I miss you! Do you want to come back?
And become my very special forever member in The Real You membership

I explain it all here ⬇️

Alumni Only Price! Pay Nothing or Choose 25% discount.
*one-time-only gift: bring a friend and your membership is on the house

You are a former member of The Real You, Brand the Real You or the Brave Leap and I miss you! That's why I invite you to come back with a (no) price for you alone!! (and I will design all your social media posts for the next couple of years)

Hi dear you,
I created this page for you because we know each other and I've got something Very Special for you. ONLY YOU get this.
Lifetime membership to The Real You membership completely for free OR at a 25% discountYou are a former member of The Real You, Brand the Real You or the Brave Leap and I invite you to come back 
with an offer that Only You get!!

So many friendships have started in my Sisterhood.

Every day I see the impact an active, inclusive loving Sisterhood has on all the members. I feel that everyone - no matter where they are in their business and life should have a soft place to land - .  

► The second reason I invite you is  because The Real You membership connects organic marketing, psychology and client attraction with self-development and empowerment. We want our member to have the best posible experience. So we're letting you in early, while we're rolling it out.

► The third reason is all about our Zone of Genius. Finding out that my brain is super neurodivergent changed everything for me.

But I have taken it to the next level!

I was convinced that everyone wakes up thinking
 "Let's create:
✔︎ 10 social media posts that make you instantly relatable. BUT only to your soul audience.
✔︎ Check. These are the best texts.
✔︎ Design? Already visualized
✔︎ Text? Already written?
✔︎ Schedule? Already laid out
✔︎ Strategy? Done!

► Turns out that this is not easy for other people. So I work in my zone of genius. (Like creating your Monthly Marketing and Brand, coaching and coming up with epic systems)  So that YOU Can Stay in YOUR Zone of Genius

► We're rolling it all out over the next weeks. and in the mean time I  offer Lifetime access to you, when you join me in May. 

These are your two options

  • OPTION 1 (On the house/ FREE for you)
  • As an alumni you have the special opportunity to introduce a new member (s) to The Real You
  • If your friend decides to join you can join us  Absolutely Free (and your friend get lifetime membership as well!)

    100% OFF when you bring a friend  
    *keep reading for how to do it

  • OPTION 2 (25% discount)
  • As an alumni you get a special coupon code that gives you a HUGE discount of almost € 600 [depending on the payment plan you choose]  
  • You choose the payment plan, apply the code and you're in 5 minutes from now!
    This is your coupon code alumni2024

These are your 25% off options

Single Payment

Your 25% discount price 

12 month payment plan
€214,00 per month

Your 25% discount price
€160,50 /m

16 month payment plan
€164,00 per month

Your 25% discount price  
€123,00 /m

1. What you get when you join me

 1. Your Monthly Social Media Bundle with epic templates and captions  (more than enough for a full months

 2. Your marketing strategy based on psychology with a plan that works. Without burning you out.

► 3. Your personal ChatGPT Agent: The End of: “I’ve got Nothing to Say to my audience.”

Your individual PERSONAL Marketing and Copy ChatGPT agents (only for people who join in May)

*They are set up so that you can add:
All your videos, blog posts, social media content, programs etc

*All your content about: What makes you unique, unfair advantages, curriculum, skills, brand archetypes etc.

*Everything you know about your audience. What is their Number One dream/ issue/ desire? How do they identify?
To what group do they belong?

*All your copy and marketing prompts are already IN the agent. When you need copy you click: Chat and Generate command and Boom!
There’s YOUR copy in YOUR unique Tone of Voice created for YOUR audience (and in your language

► 4. Your brand (or if your brand is already epic you update it with elements from my epic brand element designs) designed by me, including all the steps that makes a brand part of ALL your marketing.

Choose one of those? ⬇️

► 5. Your support to leverage your Unique Brilliance, fully connect to your soul audience (this comes with 7 hours of coaching and support. Every Month) 
Including: What to say to your people. How to show your people you are the one for them. What not to say. How do you take your people on a journey so that they will stay with you for a long time.

