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Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

11 Old School Ways to Get New Clients Without Social Media!

I sat on the beach (in the middle of a sand storm :-) and typed a message to my clients:

'What is your number One Struggle right now?'

And the majority answered: Finding new clients!

All the How To Do it is in our Brave Leap Mastermindbut this was about something completely different. This was all about actually meeting new clients.

You see, we have grown accustomed to complicated funnels and 1 million social media posts and completely forgot the old school way of meeting our clients, without social media!

So I'm sharing my personal list with you.

This is how I started out as a consultant back in 2002 (when there was no social media, only email, phone and sending out letters). Months after quitting my job I went to 10K months. 

Are you ready to learn and follow my example?

BUT FIRST: Why is it important to NOT rely on Social Media?

Social Media can be wonderful, but it's also a huge risk. You can get in Social media jail without knowing why, algorithms are changing all the time,
it's addictive and we don't own it. And they can 'Fall Down'.

Building your own environment, your own email list,  website, podcast etc. is crucial for growth.

In all our programs we focus on building great lead magnets, generating a stream of  future 'soul clients' to your email list. Are you ready for that level of support?

We welcome you in the Brave Leap Mastermind today!

Here's what works when you want clients without Social Media

11 Old School Places to Meet your New Clients without Social Media

1. The Library 'folder section'

Go to your local library. You will find a huge stack of folders there (you can create your own folder in Canva, print out some copies, and leave it there. Hang around for a while there's bound to be someone on the lookout for support. 

Start a conversation.

✅ 2. The Library 'books' section

The great thing about libraries is that they have actual books! And there is a book about the thing you're solving! Are you a mindfulness trainer? Hang around the mindfulness (or stress) books. Advice people: "This is a great book, I use it for my own mindfulness training."

Yes, I know you're an introvert, but so is most likely the woman who is looking for a solution.

✅ 3. IN the books

Okay this is a bit cheeky, but hey, try it anyway. Find the books that discuss the things you solve: make-up for black queens, inner peace, yoga for your back, my puppy doesn't listen, how to buy art .... etc .

And.... put your card IN the book. People will look you up.

Hey, it worked for me in the pre-social media days!

✅ 4. The School Yard

Are you a parent of an under 12 years old kid that needs picking up at school? Great. Get out of your car and start a conversation with your fellow parents.
"Which one is yours? Oh that's a great age. How do you mix parenting and work? Yes, I know it's tough. My clients complain about the all the time. But after 30 minutes they completely forget about that.
.... What? Oh, I teach yoga for busy parents, it totally helps them to stay sane. A website? Yes, even better, I've got a card, there's a class in 30 minutes, you can try it out, if you want.

✅ 5. Your own friends and family

Make sure all your friends and family know what it is you solve. Do not sell to them (because that might feel awkward)

BUT they can refer you to their friends. If you're one of those entrepreneurs who never share anything .... stop! Just say: "Hey can I ask you something? this is what I do, this is what I solve, if you ever hear someone needs this I would be so grateful when you can refer them to me."

✅ 6. Network groups

Network groups are a great way to meet the people who can refer you. Google them. There are the 'Every Now and Then' groups, Toastmasters, or the BNI, Have breakfast every Week groups, you can even set something up yourself.

Setting up a bigger network is ALWAYS a good idea!

✅ 7. Markets and fairs

I have been on many fairs and it's not for everyone. BUT it's a great way to meet and connect, learn what it is that people really need, or just have fun conversations.

When you sell products you definitely need to go to those markets (and take a gazillion pics!) focus on connection (that will take the edge of 'I need to make a lot of money)

✅ 8. Hit the shops

Are you solving health issues? Get up now and go to your local health store. Don't be afraid to advise people (not in a scary way, but you know that, right?) always refer to things like: I advise my clients - when they have gut issues - to ....."

Same goes for bookshops, fashion shops, make-up etc.

✅ 9. The mailbox of your future client

Are you a consultant? Do you want to attract the attention of television people, galleries, businesses, municipalities, etc.

Create a beautiful letter. Craft a great letter about your offer BUT make sure it's ALL about them. Let people know why you want to work for them, what it is you love and admire and how you're inspired by them.

Send out your letter and call after two days to ask if they have received your letter. You will be stonewalled by an amazing assistant. But keep calling until you have an appointment.

Be persistent. Be prepared to send out 50 letters or more to get 3 appointments.

This is how I got to 10K months, only months after I quit my job in 2002.

10. Your local newspaper
Sometimes an ad or an article in a local newspaper is just what gets the job done. Call them to see what is possible. Maybe you have to spend some money and in return, you can write a wonderful article about the thing you solve. It might not immediately lead to 1,000 new clients but I promise you it will eventually lead to prospects.

Right, that are 10 ways to make it without Social Media. All 100% real heart to heart connection.
Which one is your favorite one? If you still go on holiday, remember that there are 1000's of options to have real connections with real people!

✅ 11. Referrals and ambassadors 
We cooperate with our own Brave Leap members. Instead of endless launches we go for a softer more energetically aligned way of growth. Our ambassadors actively refer new members to us. We created a great way to do this where we combine funnels, automation online meetings.

Make sure you understand the needs and desires of your future clients. This is 100% based on trust and connection and can truly help you to reach the people who otherwise would never find you.

Right, that are 11 ways to make it without Social Media. All 100% real heart to heart connection.
Which one is your favorite one? If you still go on holiday, remember that there are 1000's of options to have real connections with real people!

Have a wonderful day and I wish you many amazing clients without social media.

All my love,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Transformational Business and Self-love advocate

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