I CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE YOUR AUDIENCE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU *and You Fall in Love with yourself like Crazy

You are working on your dream: Building your Business and Serving your Clients and Customers. It's More important than EVER for you to Show Up, Stand Out and be Uniquely Different. *Goodbye Instagram Pretty* 
Because Being Different is the Fastest Way to the hearts of your clients and customers.  However. As long as it's 100%  in alignment with the calling of your amazing soul.

That's where we come in. 
We help you to become Irresistible with a personal Brave Brand that is rooted in Self-Love and Acceptance.  Brave Branding is the authentic path to Fame *and Fortune* for courageous women entrepreneurs who dare to show up vulnerable and real, and have the audacity to be unapologetically themselves.  

We've got you: body, soul, mind and heart.
We work with a unique method that brings together the empowering, spiritual and practical aspects of branding that will lead to a deeper inner transformation AND a brand that does the selling for you.  What we hear the most is: "This is so much more than branding."


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"Have you reached that unique moment in your business where you realise that it's time to work on your business in the privacy of a 1 to 1 mentorship?"

" I never knew branding was this precious. Working with Esther transformed my business and my life!

You are here for a reason. You know you've got a precious gift to share with the world. It's time to make yourself available. It's time to open up and be real about your mission. You can hear your calling pounding on the door. Every cell in your body says: You've got this. Leap! All you've got to do is own your greatness. And show up.

You've come to the right place.

We build Brave Brands. We help women entrepreneurs who are ready to be bold (er) create deep, lasting and genuine impact. By showing up unapologetically authentic. By honouring your vulnerability.

Brave Brands are rooted in self-love. They leverage your unique brilliance (the magic you can't see right now. But once we've connected you to your magic within your Brave Brand basically does the connecting, communication and selling for you.  Don't worry. We teach you how to do it.  

A Brave Brand is feminine, courageous, bold, unforgettable, recognisable and loving. And so incredibly effective.


This is how we support you




This is Esther

Founder of Brave Branding is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain. She is the international Personal Brave Branding Queen, author and founder of the Brave Branding movement.

Esther has 25 + years worldwide experience in branding, entrepreneurship, the arts, communication and marketing to help her clients create  unapologetically authentic unique Brave Brands.



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I am so proud of myself for gifting myself this time with you!

Thank you, Esther, for caring, for being so brave and fun and loving and inventive. Thank you for following your path towards wonderful weirdness, so that I could meet you and benefit so greatly from your work and ideas and generosity. I love you Esther, and am so proud of myself for gifting myself this time with you! You are all good things, a blessing, a treasure, a forever friend. Thank you sincerely for being YOU written from my heart. Meeting you is the greatest event of 2017 for me! <3

Individuality triumphs over stale marketing and sales ideas

In the Academy individuality triumphs over stale marketing and sales ideas also this is a group of the most like-minded women I've ever come across. It's so helpful.

I Learned to Play and found my Unique Way of Working as a Coach

Esther, your The Real You program made me realize and helped me to use my creativity more in my business. I learned to play more and found my own way of working as a coach.

Esther Made me Aware of Who I'm Really am and what my True Qualities are

My struggle has always been to see and show what makes me special, stand out, unique.

I tried funnels, marketing tools, all sorts of things! But of course, those only work when you know yourself, what you have to offer and why that is of value...

I was afraid that joining Esther's branding magic, would force me to put on yet another mask, maquillage or other dress-up props. Boy, was I wrong!

Esther has ways to make you aware of who you really are and what your true qualities are - the things you do well that you don't even recognise them as qualities. The things you think anybody can do! Which is so not true!

I know now why and how I stand out, and Esther and my wonderfully weird fellow masterminders helped me find the confidence to really unapologetically own and show my qualities! Never in a million years would I have dared to 'show off' my strong points!

Now I feel it is far from showing off - there are people out there that need to know what I do because they need me to thrive!

I feel so much more free and confident and professional! No longer an ugly duckling, I dare to be a royal swan these days! Showing up takes so much less energy this way!

If you can't articulate your uniqueness, go to Esther. If you often feel the outsider, she'll help you turn that pain into your strength and your brand!

You are born. Therefore you have the right to exist, to be YOU and to take all the time and space you need. Stop trying to blend in, stop struggling all on your own, stop making yourself smaller than you actually are. And start enjoying a happy unique weird and abundant life!

