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1. ALL DATES Monday, January 29 – Friday, February 2, 2024


When: Jan 29 - Feb 2, Monday - Friday,  
Where: In your mailbox at 8 AM/ CET
Every day you receive your Goosebump Bundle

✔︎  Daily Canva Goosebump Bundle 
that includes: 

1. Unique Canva Posts Templates

2. Goosebump prompt

3. Goosebump caption

3. How To Do This video lesson
where Esther explains how you can touch the hearts of your audience.


 The Science of Emotional  Marketing
When: Monday,  January 29, 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM/CET

You learn
✔︎ The Science behind Emotional Marketing
✔︎ What is Emotion Marketing and how does it work?
✔︎ Why should you use it ESPECIALLY when you're 'A Bit Different'.
✔︎ Why you're NOT using it right now (and why)
✔︎ The challenges of Emotional Marketing 
✔︎ What  (self) love and authenticity have to do with it
✔︎ The 5 Biggest Mistakes most business owners make and why you should stop doing this today!


Hope Marketing to 10 Clients   Each Month with Emotional
When: Friday, February 2, 3.00 PM - 4.30 PM/CET

You learn
✔︎ How to Shift from Hope Marketing (that is all about: "I hope they get me") to Razor Focused and Love-based Marketing.
✔︎ The Most Important Elements of Emotional Love-Based Marketing that no one else tells you about.
✔︎ You get ALL the ingredients that will take you away from waiting and hoping  'I hope they will get me'
✔︎ All the actions that will bring 10 or more clients into your business every month, even when you're new to entrepreneurship, using love-based marketing and branding.

2. Get prepared! Here are The Articles That Will Get You All Set Up

Authentic Heart-Based Marketing (that works)