Thrive & Bloom with Love Marketing and Love Branding, even when you always feel the odd one out (and hate marketing!)

Have you been described as: "She's a bit different?" Step into the Wonderfully Weird World of Authentic Emotional Love Marketing, Branding, Personal Style & Empowerment

You're way too awesome to fit in.
Your offers are too special to remain unsold and unseen.

I offer you a safe and encouraging space to break the mold, dare to be different and redefine success on your terms. Here's to loving and celebrating all of you in your life, brand, marketing, and business.

  • Are you feeling the perpetual odd one out?
    The one who never fits the mold. A dreamer with deep feelings. Maybe you're ADHD, multi-passionate, sensitive, or fiercely bright and you have grown to believe that there is only one way that gets you to your dream destination. 
  • You've tried the regular Marketing and Branding programs and it didn't work for you!
    You've tried it: Marketing, Branding, Growth, Manifestation, Empowerment, but once again you felt the odd one out. Also you realized that you really hate marketing!
  • Most marketing and branding programs and solutions are created for people who are motivated by "Just Do It" and are okay with rigid business rules.

    People with neurotypical brains, and those who can start their projects at point A and finish - in time - at point Z.  Without distractions, brain freeze, or starting a completely new project.
  • I know!  ;- )
  • Let me start with the good news! You're not a mistake, flawed, or averagely weird. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you.
    You are simply Wonderfully Weird. A true original. After years of not fitting in you deserve a safe space, a sisterhood and an approach that is catered to your need. 

    We're here to empower you to tap into your authentic self. Together we create the personal style, branding, and marketing, make manifesting epic clients fun, spice up your life and celebrate all of you.

    You deserve growth, peace, pure joy, and the money to live the life you desire.

    Welcome home.


Join Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Branding Queen, Marketing Strategy Miracle Extraordinair, Energy shifter, founder of the Wonderfully Weird World, bestselling author, Whisperer of Souls

Who is also very ADHD, autistic neurodivergent, multi-passionate, fiercely bright, with a drawer filled with degrees,  a -very -deep thinker and an everything feeler.

Esther is also a multi-6 figures entrepreneur who has worked with over 4.000 wonderfully weird clients as well as with Fortune 500 companies.


 I felt alone in my business and wanted to transform my passion into profit and wanted to learn from someone who has already done it.

I learned that good people can - and should - make good profits/money to further their dreams and create benevolent businesses in the world. Since I joined I have left a dead-end job and a marriage and grew my brand.



Do you love creating programs, coming up with epic solutions, studying, innovating and learning more?

But when you've got to market yourself and your offers it's like your energy drops sub-zero. You basically hate marketing. Why can't your audience just buy your magic?

I've got you!

This is why working with me is different from most other marketing and branding experts who want promise you results. 

Most coaches say: "If I can do it, you can do it too." They actually say: "Be like me, fit in, follow One Process created for neurotypical brains, do not be sensitive or multi-passionate if you want results."  

That works great for many people. But not when you're Wonderfully Weird. Not when you been described as 'A bit different' for as long you can remember. Not when marketing yourself triggers als your buttons.

I don't want you to Be Like Me. I want to Become Who You Really Are and get the results YOU desire.

My work is best suited for women over 40. Old souls, deep thinkers, sensitive pink sheep, women with ADHD/ Autism (diagnosed or self-diagnosed), Highly Sensitive, multi-passionate . . .  The wonderfully weird ones who feel the odd one out and are willing to discover and leverage their unique brilliance, manifest their dream soul clients, and become powerful wealthy change makers.

Act now to transform your future! 

Women Entrepreneurs Served with Branding, Marketing, Mindset, Self-Love 20 and they are all so amazing!
 YEARS OF Branding & Marketing Experience 20 With Fortune 500 Brands, idealistic changemakers, NGO's and small business owners
DAILY CUPS OF JASMINE TEA 20 Yes, it's by far my favorite tea

Tell me what you desire the most right now

I'm here to brand, guide, market, support and empower you. Yes, I know you're the odd one out. If everyone goes to the right, you go to the left. Your brain feels different. You feel different and you are amazing. 

But the fighting can end. You don't have to do this yourself anymore.

I see you, I know you, I understand you.

The best options to work with me if you want to Thrive & Bloom 

Love Marketing and Branding OPTIONS to Choose from

Option 1

THE REAL YOU, YEAR PROGRAM with Monthly group expert coaching and your amazing sisterhood.

✅ Choose The Real You if you desire to change the lives of 10 clients each month but they can't find you . . .  yet.

It's time to leave the soul-sucking marketing struggle behind you. Just say No to client attraction based on tricks and fear-mongering.

Say Yes to guiding 10 clients each month with emotional marketing and working with you by raising your energy, following your bliss, and enjoying every second of being an amazing coach, healer, creative, or changemaker with clients.


The Real You Year Program + Sisterhood

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€ 2.250

Option 2 

Become IRRESISTIBLE THE ALL-IN OPTION with in-person calls as well as having your entire business, brand, marketing AND you aligned and set up for epic results.

✅ Choose Become Irresistible if you're a Business Owner who wants to serve, transform, or help more people than ever before and create lasting wealth for yourself (yes, even when you've got ADHD and have been told it's impossible!)

And you want me to help you go fast. Together we set up your business, offers, brand, offers, marketing, selling, and launches.

This is a deeply personal and unique approach that will align you and your business so that your income, impact, and results will be maximized in a way that feels doable and gentle (no crazy hard work!)


Become Irresistible with Esther + The Real You Year Program + Sisterhood

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€ 8.500

NEWS!! The wonderfully weird shirts are here! 

