How to market your business from soul and desire

Thank you so much for watching my interview at the eFuture festival

I created this page for you to get a better understanding of The Wonderfully Weird Way of marketing.


Watch the videos 

I collected videos for you that will help you to raise your 'attraction factor' and to let go of obstacles that keep you invisible to the people who need you the most.

The marketing and branding I have developed is not like 'the normal' type most people work with and I love to share that with you. I would really like to encourage you to Not Be Normal. You don't have to scream louder or learn all the new tricks and tech.

But once you are able to be brave and to present to full Real You to your audience and be the lighthouse you were born to be you can - without a doubt  expect miracles to happen.

Enjoy and lots of love,
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Branding Queen, Marketing Miracle Extraordinair, Energy shifter, founder of the Wonderfully Weird World, bestselling author and Whisperer of Souls


YOUR ACTION: Get your journal and a pen and write down after each video what can up for you.

PART #1.
Why Normal Marketing Won't bring you Clients and Miracles (34 minutes)

In this video you discover
1. The 9 reasons why Normal doesn't work for you when you're wonderfully Weird  
2. The 9 solutions that will sky-rocket your brand and marketing
3. How to  never again feel trapped in the pain of not Feeling Seen, Accepted or Valued
4.  How to deal with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, Masking, Isolation, Perfectionism, Overwhelm and Marketing Dislike  so that it never again keeps you from Spreading your Magic.

  • Where in my marketing actions do I feel the pain of rejection or hiding and what has been my way of dealing with it until now?
  • What is 1 thing I can do differently from now on?
  • Add 1 action (even a tiny action is important) to your calendar. For instance: Write a post about your study with a portrait of you at university, school, or just a younger version of you. 

PART #2.
How to Heal Your Marketing and Clear Inner Obstacles The Wonderfully Weird Way in the Real You 

 This is the FULL process

This is a very powerful video, you might actually experience it several times. 

In this video you discover
1. Why is clearing and healing important
2  How to remove your Invisibility Cloak and meet your clients
3. The real Clearing starts at 0.19.30

Watch the explanation when you're completely new to The Wonderfully Weird Way and need more  background  information first 

  • What would I like to be cleared and what would become possible for me  after a clearing?
  • What are the 3 main reasons why my invisibility cloak is still on my shoulders?
  • Add 1 action (even a tiny action is important) to your calendar. For instance: Reach out to one friend and colleague and ask them to be a referral for you. Make sure you clearly express the outcome of working with you.

PART #3.
Quick action for when you feel out of connection with your Audience (25 minutes)

In this video, you'll discover
1. How to allow your audience to see you and to find you.
2. How to make a Bubble of Love that connects you to your audience.

YOUR ACTION: Get your journal and a pen and write down:

  • Who are the people in my bubble of love? What do they need? How do they feel ?
  • What is the offer that is an answer to the lack, desire, or longing of my clients?
  • Add 1 action (even a tiny action is important) to your calendar. For instance: Go to your sale page, or anywhere people can buy from you and read (and feel!) it through the eyes of your soul audience.  Check 1. Will they immediately see themselves reflected? Check 2. What is the moment they go: YES! I want this NOW! 

PART #4.
Why you will stay invisible as long as you want to hide (parts of you) and how to love bomb yourself  (54 minutes)

 In this video, you'll discover
1. Why other people are struggling with  showing up. 
2. A magical to love ALL of you and step into the light 
3. The 3 different price options

YOUR ACTION: Get your journal and a pen and write down:

  • Where in my marketing, business, and daily life are you struggling with showing up?
  • How does that affect your growth, wealth, impact, and yourself?
  • Add 1 action (even a tiny action is important) to your calendar. For instance: Take yourself for a nice walk and think about the 3 actions you can take that will lead to the best possible long-term result (and then  actually do it) 


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