Love, and thank you from the bottom of my heart

Working with Esther removed my obstacles

I needed to know what Esther would hear when I talked my truth. She was spot on to extract the biggest blocks and gave me a specific art assignment which quickly highlighted and removed my sabotage processes...

Personal Growth AND Success! The Real You is THIS opportunity!

I prayed for someone to help me, to guide me in order to feel confident, stronger in my personal and business journey. Full of creative ideas but with a quite messy head and struggling emotions? God sent me Esther and her life-changing The Real You programme with an amazing group of wonderfully weird soul sisters! And I am not kidding.

Was it exciting? Yes. Was it a bit scary? Yes, There were tears and laughter and tears of happiness and sorrow. But it is called “Making a Big Change”.

But no matter what, the biggest and the greatest thing of all was that I WAS NOT ALONE. I have always longed for at least one friend whom I could share my uniqueness, craziness, vulnerability without being misunderstood. Here, I felt secure. At my own pace, taking time to think, feel, create, open up, share, reveal myself… and be accepted. With Esther and the whole community’s help stepping out of your comfort zone is amazing and 100% positive experience. The Real You is a wonderful beginning for your personal journey. You simply cannot step back anymore. Keep going, look forward and take it! And feel free at the end of the course to go even deeper or wider, to conquer the world if you wish! But never step back on your comfortable but old sofa hoping things will change while you scroll your smartphone.

The programme helped me “to put the dots on lower letters “i; a bunch of insights, aha moments helped me to sort out my inner messy world and see myself not as a diminished small girl but a bright shining creative queen. Yes, queen! Wonderfully weird but Real who has just begun to flourish. I also learned how to distinguish my soul clients and attract more of them by showing myself as I am. The only thing I regret is I wish my friends were in the programme as well so I didn’t have to tell them how awesome it was. You can’t understand it simply. You must dive into an experience!

Once again, THANK YOU THOUSAND TIMES, DEAR ESTHER! You created something so important and great that one should not ever lose! Instead, to remember, use, practice, enjoy and dream big. As for others, my wish is, don’t sit there waiting; follow the signs God or the Universe sends you. Once you wish for something or somebody, just look around and grab the opportunity! Your opportunity for personal growth and success! The Real You is THIS opportunity!



This was is and will be a defined moment in my life

Thank you, Esther, for this amazing trip in realness. This was is and will be a defining moment in my life. I can see the difference, my friends do too. You helped me accept my fear, face and bless my past and dare to build a future for me, the people around me and the world. I am now living with open arms. Ready to give ready to receive.

I learned to ask for help and the answers were awesome... I could go on and on. It was deep. I am going to my paints and my writings now. Thank you to you all beautiful women I felt our joy our fear our sadness and our victories. May our lights shine as we have so much to offer and so little to lose.

Love ya!

I Have Found my Niche and Feel Powerful

“I joined the program with Esther because I realized there are more women like me and we are wonderful. I have never felt so safe in any environment. It is just awesome to go on a journey like this in a group with likeminded souls.

I have found my niche and I feel strong and okay with it. I still have to do more work on the how and the when but that will come. I have made some great friends. I have seen women be honest, brace, strong, vulnerable and awesome.

There is sooo much support in this group it is just wonderful to really be YOU. Thank you, Esther. I am not sure you realized up front what impact you would have on everyone. Thank you.

Being Wonderfully Weird make Sense Now

Before I joined the Real You I was comparing myself to others and trying to find how to fit in the world of others. I felt insecure about who my soul clients were, which services to focus on, and what to offer. Also, I was not sure how to differentiate myself from others in my field.

I felt this the Real You was just what I needed.

I doubted if I needed to invest in my business but I just love how Esther combines her professional knowledge in branding with the soul whispers - which I find a fantastic way to make changes in the mindset.

After the Real You, I feel much more confident and clear about my values, my business, my services, and clients. I learned a lot about myself. I can see my strengths and weaknesses clearly and this helped me to improve business.

Esther helps you to improve yourself as an entrepreneur in a different, deepest way. It was great to share everything with other wonderful women and experience growing together.

Esther’s creative energy, authenticity, generosity and openness brought to my world the piece that was missing.!

Imagine opening the door of a room and meet your inner-creative muse and get re-connected to the creative energy inside of you, seeing your self in the mirror without masks and melting away a big chunk of “noisy talk” that doesn’t serve you? Well, this is what happened to me when I started working with Esther in her program “The Real You”.