 6. Lifetime member of a sisterhood that connects entrepreneurs who are ADHD, Autistic, sensitive, multi-passionate, introverted and/or super bright.

We're growing a true Sisterhood where all parts of you belong and where you can talk shop and focus on making money and growing your business.

You already know that you can share your fears, doubts, all personal things, celebrate, feel uplifted and energized. And where you help each other open doors that otherwise would remain closed for you and get new opportunities.

It's always there for you.


🌈 1. YOUR BRAND The end of Nobody understands what I stand for or what I can do for them.

I regularly design new brands. You can choose the best for your business or project.

  • Your recognizable brand is designed for you.
    INCLUDING brand colors, fonts, elements, brand look & feel connected social media templates, and personal branding book
  • All instructional videos and texts and live support in special coaching calls

🎉 2. YOUR MONTHLY MARKETING: The end of Marketing overwhelm, I have nothing to say, nobody sees me, I feel so lost.

I design a new Magic Marketing package every month. There are 20 / 40 posts, stories, captions, story ideas AND you planner 

  • Monthly themed social media templates (in Canva) including customizable templates for posts, videos, stories, and reels
  • Curated captions and story ideas
  • ChatGPT prompts and your weekly social media planning board
  • Special 4 hours co-working and creating calls.

The end of unsold offers, not feeling free to share what you want, talking to the wrong audience, not seeing how amazing you really are.

This is a tried and tested method that grows more and more stronger when you keep applying it. 

  • This unique method will end unsold offers and make marketing fun again.
  • You will discover what makes you the only one who can create what your audience desires.
  • When you've got this your days of wondering why people don't buy from you are over.

🤩 4. SEVEN  *7* HOURS COACHING & SUPPORT The end of figuring it out alone and wasting valuable time.

  • 4 hours of Love Marketing live support and content creation
  • 1.5 hours of heartfelt support, sharing, empowerment, and listening sessions for our members
  • 1.5 hours of branding and marketing coaching with Esther.

💐 5. YOUR REAL YOU SISTERHOOD The end of trying to fit in, instead of truly belonging.

  • 365-day community access for peer feedback and chats
  • Accountability, sharing, tears, celebration, hugs, and encouragement in a dynamic space


All marketing and self-development programs will be available to you to use when you need it.

AND get lifetime membership


  • A. You want to see the sales page first
     Go HERE  fo the sales page of The Real You membership

  • B. You want to experience The Real You membership for yourself first or you have someone in mind but want to make sure they feel it's the right place for them
    Go HERE for the sign up page of The FREE 10 days  
    (you don't need a card and the program automatically closes after 10 days)

  • C. You want the fastest path and join now
    Use this coupon code for 25% discount (available until May 31, midnight) and I see you in 5 minutes from now

  • D. You already know 'The Right Woman' and want me to contact her (with her permission)
    We can even do it for you. Give us the name of your friend and we reach out to here (after she has agreed of course)
    DM me via Facebook and tell me you're ON it :-)

    As soon as your friend has signed up we give you lifelong access as well.

  • D. You have a question for me
    DM me via Facebook

  • E. Wondering if this is worth your (discounted) investment?
    ✔︎ Well, a VA without a background in design, psychology, persuasion and marketing,  who needs your input, texts, ideas and time costs you around 500 to 1.000 euro each month. They will create on average 10 to 20 post each month, that might or might not work.

    ✔︎ You at the other hand get a Marketing Fairy (me) WITH a background in design, psychology, persuasion and marketing who creates 20 to 40 posts AND templates for FREE or at a 25 % discount. 

    So . . . even if you never join any call and just take my designs, brands, brand books, planning board, captions and prompts and give them all to your VA: you 'have your money back in less than two month.

    I hope to welcome you back very soon,

    With love,