I'm so excited about this!! Watch the unboxing video and get your own shirt!
Show the world your awesomeness 

Meet some of our Love Marketing & Branding The Real You clients

Our people are therapists, lawyers, architects, professors, yoga teachers and studio owners, shamans, teachers, singers, website builders, health professionals, copywriters,  musicians, dancers, lightworkers, accountants, life coaches, composers, therapists, activists, social media experts, women circle leaders, travel agents, retreat leaders, energy healers, researchers, beauty, rejuvenation experts and make-up artists, membersite experts, business coaches, leaders in technology, wealth generators, online business managers and VA's, dress makers, doctors, etc. etc.

Tell me what you desire the most right now

The three best options to work with me if you're looking for a place to come home to and become who you were born to be: a beautiful human being with a unique business and amazing clients (lots of amazing clients)

Interviews and Speaker videos with Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Master percussionist Kofi Ayivor of Osibisa played at the opening of the Art and Culture Festival Juni Kunstmaand 07 In the Baarsjes in Amsterdam, which I organized and curated in 2007 for the City of Amsterdam. My son Abe, who was 2 years old, and Zus (his doll) joined him and sort of stole the show.
The sound is horrible, but the video is so wonderful.

Between 1995 and 2009 I worked on over 30 different art, design, literature, music, and dance festivals, exhibitions in places like Tbilisi, Georgia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Leiden, Amsterdam, and Utrecht the Netherlands, Vienna, Austria. As a true renaissance person, I was the art director, co-ordinator, chief of everything, marketing person, and sometimes everything at the same time.  
e best questions.  2023

Podcast with Bob Gentle for his Amplify Personal Brand Show Podcast, How to fall in love with your personal brand. We're talking about Facebook Ads copy, video marketing and why there are more reasons to succeed than to fail - if you just give yourself permission.

Podcast interview with Freedom Entrepreneur Jeanet Bathoorn about 'How to Have a 100K launch'  In Dutch  

Podcast interview with Dr Helen Maffini for her The Self Sabotage Summit    

I was one of the Speakers at Linh Luong's Authentic Style Revealed Workshops, April 2021 

Click to play

How multi-passionate entrepreneurs can triple their income. Podcast interview with business coach Sigrun for her Sigrun Show Podcast. 

Interview with Speakers Coach  Monique Blokzyl about  
How to build an outstanding speaker brand for her Speakers Academy

A beautiful video by photographer Alma Johans with photographs of me.

New Zealand-based Joyce van de Lely interviewed me for her wonderful Summit The Fierce Female Force.

"If Esther hadn't worked her Magic none of the things I have now would be here."

Four years ago Holistic Care Coach Martha Rincón was going through a really rough time. Her business wasn't going anywhere she wasn't able to make any money and went from idea to idea.

But Martha invested in working with Esther - even though paying for the support was challenging - and as a result her entire life changed. 

Nowadays Martha runs a YouTube channel "Simplemente Diosas' that has more than 363K YouTube subscribers and a flourishing Instagram account of almost 24K followers  

That's more than a third of all inhabitants of Amsterdam.

Listen how Martha described how her life and business completely transformed and applaud her massive success. 

"What changed for me is that I had no income an half year before. I am fully booked now.  But I also feel so much stronger, more self-confident, clearer and so much better."

"I joined Brand the Real You because I wanted the find the right way to communicate with my audience so that they would come with ease, and find me. But I found it really scary to join!

What changed for me is that I had no income an half year before. I am fully booked now.  But I also feel so much stronger, more self-confident, clearer and so much better. 

I tell everyone that
joining Brand the Real You is the best decision you can take for life-development and a game-changer for your business! It really changes your life, the way you work, act and think."

Kristin Engel Architect/Interior Designer

What they say

A truly feminine approach which is very unusual in the marketing world. To work with the energies, with our own strengths and our own life purpose was great.

After only 1 Month I found my zone of genius, turned it in a program and sold my first 12-month group coaching program.

SELEN YILDIZTAC GRAF Health Expert & Healer for Animals and Human Beings

With Esther's help, I changed my business name and brand and am able to envision  what I really desire and believe I can do it.

Esther 'gets' you right away. I have seen it happen so many times. She is very quick in analyzing, even if you try to hide it. But she never judges you and is able to pinpoint what is going on within yourself, even when you don't know what's happening.

ESTER SCHIPHORST Founder Zacht & Zeep

I doubted if I needed to invest in my business but I just love how Esther combines her professional knowledge in branding with the soul whispers - which I find a fantastic way to make changes in the mindset.

I feel much more confident and clear about my values, my business, my services, and clients. I learned a lot about myself. I can see my strengths and weaknesses clearly and this helped me to improve business.

Agnes Somogyi  Designer

Empowerment, Love Marketing and Branding  videos

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by Esther de Charon de Saint Germain • August 24, 2023

Esther’s ability to dive right into the heart of the matter is incredible. I feel like she can always see right into my heart and my soul.

She attracts incredible women The sisterhood we have is the most beautiful thing in the world!
I can now talk about my business with more conviction. I am being more of myself. So much more!”.

Shirley Ann Aphrodite 

Artist and founder of Aphrodite’s Finishing School

We need to change the world! That's why you should work with Esther. This truly feminine approach is very unusual in the marketing world.
I found my zone of genius quickly, turned it in a program. and after only 1 Month I created - and sold - my first 12-month group coaching program for my soul clients

Selen Yildiztac Graf

Health Expert & Healer for Animals and Human Beings

What exceeded my expectations is the great community Esther has managed to create around her services.  

Women from all over the world are really inspiring, helping and encouraging each other. The quality time Esther spends with her clients and the superb support she gives everybody is out of this world. 

Mirjam Blekkenhorst

Owner Ytra Lón Farm Lodge, Solitude Retreats in Icelandultant

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