Esther’s creative energy, authenticity, generosity, and openness brought to my world the piece that was missing. I saw myself and what my heart was longing for, I reconnected with my inner muse and, feelings that were hiding inside, reawakened (like the joy of motherhood and its real meaning in life and in the creation process), learning that there is no separation.

As a result, everything around me and my world started changing, It was huge! “The Real You” program was like a clear-powerful pair of glasses to see my self better and embrace the weirdness in me. It was real inner work.

A huge reminder that trying to "fit" was causing me to feel suffocated.

Yes, yes, and again, yes! We all need someone extraordinary by our side, someone, who can help us with his/her expertise, but most of all, from their own shiny Light and Being. Esther has been that full of colour, bright light for me, and I am very grateful for the opportunity of having her by my side. We do not need to do it alone! But, we need to connect with the right and bright stars, right?
Thank you, Esther, with all my heart.

The Real You Was a Great Experience For Me.

The Real You Mastermind was a great experience for me. Our group got together through thick and thin, for private matter as well as business wise.
Esther was great in supporting us, emotionally and businesswise. She is a wonderfully weird a great doula, consultant, coach, and friend as well.
I always looked forward to our mastermind calls, since there we discussed a lot and supported each other life. Our FB group was very lively, supporting and as well funny.
Thank you, Esther, for this marvelous time.

I have Found my Soul Clients

I was always rethinking who my ideal client was and how to approach them. I knew how important this is for the whole communication, services, branding, etc. and just felt stuck as I did not know which steps to take.

I tried to find my soul clients and my zone of genius so I really could give to the world. But if you are not working with the right clients it might feel like you are doing well, but nothing really happens - I could not grow and it felt like I was doing the same as many others...

The Real You has a totally different approach. Other programs are mostly looking at the market, trends and are defining your niche or ideal clients based on external factors. In the Real You, you will learn to feel your feminine strengths and to connect deeply to your soul client. No one else can tell you whom you have to focus on. You have to listen to your heart and look first what you love to do. And the Real You takes you through this journey.

Just to talk to Esther :-) It is a truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

I have found my soul clients - which were by the way not whom I have expected. But after that, I could realize a very core strength of mine which I had been refusing to give access. I could find my zone of genius so quickly and turn it in a program. After only 1 Month I created - and sold - my first 12-month group coaching program for my soul clients

You need to join the Real You because we need to change the world! Esther is going on a new path, working strongly with the feminine energy. If you think that everything else feels like a bubble, you want to find your soul clients and change the world, then you will find help here.

The Branding Academy has been so important to me

Goodbye hardship has been the most impactful sayings about your way for me, dear Esther. I recall an article where you talk about this, to go from hardship to fun? This is the thing that makes me start to cry when I tell someone about why finding you (again) and the academy has been so important to me. That it´s just not another course. Because one thing is to learn what practical business steps to make, but if you're too afraid or this what you're supposed to do doesn't resonate with your heart too ... then you might feel emotionally blocked and never try anything. You feel anxiety and fear etc. As a wonderfully weird woman (sensitive) the superficial brain business approach doesn't move me. I need also <3 = holistic.

Because of SOMBA I think and act more like a CEO and less like a beginner.

I signed up for Somba with Esther because she has a wonderfully weird energy and I trust her. She's authentically and unapologetically herself and I admire her for that.

I knew you were the right choice.

Being in a smaller group, in particular, was helpful. You were like a warm nest to go to when all else was like a madhouse.

I got goosebumps on the first page, cried at the end of the first chapter! Buy this book!

A dear friend gave me this book as a present because she knew I was sensitive, creative and felt quite often overwhelmed (with a brain that always seems to go so much faster than the average person brain).

I’ve never written a review before, but I feel obliged to tell you: ”BUY THIS BOOK”. I got goosebumps on the first page, cried at the end of the first chapter and laughed when I read the very recognizable stories.

This is not your every day Self-Help book, it’s rude sometimes, funny and written with a lot of love. The author is a coach who works with Wonderfully Weird women, she is very open and honest about her own mistakes. This book is far from vain or self-absorbed (something I find hard to deal with in some Self-Help books). It feels like we’re in it together. It felt very much seen and understood, I've never experienced this before.

I loved the chapter about how to learn you are enough and I absolutely adored the beautiful colorful artwork. There is a gorgeous online "Art soul Sanctuary" with a lot of art assignments (will dive in the goodies when I have a day off) and there's a clever book Playlist, with absolutely wonderful music to listen to while you're reading.

