped me both gain clarity on who I am as a persona as well as kickstarting me back into painting. I enjoy being able to share insights with others who feel the same way."

Susanna Reay
Artist and designer


Here's why . . .

It was a cold winters day almost 3 years ago. I had once again spent the entire day talking in our spacious, very stately office. A large 19th century villa in the Netherlands. My business partners and I had been talking for over 3 years.

Endless conversations. Devoid of creativity. No laughter.

There had been fights in a subdued tone of voice. Very polite. No screaming allowed. That day we spent the entire day talking about: ‘Do we have to make choices?

Making clear choices was my deep wish. I craved using my years of marketing expertise to market ourselves more clearly! Longed to use my design and branding experience to show our tribe what we could do for them. I longed to let go of the 'corporate white – collar – CEO only – sitting duck – let’s see who shows up' – approach.



I yearned to work in alignment with me.

Not with a method. Following rules. I didn’t want to blend in anymore. I wanted us to shine. How in the world could our clients shine, if we were supposed to blend in?
But my pleas were to no avail. Everything had to remain the same. A whole day of possibilities. Wasted.

My business partners and I were the worst match. Ever. My head was ponding, the muscles in my jaw were stiff.

Oh. My. God. what had I done? I’ll tell you what I had done.

I had become a partner in a corporate Coaching and Consultancy firm. I had paid a lot of money and – more importantly – given an unaccountable amount of long dreadful hours to a business I didn’t love. At all.

Why? Because I was invited to become a partner. And I had took the bait. I dismissed my intuition – that screamed: “Do NOT Do It!“. I had wanted to follow the money. I reckoned I could blend in if I really wanted to. 

There was nothing wrong with my business partners. Nothing wrong with that firm. But I had chosen the wrong path. I had lost the connection with my Creative Soul. I had denied my Sensitivity, my Fierce  Spirit and Wholeheartedness  access to me.

I had lost myself!

After that long, lost day I got in my car. It started to snow heavily. But I wanted to leave. Away from the mess and the strictness. All I could do was scream. I needed to release the tension. I screamed until the tears arrived.



That evening I took a long hard look at my life. I was well over 45. I had more than 25 years experience as a coach, art historian and consultant. In branding, design art and communication. I was a successful entrepreneur. Mother of a happy young son. Wife of my best friend…

Still I missed vital part of me.

I had survived years of severe depression. The deep pitch black night of loneliness. That horrible feeling of non-belonging.  I had helped countless people to climb out of that same night.

And now I was lost myself.

I wanted to bring change to the world. I wanted to share my own unique voice. I wanted to be sensitive AND colorful. I wanted to be vulnerable AND outspoken.

I wanted to be me. 100 percent.

I wanted to hold myself accountable. I desperately needed change. “Okay, tell me what to do. Tell me my purpose.”, I said out loud in my silent room. I had a piece of paper on my desk and a couple of old pens.

Suddenly I doodled words on a piece of paper. And I was drawing. Like some unseen force had taken over. I looked at my paper and it said “Creative Fire”.

I don’t know where these words came from. Really I don’t. But even today I think somewhere there was a Muse who'd never given up on me. She had been waiting for me to ask 'the question'.

Because here’s the thing. I hadn’t created anything remotely ‘artsy’ for over 25 years. I quit Art School in my final year. Because I decided I was not good enough. What I would create would never be admired. Be loved. Least of all by myself.

After quitting Art School I became an Art Historian and only touched an art work when I lifted a painting out of the wooden box to hang it on the wall.


I’m forever grateful for Esther’s support
Working with Esther is the best thing I did for my business in the year and a half since I started it! Esther helped me reconnect with myself, get clarity on what I want and set a path on achieving that in a way I am comfortable with and it didn’t take long to see the results. I often finish our sessions by calling her a “miracle-doer”. (...) She is incredible at tuning in to your needs, to the situation and identifying (underlying) issues I was not always aware of.

Rayna van Aalst,
founder and owner of Reina Organics


I had become the consultant. The distant advisor. The one who never gets her hands dirty.

The one who can not fail. Because she never creates.

I had given in to the Ice Cold Claws of Perfectionism at the age of 22.  And it had ruled my entire life. I had almost killed my Creative Soul. When I read my own words ‘Creative Fire’ it felt like a beam of light entered my heart and mind. Creative Fire!

Something was about to change! The next morning I picked up the phone. I called my fellow business partners and told them I was out.

I ditched perfectionism and re-built my business. I've created every day. I studied creativity, art therapy. More importantly I found the woman I wanted to work with. The bright, sensitive, vulnerable, beautiful, multi-passionate woman.  

I 'came out' as a Soul Whisperer. There was no need to hide my beautiful gifts from the world.  Yes, there was shame and a lot of obstacles involved in the whole process.

But once I stepped out of the way the universe really pushed me forward.  

Nowadays I run groups and work one on one with women from 16 countries. And it all started when I found my Soul's Purpose,  realized I deserved everything and listened to the Muse!



Nothing bad happens when I color outside the linesI created art with Esther for one entire Sunday. I never considered myself a creative woman. At least not in an 'Artsy Way'. High School Art Class trauma's :-). But it turned out to be such a delightful relaxed day.

More than that it taught me so much: nothing bad happens when I color outside the lines, beauty is often found in simplicity and sometimes you need to listen to your inner voice instead of the outside world.

Anne Krakers,
Social Worker Entrepreneur


You are the reason I’m in the arena.

You are My Big Why. You Wonderfully Weird woman need to come home.

You. Who fears you are not special or unique enough.

You. Who thinks you can wait to tell your story.

You. With your head full of ideas. They keep coming. But before you start every idea is diminished by the ugly claws of perfectionism. Doubt. Procrastination…

You. Who fears other women are better, more creative, authentic, unique, brave, outspoken, special than you.

You.  Woman who knows there is a secret living deep inside you. Pondering how to share that magnificent gift with the world. 

You. Who might grow old with your treasure still within you.
Unshared. Shriveled up.

Your Presence has become a burden. Instead of a celebration.

My Big Why is that I feel it as my earthly duty to reconnect you with your true presence, your unique voice. Your endless possibilities. 

Because you are enough.  

I will communicate with your wisdom soul, support you, give you art joy so you can make that big shift and live the life you are born for.