I'm currently (april 2016) changing all different online program's into 1 Big Happy School. Where you can come and go as you please.

So you get all the online programs for 1 Monthly Sweet Price and I of you desire extra guidance (by Moi :-) you pay a coaching fee. 
Or alternatively... If you are my coaching client you get acces to all the art and creativity joy for as long as you like!

Are you ready to act
upon the calling of your soul?

  • You want to express yourself authentically, in alignment with your sensitive quality.
    Because you know (or want to know) you are unique.  
  • You desire living the dream that aligns with your true purpose.
    Or you want to get to know your purpose in life.
  • You're ready to welcome gloriously imperfect color, joy, art and creativity in your life.
  • You want to come home to you ... and need a helping hand ... 
  • You're done waiting for permission to create.
    High Five, fellow (Highly) Sensitive Soulful Woman!

    This is how you do it:

Let's create!

Project Free your Happy Art

The only Art and Creative Living Community specially created for HSP (Highly) Sensitive Soulful Women. 

+ 1 Art Assignment each Month  
+ All Online tool for a creative life
+ Start when you're ready for it
+ low-price & high value
+ A loving community of HSP women

the Creative Journey
A deep and transforming journey that will take you past your creative fears ... straight to a life rooted in confidence and joy.

+ 10 week program
+ 4 modules: acknowledge, play, create + momentum  
+ option self-paced or 1 on 1 (with me as your coach)

the Gloriously Imperfect Art Day 

Want to make art? Dreaming about paint, shiny pencils, colors and creating something? Ready to be the change?
... before your dream turns into a sad unfulfilled wish ...

Let's Paint you intoHappy Courageously Creative Woman.

+ join me and a small group of soulful women in the Netherlands and make stuff that's all about the process. Forget about results!

the Creative Superheroes Toolkit

Never wait for permission to create again with the easy - DIY - Fun to do toolkit.

+ 14 fun and effective lessons
+ all the tools you need to go from 5 to 100 % creative life
+ self - paced
+ low - price
+ e-course + beautiful workbook

Create your Dream from Idea to the Real Thing in 2 Weeks!

Is there an idea living inside you that has become a burden — most likely a file on your computer. A piece of paper hidden in a drawer —

Do you want that idea to spring into action? And than actually DO IT?

Do you want to experience what it feels like to be reconnected to your Creative Source.


Art and Creativity for HSP Sensitive Women

Art and Creativity for HSP Sensitive Woman Art and Creativity for HSP Sensitive Woman 

How we Pay it Forward

We are on a mission to inspire, empower and support 500,000 women (including non-binary and transgender women from all cultures and all continents) to become the powerful self-loving queens they are born to be by growing epic businesses that will inspire a generation of all women and girls.

This is our contribution to a better world.