There are a lot of really simple tips and tricks that help you deal with sensitivity and the feeling of overwhelm. I applied them straight away and they work like magic. There also is a chapter for Non-Wonderfully Weird friends, partners, and relatives. I read it to my husband (and I cried all the time because it made me realize how important it is to understand -- and be understood -- each other at a deep level. )

All in all, I feel this book truly is my Manual! If you are multi-passionate, sensitive and smart, get the book and read it. 5.0 out of 5 stars

Being in her Mastermind Gives me a Sense of Belonging

Esther is a unique combination of motherly love and kick-ass inspirational coach. Her intuition and insight are razor sharp, her sensitivity to one's feelings is off the charts. Esther creates very special tribes, tribes of women who are game changers, sisters and who build each other up. To be in her mastermind gives me a sense of belonging, endless inspiration, support. The synergies are absolutely mind-blowing!

You Saw the Real Me Hidden Behind Veils of Self-doubt

Esther, just to say that I remember you often with great fondness. I have benefited a lot from being with you. Your practical tips and seeing the real me hidden behind the veils of self-doubt enable me also to see me. in many ways it transformed me. A big hug and thank you.

It is much easier now to connect with my soul clients and I already see changes.

I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for the Real-You-Experience. It changed so much for me that I can hardly put it into words. You have a true gift of providing a safe AND playful place for exploring what is really true for me and the loving support from the group was amazing.

I actually dared to show up with who I really am and I have a much better understanding now what truly I stand for. It is way easier now to connect with my soul clients and I already feel the changes.

This is so much more than branding. It is the opportunity to really grow into my Real Me and showing up from a place of confidence and love. Your loving support, your creativity, your wisdom and your magic made that possible. Thank you very very much!

Since I've joined, my business plan has been fine-tuned and I'm launching!

The wonderfully weird academy will bring you valuable insights in yourself and your business. The support and energy from all the other female entrepreneurs will take you, and your business to move forward! There is knowledge, masterminding with Esther and lots of fun, accountability, and connections! Since I've joined, my business plan has been fine-tuned and I'm launching!

Don't miss an opportunity to work with Esther

When you walk into a room to work with Esther, be prepared to walk out changed. There is a certain energy, a warmth, that will draw out the deepest and sometimes the darkest sides of you.

This isn’t something to be afraid of – as we all know, the most brilliant diamonds are buried in the darkest of shadows. Esther artfully takes you by the hand, in the safety of the circle of women she creates and gently allows you to own what you have known all along, just how brilliant and unique you really are.

She skillfully leads you on a journey of self-led discovery and you leave the experience with a brand so authentic, that you will forget the concept of there being any competition, and confidently step into the creation of your dream business. Don't miss an opportunity to work with her.

I can really measure the difference before and after the program

I was at a marketing meeting today, and there was a woman who wanted to sell us memberships and she started to talk about art. Instantly I felt like an expert in that, she asked me a lot of questions, and I could easily sell a program on learning how to paint. This meeting helped me measure the difference before and after the programs I have been through with you, ‪Esther‬!

I’m forever grateful for this experience I’ve had with you and all these wonderfully weird women

I am not afraid to show my creations and write for a really cool online magazine.

Esther's story felt warm and light, I wanted to live more from my joy, flow, and creativity. Working with Esther made me feel powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired. My energy is softer, that affected my colleagues, family, friends.

I felt powerful, heart-warmed, light and inspired during and after our Soul Whisper session.

My energy was softer and that affected my colleagues, family, friends. I could choose more easily and was able to create my dream life while feeling content at the same time. Only a couple of weeks later I found a wonderful place to live and I fell in love. I never experienced this before.

These days I am not afraid to show my creations and write a monthly poem and column for a cool online magazine.

The Branding Academy is filled with sensitive strong women

It is a lovely and inspiring group of sensitive smart and strong women! So many insights and help are to be found here!


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"There's a reason you're a deep thinker, a fast learner, an 'everything-feeler'.  There are 17 unfinished books on your night stand, your resume looks like the work of 6 different people and you're working on your Great Business idea du jour .

You always feel 'The-odd-one-out.  You're here because you want success. Your version of success. Stop seeing your traits as a flaw. You have been given divine gifts. It's time you start using those in your business. Because it will be the way that leads to clients, income and impact."  

- Esther de Charon de Saint Germain