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Do you feel you are not good enough to shine, be successful and make real money? Think again! You are enough. We need More You.

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Let's make you a pink flower in the greEn meadow 

My name is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain. I am a self-love advocate and business & brand strategist.

I have worked with thousands of brave women entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Women who struggle to generate consistent income from their business. Because showing up, selling from their heart and market their services and products is way out of their comfort zone.

Do you recognize that?

Have you been told to follow the rules. Have you invested in the typical A-Z business programs with thousands of extraverted  entrepreneurs - it felt so yummie? 

But within days you ran towards the Emergency Exit because you can't be 'tough', crush it, be less multi-passionate, sensitive or bright.

 I've got Great News for you. You. Are. Not. Alone!

There are thousands like you. They tried to fit in with the 'Successful Entrepreneurs' but kept feeling like that Black Sheep.

Women who feel everything, who have been told off for being too loud, too soft, too outspoken, too ambitious?

These brave women are building a profitable business. Not by fitting in more but by being More Themselves.

Yes. You can make More Money by Being More You.

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What exceeded my expectations is the great community Esther has managed to create around her services. Women who are really inspiring, helping and encouraging each other.

The quality time Esther spends with her clients and the superb support she gives everybody.

Mirjam Blekkenhorst

 / Owner Ytra Lón Farm Lodge, Solitude Retreats


Imagine a group of friends whom you can call on day or night because they are all around the world and in different time zones! That is what you get with the Brave Business Academy.

These ladies are your go-to tribe of sisters and I can't imagine a better way to make friends and grow myself and my business!

Misty Harris 

/ Independent Consultant


There is great content in the Brave Business Academy Do the test, follow the guidelines and you reach amazing results.
My biggest insight: I am not alone.
Many entrepreneurs struggle with similar issues and I can solve it with the help of someone who went through it and has outside of the box solutions.

Susanne Höhne

/ Art Gallery Owner

You helped me accept my fear, face and bless my past and dare to build a future for me, the people around me and the world. I am now living with open arms. Ready to give ready to receive.”

- Félicité N'gijol, Artist & author