'Do You Think You Are Creative?'

58 Entrepreneurial women shared their feelings about their creativity.
Yup, you're not the only one with ambivalent feelings! 

In 2017 I posted a questionnaire to find out if - and how - female entrepreneurs used their creativity in their business.  

I needed their answers because it's my area of expertise. But even though I've read almost every book on the subject, have written countless articles, been interviewed about it and worked with dozens of women on this subject, the whole creativity thing it's still truly complicated.

Seriously, creativity is heavy duty stuff...

I also needed those answers to support my clients who are Wonderfully Weird female entrepreneurs.  And I wanted to find who was aware of the fact that your creative powers are the decisive factor on the road to entrepreneurial success.

As we all know, creativity never travels alone. It comes with assumptions, feelings and emotions. It pushes our worst buttons: perfectionism, procrastination, comparison, not feeling enough, doubt...etc.  

"Sorry,  I'm just not very creative". 

"Sorry, I'm too creative. I will never be able to be a Real Entrepreneur."

"Sorry, I like doodle sometimes. But I'll never be a Real Artist."

"I'm an artist but I just don't know how to use creativity in my business."

"Sorry, I'm a serieus entrepreneur. I don't have time for luxury like creativity." 

Complicated right?

Before I tell you more about the results let me assure you one more time:


Last weekend a woman - the kind that lights up a room when she enters - asked me: "Esther I'm a bit confused about this whole creativity thing. I just don't think I'm creative."

I could feel it right in my stomach. Oh my God! Enough already! 

Creativity is living. It's is breathing.

You tap into that gorgeous gift the moment you write an blogpost. The moment you put lipstick on, or decide on a blue skirt with purple stockings.

Creativity is who you are, how you act. It's your life force!

If you think you are NOT creative, you are captivated by perfectionism and fear.

Right, we are all uniquely creative as you can read here, and once you mastered that creative style (meaning you know how to play with it) your creativity sparks flow, happiness, joy and business success.


58 Women answered the questionnaire. Many reported having mixed feelings about creativity.

The good news? 84,5 percent sees herself as creative. halleluja 

82,8 percent thinks creativity is important when you want to be a success in business. But only 36,2 percent of the respondes considers herself a real success in business. 63,8 percent feels less successful, or not successful at all. 

Yet only 48,3 percent really uses her creativity as a decisive factor to become successful!
Though my research is far from perfect and not scientific at all, I was touched by the many honest answers. Even people who use their creativity in their work, like artists and designers find it hard to use that same creativity  - and it's wonderful byproducts flow!  and happiness! -  as a wonderful way to become more successful.

Knowing you ARE creative doesn't necessarily mean you are a success in business.

Many women wrote how much they loved their creative adventures And I read how some women had no clue how to use their creative gifts as a way to further their business. 

"I sing, I dance, I draw, I scrapbook, my mind is continually on a creative bender. What I don't do is the business and planning stuff because I cannot figure out the one thing that I want to do. Too many possibilities to isolate just one. (. . .) Sometimes I think my creativity gets in the way of getting things done."

"I know I can rely on my creativity but using it in my creativity... no idea!"

"I have a strong need to be creative. I guess I don't know how to create a business that nurtures my passion for new ideas."

"I do find the time use my creativity for my business, but would love to spend more time being creative just for fun as well!"

"I don't get the balance right between creative and commercial flow."

"Creativity is not separate from myself; it is breath."

"I hear that creating art is good for you and calms you down, but I never seem to have the time and it is a struggle just to get started plus the overwhelming choice of options. It feels like very far away from me."

Is there anything I can conclude from my questionnaire? No! I can't.

However I can conclude that we love our creativity.... and sometimes hate it,  that it confuses us,  that creating and creativity often feels like completely different worlds.

I wholeheartedly believe  that once we open our lives and businesses for flow and creativity that it will lift us up and actually will bring us the success - in whatever form you desire it - you deserve.

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Question 3 

Question 4

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Question 7 

3 X   I don't need to create anything. Reading, watching video's, listening to podcasts is enough to master my creativity.
44 X  I know creating art, designing and experimenting will help me master my creativity.
13 X   I long to create, but fear I will not be very good.
9 X     I don't have time for art and creativity.
5 X      (Modern) art sometimes makes me feel uneasy. I like it, but I feel I don't know enough.
33 X    When I speak with my my (web) designer I feel sometimes powerless and not in control.
3 X     Art is a calling. It's only for special people.
26 X  I've got ideas all the time. I just don't act upon it.
18 X  Sometimes I'm deeply jealous (because of someones success, creative ease or talent)
5 X   I don't think painting a flower is very important when you want to be an entrepreneurial success.
33 X  When I visit an art exhibition I feel inspired.
39 X  Playing, creating, be more creative is a skill that can be mastered.
20 X   I create (I sing/ dance/ make music/paint/ knit/ art journal etc) but feel reluctant to show it to 'the world'I need clear instructions - like in coloring books - otherwise it makes me feel uneasy.
12 X  I am afraid to make mistakes.
42 X  I know what it feels like to work in flow.
11 X other . . . 

I might start a more in-depth research in the near future, because I'd love to find out how I can help entrepreneurial women to use their creative gifts in their business.  

For now share your ideas and opinions here or in my Facebook group.

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain is a self-love advocate and business and branding strategist. A speaker, author, soul whisperer, and the founder of the Brave Movement that teaches women entrepreneurs to build a business based on self-love, radical self-acceptance, and true confidence. Featured in Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Thrive Global, Esther is the founder of the Self Love Success Follow Esther at Instagram | Facebook

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