you did it

Yes. You're on the Waiting list!

Now jump over to your email and double check if I'm not in your spam folder if so, get me out of there and add me to your: I trust them, list.

That is important, otherwise you might miss the email with information when the program is open.

Please allow up to 10 minutes for your first email to arrive in your email box.

But wait! There are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of waiting.
You are about to find out how to become your own soul client matchmaker. This can end the client scarcity for ever.

1. Write down the names of three clients that you worked with (If you haven't had many clients, write down the names of three co-workers or colleagues).

2. Those three people made you feel good about yourself, because it felt that they accepted the full version of you. You like (d) being with them. It felt easy to be around them.

3. It felt like they valued your knowledge, expertise and personality and the things you created for them, transformed, healed or changed.

4. Now, write down certain traits, challenges, desires that they had.

But also things they loved, or hated, you all laughed about (you know those 'you and I' feelings you sometimes have with people.  Make sure you keep that information, because you're going to need it for your Free 10 days!! 

Bye! Esther