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Do you LOATHE marketing but LOVE to receive 10 new clients? Every Month

It sucks. Right? That feeling in your stomach when people are not buying your new offer. Wondering: “What’s happening? It’s like I’m invisible.”

Doubting your offers. Doubting yourself. After working on it for month you see no other option than to remove your offer and create a new one. That doesn't sell either. 

Can I be very real with you? I have done this for almost 3 years. I loved the creating! I hated the marketing. 

The result? I sold 2 spots in a membership for 9 euro each.

That's 3 years of work for 18 euros. 

Fast forward to today: this multipotential, sensitive, ADHD, on the autism spectrum, wonderfully weird woman is running a 6-Figures business. What did I do? I made marketing my Love Language.

don't Give UP And DON'T Fit in. 



Start your first week in The Real You and naturally draw clients in with LOVE Marketing.

What is LOVE Marketing?

 ✔︎ Love Marketing is a Love Language created for women who are 'A bit different' , based on over 4.000 women who used to hate marketing too.

 ✔︎ It's client attraction for deep thinkers.  That is you when you thrive when you learn, create offers and feel like everything is possible. But when your precious offer has to leave the safety of your offer, it's like words fail you. Fear takes over. You share 1 post. Nothing happens. You feel rejected. Isolated, oh and you absolutely LOATHE marketing. 
That is going to change today.

 ✔︎ Love Marketing is a Loving Conversation beween you and your soul audience based on your unique brilliance. It is LOVE in sound, images, texts and energy and it brings clients home to you. Month after month.

LOVE Marketing is

LOVE in sound, images, texts and energy.

Pay Nothing Start your first week in The Real You I show you how to do get 10 clients every Month with Love Marketing

INCLUDED IN YOUR TRY-OUT the real you WEEK you find

1. The Basics of Love Marketing WORKBOOK

✔︎ The Love Marketing workbook that you can't get anywhere else.
After the workbook you:
Have tested your current marketing and know what  you're already doing well and what is not (yet) working for you
* Have golden Love Marketing tips that you can implement in 15 minutes
* Understand how to use the exclusive Canva templates

2. Two Masterclasses

The science of Emotional Love Marketing 

After this class you are able to 
✔︎ Apply the Science behind Emotional Marketing
✔︎ How to use the the Right emotion words.
✔︎ Start using Love Marketing.

You also discover 
✔︎ What NOT using Love Marketing is costing you.
✔︎ The Biggest Marketing Mistakes many business owners make and why you should stop doing this today!

From "I Hope They Find Me' Marketing to 10 clients with Love Marketing in 5 steps

After this class you are able to

✔︎  Shift from Hope Marketing (that is all about: "I hope they get me") to Razor Focused and Love-based Marketing.
✔︎ The Most Important Elements of Emotional Love-Based Marketing that no one else tells you about.
✔︎ You get ALL the ingredients that will take you away from waiting and hoping  'I hope they will get me'
✔︎ All the actions that will bring 10 or more clients into your business every month, even when you're new to entrepreneurship, using love-based marketing and branding.

Yes! There is more: the best is yet to come!

Exclusive canva templates based on the love marketing principles.

3. Unique Canva Love Marketing templates 

✔︎  Daily Canva Goosebump Bundle 
that includes: 

1. Unique Canva Posts Templates

2. Goosebump prompt

3. Goosebump caption

3. How To Do This video lesson
where Esther explains how you can touch the hearts of your audience.

4 How To Do It Videos and Messages

You will be guided in a step by step way.

Clear videos and reminder emails to ensure that you profit from the experience. 


5 Unique CANVA Templates

Support in Group

Masterclass + Workshop


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► C. Your workbook with quiz, 15 minutes tips
► D. Daily supportive teaching prompts to keep you on track.
► E. A gift from me that no one else gets!

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Ready to bring in 10 clients with love ? I show you how to do with LOVE marketing,  (so that you never have to fall for hustling).

I'm not your average beige perfect suit expert. My brain's wired with its own special flair—thanks, ADHD/Autism!

But guess what? It's my superpower. And I turned that into a 6-figure business that uplifts a community of wonderfully weird entrepreneurs across the globe.

If you've ever felt like a square peg in a round-hole world, if your passions are as colorful as a kaleidoscope, and if you're so bright the stars get jealous—this is your call to action.

Embrace your quirks. Shine in your brilliance. It's time to magnetize those dream clients by being unapologetically you.

Are you in for turning your "different" into your brand's super magnet? Let's fly together! 🚀

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain 

Branding Queen, Marketing Strategy Miracle Extraordinair, Energy shifter, founder of the Wonderfully Weird World, bestselling author, and Whisperer of Souls

Don't wait. What you have to offer is too valuable to hide. Get 10 - or more - clients Each Month